OT-house cleaning method site-fairy? Someone's signature?

A while back I found a site that talked about a house cleaning “method” and I think the logo was some kind of little cleaning fairy. It might have been in someone’s signature. Any ideas on where I could find this again? I thought I bookmarked it but I’m not finding it.

Awww, crud. I knew as soon as I posted this I’d finally find it. For anyone who might be interested, the site is: http://www.flylady.net/

Has anyone tried this?


this is how I live my life…seriously…without Flylady…i’d be LOST LOST LOST…

I’ve been with the program since nearly the beginning. If you have any ??'s let me know :slight_smile:

How hard was it to start? On the surface it seems a little “anal” to me but I need something to get me organized. Just sitting here looking at my desk right now makes me want to puke. How many minutes a day do you have to spend on it?

with repitition comes efficiency…

it isn’t so much of…how many minutes really…it is just a way of life…lol…
You start off with routines. You do the same thing every day, and SOOOO there isn’t the mad dash of having to clean the bathroom for company, cuz it is getting done “nearly” every day.

You tackle a spot, her’s is the kitchen sink…and MAKE IT YOURS…you get it all sparkly and clean…and the idea is that, since you are taking pride in that sink, (or what ever you pick), it will spread. Now your sink is purdy, you don’t want your counters messed up…and so forth.

It is overwhelming at first, and if you go to the website, she gives you jobs to do, one each day and build on it. Babysteps I think it is called?

But in 20 mins I can have the bathroom Swished and swiped, I get shower/dressed, make up and shoes on, I pick up a load of laundry, toss it in the washer, get breakfast ready for the kids if they need it, wipe down counters after breakfast, and be out the door.

You get reminders to do nearly EVERYTHING> Your desk is called a “Hot Spot”. When just ONE thing gets put there, it explodes like it is on fire. So multiple times a day, you go to your Hot Spots, and take care of them.

As far as being anal??? We are all SHE’s Side Tracked Home Executives…this system WORKS…like with everything if you work it. But the language they speak, I understand.

I came from a house that both parents were BO (Born Organized), and I just didn’t fit in. At ALL. This has taught me what is appropriate, what isn’t in the realm of housekeeping. But also it has taught me to FLY…Finally Love Myself.

She ISN’T for everyone…but she sure is for me and over 200,000 people that are on the list :slight_smile:

It has really enabled me to be more efficient in what I do, and therefore KNIT MORE!!!

Heatherfeather–I think I need a demonstration. Could you come over, say, once a week and show me? Please? :blush:

hehehe…silly girl ingrid…lol…

now…all THAT said…I am fluttering at the moment…lol…being away from home all day kinda puts a damper in decluttering…

but it REALLY helps…really really it does…

Oh, and i have this crazy household book all divided up (hyperfocused and this was the benefit)…so I dont’ have to THINK about what is to be done, I just look at it, and I DO it.!!!


IMHO the very most important thing to accept up front is that you’ll be getting 20 e-mails a day. Some people absolutely cannot deal with that – and FlyLady is all, “Excuses, excuses, I warned you, so don’t come whining to me about all the e-mail.” :roflhard: If you set it up so all of your FlyLady mail goes into its own folder, it will be far less irritating and you’ll get a lot more out of it because you can very easily pick and choose what to read, or ignore it altogether if you don’t want to deal with it for a day or two. Again, IMO. YMMV. KWIM?

That said, I think FlyLady is fabulous. She is right on about so many things. It really does make a difference to have a clean sink every night…and to put your shoes on every morning…who knew? :smiley:

I changed email from AOL to gmail BECAUSE of the filtering…

I have it go into folders…I don’t need the reminders to find my shoes…a BIG thing of hers…but I rebel against that. I want comfy feet. If I’m home, my slippers will do just fine…lol…

So…the daily reminders, I don’t see…but the testimonials come into my box, and her “talks” come in, special notices and such.

Or just delete them. AND in the beginning she doesn’t even really WANT you to read them(the emails), just follow the plan off the web, and she baby steps you into reading the emails and then following the plan on your own.

If anybody wants to see my CRAZY control journal…of what I am “supposed” to do I can send it to you…just PM me. It is VERY detailed, and makes me look like a crazy woman. But it is 5 years of putting it together, tweaking and such.

and is it 20 emails??? sure seems like it sometimes,

My emails all consolidate into one, I have no idea why. I just scroll through until I find something interesting or delete it. I love flylady. I haven’t knuckled down to do the control journal, but my house is so much cleaner and I stay on top of things way more than before.

