OT: It's an atrocity

This tree next door must be older than the house and the entire neighborhood, yet our neighbors have decided to cut it down because, “They’re sick of it.” :crying: It is the most perfect pine tree I have ever seen! It is like the biggest Christmas tree you can imagine! The good thing is that they’re donating it to our city to serve as the city’s Christmas tree. I still think it’s sad!

that is happening here too. a couple just moved into their house and the first thing they did was offer to provide the tree of lights tree. very sad. At least the tree in Kansas City is made into ornaments to be sold for charity. here they are made into mulch i think. good i suppose sure, but still very sad to me.

oh gosh, I hate to see trees taken down!

OMG!! That’s a SIN!!!

Check out the second article on this pagethat was just published in last week’s local newspaper…the author is my DARLIN DH!

What a shame that they are cutting down those beautiful trees. Kelly, Al did a great job!! Well said!

ugh! are the trees already down? y’all need to chain yourselves to them!

I’m no activist, but I can see both sides of the situation. :blush:

I dont think we have the right to cut down ANYTHING that is 3 times our age! Especially for 3 parking spots that will allow people not to have to walk an extra half a block…

It’s a beautiful tree. That is sad. I wish they would change their minds.

On a similar note, the man living across from me drives me NUTS. He has a weeping willow tree in his front yard. He apparently does not like it though, so he prunes it literally every couple months to look like a ball on a stick. There are no “weeping” branches whatsoever. Nothing even remotely touches the ground. It’s just a fuzzy looking ball on top of a stick.

:rollseyes: When we moved into our house, we had a beer-can-on-a-stick in the front yard.

:?? literally?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

poor tree. It never did anything to those people. Why aren’t there laws against people cutting tress cuz they don’t likem em. :??

it’s a beautiful tree, indeed, but none of us have to live with the sap and needles that it produces

my neighbor has a HUGE one and as soon as the winds blow, WHAM!, my yard is COVERED in needles (and i mean covered - and it’s also about 2 inches deep) and they clog up my gutters - and because the needles that blow over are dry, i worry incessantly about my house basically becoming kindling

and not only that - trees like that ruin your drainage systems…
plus I hate to admit - that tree looks kinda silly to me in front of that house.

wellllllllll i gotta say…looks to me like that tree was there first… :rollseyes:

people wonder why there are wild animals coming into cities (we are having a mountain lion problem…here in mountainless omaha nebraska) and it is because we keep encroaching more and more into their habitats. and it starts with cutting down their trees.

Oh, I agree with you about sustainability for the most part.
But I think the problem lies more in the deforestation of our forests and wild lands and not in a suburb where someone has to cut down one of their trees.

And, how many of us get plantable xmas trees?
Or plant trees on arbor day?

just playing a wee bit of devils advocate here! :wink:

I think a really good idea is to buy a tree for a newborn - if the parent is into it. I have done this a coupla times.

I’m all for saving trees, but when they become too large they can wreak havoc around a house. They tear up walls, fences, sidewalks, raingutters, etc. And esthically it isn’t pretty in front of that house. It’s too bad though that they couldn’t move it to a better location…best solution for all that way. I don’t know if that would even have been possible though. Maybe they will plant another tree to replace the one that got out of hand.

Anyone want a papaya tree? LOL My husband planted the seeds from a papaya we had and now we’ve got a bunch of tree babies. :shock: These suckers grow to like 25ft high and our yard is beyond dinky so they are out of the question here. :rollseyes:

I can understand the havoc a tree that size can wreak on a house, but his reasoning doesn’t really explain that. Plus, he is keeping a large portion of the trunk so he can hire someone to carve some sort of animal out of it. :roll: I would rather have an enormous tree in front of my house than a silly carved animal (no offense to anyone with a carved animal in front of their house).

amen, Jan - hey I would take one of those trees but I don’t think they’ll grow in Ohio!