OT: Kitty Litter

I’ve had an automatic box for the last 8 years. My favorite litter for that box has always been the stuff Costco sells. It’s really affordable and clumps well. When we inherited our second kitty, we started using the crystals (I’d used them before getting the auto-box and loved them). Our little girl is half the size of our other kitty but makes more stink than he ever has. The crystals are great are controlling the odor but I try to avoid being in the room when she uses her box.

We have three cats and use the WalMart multicat clumping litter. Seems to work well here, and it’s not too expensive. samm

We h ave 3 cats and use whatever clay litter the pet store has on sale. But my husband recently read where each kitty needs his/her own personal box. We bought a third and have them spread around the basement. Each girl has chosen her own personal box and they seem to be happier.

We also have mats by the boxes which pick up the stray litter attached to the kitty feet. Seems to help.

We use Scoop away kitty litter. My mom got this powder that you mix in with the kitty litter, it was made by tidy cats, that made it smell good. The smell didn’t last long though. :rollseyes:

I recommend Fresh Step Scoopable.

I’ve also augmented our litter every so often with A&H litter deoderizer, but usually when using the unscented PetCo litter, and maybe every third scoop-through

I use the Tidy Cats multi-cat clumping kind. Works really well for my one cat.

We used to use the crystals It was fine for a while, but I think my cat got too picky or too fat or something. He would always poop on the floor next to the litter box. VERY frustrating.

I LOVE the TidyCats Crystals BLEND litter. It’s clay litter with crystals mixed in and it keeps my 4.5 cats (a neighborhood stray is adopting us) and their poo under control without breaking the bank.

I get it at petsmart.

May I ANTI-RECOMMEND Feline Pine? Avoid, avoid, avoid. My cats, after a decade of faithful litterbox use, went on a going-outside-the-box RAMPAGE because of that stuff. AND one got a bladder infection (probably from holding it!)… And my friend’s cat (this is darkly humorous) had her bum go totally bald as a result of it. :wall:

We have 2 cats and 1 kitten and have 2 litter boxes beside each other for them. We use Tidy Cat whichever scoopable is on sale and scoop every day. If not our diggers will tear the clumps apart. That may be what is happening to your litter. It isn’t the litter so much as your cats breaking them apart before they get scooped. Fortunately I have 3 kids who each own one of the cats so they have to do the scooping :roflhard:

Try Feline Pine. It actually does get rid of odor. You can even get a free bag to try. Good luck :thumbsup:

Wow! Thanks for all the responses!
I just reread my original post and realized I put the wrong problem down :doh: . It’s not that it’s not clumping it that the clumps fall apart when scooping.

Thanks again!! I am definitely going to do a little more research. I knew I could count on all of you!

Yes, the dust can cause problems. I’m not sure whether it gets in through the rectum or if it’s just breathed in but the dust can cause some severe problems for cats that are suseptable to bladder and kidney conditions.

We use a low dust litter but She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed likes the great out doors and will go outside ever in the dead of winter.

Nadja :XX:

For years I have used the Sam’s Club big bucket - but recently they changed the box (and probably the formula). While it still retains that fresh “dentist office” fragrance I like, the clumps no longer hold their shape as well - and then when they fall apart the whole thing ends up reeking of ammonia. I am actually out, and am about to go to the petstore to buy something new.