Thanks for the link. I neeeeeeedddddd this in my life.

It’s a desperate thing going on in here.

Hope she has a paper management class… :pray:

I was looking at this, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to bring FlyLady into my house (it’s kinda like deciding to quit smoking - you really have to WANNA first) - but I’m thinking it could really help me at work! I can’t even tell you the last time I saw my desk…oh wait, this morning when I was looking for something, I caught a peek at it.

You have your’s set to digest…if you want to change it, you need to go to your yahoo page…but that IS a good point. If you don’t want a ton of emails, you CAN set your mail option to digest. She(flylady) however doesn’t archive her emails…she really really wants you to jump in where you are…:slight_smile:

and yeah, it is something that you need to WANT to do. But also she is BIG on perfectionism. We let things slide because of our perfectionistic thinking. I didn’t think I was a perfectionist, cuz the place was so trashed here all the time…(my mother actually threatened to call Social Services on me about 10 years ago…not that it was THAT bad, but that it wasn’t up to HER standards), but it WAS bad. BUT…I didn’t do things BECAUSE they couldn’t be perfect…so…letting go of that perfectionism…doing things half way is still better than not at all…

So Fibergirl…:slight_smile: if you are waiting for the “right time”…that isn’t going to happen…lol…just like the “right time” to get married or have a baby…but if you start taking small baby steps, and work toward the end goal (of which I am STILL working…I have dishes in my sink cuz I was EXHAUSTED last night and was in bed at 7:30.) But I’ll just jump in, with my list, and dry erase marker, and take off.

there are a lot of discussion groups “out there” you can find them on her website…

well…I’m scared :shock: but I signed up for the emails anyway. I will “officially” start Monday but my sink is sparkly and I can see most of my desk aka “hot spot”. I actually have a nice clean sink most of the time anyway. I have a friend who is really into having a clean sink and since she’d stop over occasionally I got into the habit of doing it all the time.

Yay, Cheryl! :slight_smile:

I’m in the midst of “crisis cleaning” today because everything has gone to you-know-where in a handbasket lately. Ugh. But, the family room is now picked up & dusted, the kitchen is improved greatly – except for the paper piles, the laundry is well over 1/2-way done, and the toilet in the main-floor bath is clean and has a new seat. (Woo hoo!)

Now, I need to get back to the paperwork … oh … and I suppose I ought to get lunch ready for the kids, too!! :rofling:

Yeaa Kemp!
I have been with the flylady for about 3 years now. I am still waiting for the day that I am flying but I have develped some routines that have helped me keep the house semi clean as opposed to completely dirty. Now if company is coming over my race through the house goes a lot faster. Just remember one thing at a time! :smiley:

That is usually what I do…“cleaning crisis”…it gets out of hand and then I spend a 12 hour day running around like a crazy person doing all sorts of wild cleaning. Of course, with us, it is never totally out of hand since we don’t have kids, but not nearly as clean as a house that does not have kids should be!

FG – It’s really not as bad as you might think. It’s really a gradual process, and more a way of thinking about tackling your home and keeping it maintained. Marla’s (FLYLady) premise is that we’ve all learned how to clean, but no one ever really taught us how to maintain!

I find now that if I get “behind,” it really gives me a place to pick up and start, and it also keeps me grounded. Otherwise, I would feel like I should have everything done in a day, and that’s impossible. I just do 15-minute spurts at a time. After three of those, I get to sit down and knit for 15 mins, and then I start all over again. It’s amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes. It keeps you very focused.

Maybe I have ADD…with cleaning at least! I find it very difficult to stay focused on one cleaning thing that long. Like usually I start cleaning the kitchen, find something that needs to be put away in the bedroom go in the bedroom totally forget about the kitchen and start putzing in the bedroom instead…and so on and so on! :roflhard: :roflhard: I definitely have selective focus since I can do a lot of other things for more than 15 minutes at a time.

LOL I do the same thing! I thought it was just me!
Finally, I get to the point where I’m cleaning at least two things in every room almost simultaneously and feeling completely frazzled, so I end up with only half the house cleaned grrrrr… or even worse with it all torn apart in the process of being cleaned… :rollseyes:

I saw the title of this thread and must have misread, I thought someone was asking to get a “house-cleaning fairy” and I was all excited- - sign me up for that ! :roflhard: