OT: hubby's clothes

Just wondering who all washes, folds and puts their husbands clothes away? I finally gave in today because I needed my laundry baskets. He hasn’t put his laundry away for the last month. I wash everyones and lay it out flat so it doesn’t rinkle then I put mine and the kids away and all linnens. He wont put his away and he rummages through it like its a pile of presents on Christmas morn. Anyone else have this problem?
:!!!: :grrr: :wall: :grrr: :hair: :!!!: :tap: maybe I need to just grin and have a :clink:

My DARLING husband doesn’t put his clothes away either. Sometimes I put them away for him, sometimes I leave it. He has his own basket, but he runs out of underwear if he doesn’t tell me how much he has left, so he usually at least keeps track of that and then empties out his basket when he needs to put dirty stuff in so I can wash it.

Of course, sometimes I don’t put my clothes away, either, especially if I’m in a particularly stressful time with school or work (no kids yet, but soon I hope), so it maybe doesn’t bother me as much.

edit to add: he may not know how much it irritates you, either. Instead of nagging him about it, why not just tell him “Honey, it really bothers me when you don’t put away your clothes, because I feel like you don’t appreciate the fact that I do the laundry and you don’t respect how much work that is, or that I need that basket to do all the other laundry in the house.” I’ve seen statements like that work miracles.

I was thinking of a statement just like that. Thanks.
Anybody else?

I must admit that I am the one who does that in this house. Dh & I split almost all the chores around the house. In the case of laundry, I sort, wash and dry. He folds and hangs everything. When he’s on a TDY or deployment I usually end up living out of laundry baskets because I can’t stand folding laundry. lol

My ex fiance was like this. It drove me nuts :stuck_out_tongue: If I tried to make a statement like the above one, he would throw a wobbly and I’d never get past the “honey, it really bothers…” before he’d break something and then blame me for making him break it. He used to use attack as a form of defence. I’m SO glad I didn’t marry him :cheering: :roflhard:

I’m the one that doesn’t put my laundry away.
DH always nags me about it because he doesn’t have any laundry baskets to carry his laundry downstairs.

His biggest irritation: when i carry my laundry downstairs w/o a basket and then leave it in the dryer and pull things out of it daily.

Yes, I’m glad you didn’t marry him, either, since that’s abuse. Period. What an :!!!:


I’m afraid we don’t have that problem, we both do laundry, we both put clothes away.

Us too.

Nope–my husband doesn’t do this either, so I’ve just given up and do it for him. It doesn’t really take me more than a few extra minutes, and I don’t get aggravated looking at a mountain pile of clothes that get wrinkled after spending time washing and drying them and hanging them up right away. It’s just one of those things I decided to give up on complaining about to my husband and silently take over with; now I don’t have to get mad at him anymore for it! Glad to hear others have the same problem!

Hehehe, that’s what I do. :smiley:

I don’t mind doing DH’s laundry if it manages to make it to the laundry room. However, he seems to have this way of just throwing it all in a corner of our bedroom on the floor. It used to bother me SO bad and after years of nagging, I gave up. I just toss it in a box in our room now. If he comes to me and asks about a certain article of clothing, I tell him to check “his” box. Sounds harsh, but it saves me a real headache and stress… and he only has himself to blame.

And more often than not, when he actually DOES manage to get the clothes down to the laundry room, he only puts HIS in the washing machine. Grrrr!!! I’ve been telling him off for it and lately he’s been doing all the washing. Probably because he does not want to face the wrath of a pregnant woman. LOL

My DH used to do almost all our laundry, back when we had to take it to a laundromat, but that was years ago. Now the only time he’s in the laundry room is when he can’t find what he wants to wear in his closet! I gave up expecting him to put his own clothes away years ago, it was a lost cause, and not worth the headache to me since his dresser is right next to mine. Of course I’m only doing laundry for the two of us, all our kids are grown, and long since on their own.

I do all aspects of laundry 99.9% of the time. My husband, however, does 99.9% of all cooking and a considerable amount of grocery shopping. Perfect compromise in my opinion!!

We both hate putting away clothes. I tried to tell him it was his job, since I usually wash, dry and fold, so what does he do?? Starts washing laundry… :roflhard: :roflhard:

My dad used to have a stack of clothes he said “were not dirty enough” to make it to the landry. He would just wear them, then put 'em on the stack, where supposedly they would air.

Although I’m not married, I know that DSO does his own laundry. When his Mom went back to work yeaaaaaars back, she told her kids that it was time they learned how to do their own laundry, so he’s been doing it since.
He DOES wait until he only has a pair of shorts and a raggedy t-shirt left to do his laundry, but at least he does it, hehehehe.

I don’t think that putting away someone else’s laundry would bother me, as long as they stayed away from my kitchen. That’s myyyyyy territory :roflhard:

My hubby very good at folding laundry and very neat…he help washing toilets too … sometime it seem like i am the breadwinner and he is the housewife … i am lucky to have him :happydance:

I am the messy one here… he build a california closet for me so that i can organize my clothes properly but now the closet seem to be overwhelming… :roflhard: and the yarns i bought over these years … filling up in the den too !!!

guess what ?? i am an underwear freak too… i have at least 70-90 pairs !!! i really din wear them all most of them are still brand new… :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: does anyone hv the same problem ?>??

I guess I’m the exception… I do all the laundry, plus the folding and putting away. DH is wonderful about dirty clothes, though, he never puts anything dirty on the floor or trailing through the house, it all goes promptly into the hamper, and he hangs up his own towels too! :heart:

But then again, I haven’t worked outside the house for quite a few years now, so it’s just how we have divided our chores. He keeps my car and lawnmower in perfect running order, and does all the routine maintenance and checking of air pressure and oil. I’d much rather to laundry than mess with my car!

I wash the clothes when Marvin complains that he has nothing left to wear. I wash them overnight, then Marvin puts them in the car for me to take them to the laundromat to dry. (Our dryer is broken)

Sometimes, he’ll go with me to the laundromat, and we’ll fold and hang them together. He’s a sweetie. :heart:

But, once they get home, the only thing that gets put away is the stuff on hangers. We both just use our respective laundry baskets as dressers. :teehee:

My DH is definitely the housewife. The only thing he doesn’t do is fold and put up the laundry. He does all of this plus the lawn, car stuff, and pay the bills. I’m one lucky girl. But I guess it’s fair. I’m at work all day. He goes to school in the morning and then goes home.