OT-house cleaning method site-fairy? Someone's signature?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Think of all the money we could make if we could find a “house cleaning fairy” My friend has one of those, but she has to pay for it!

just follow her baby steps…and you’ll do FINE!!! :slight_smile: any questions, I’m a PM away!!! :slight_smile:

And don’t let perfectionism get the best of you!!! :slight_smile:

Congrats DotMom!!! :slight_smile: feels good to be productive eh?

DH was my “kitchen fairy” today…:slight_smile: va, HE’S the Veteran, and he works for me…lol…but with him doing that, I was able to get the corner of the dining room cleared out and mopped to accept my new desk for my new job for my new boss that didn’t show up…sigh…lol…

lol…I didn’t read the later posts when I posted my “kitchen fairy” comment!!! lol…

I DO have ADD and am on meds for it. But before meds, I had my lists…which is my control journal. I have them in page protectors, so I use my dry erase marker. Having that list does a couple things for me.

1)I don’t have to remember each time what I need to do for each zone (she divides the house into zones)
2)It really does keep me on track
3)if I DO get sidetracked, we are SHE’S after all (Sidetracked Home Executives) I know where I left off
4) and GASP if someone offers to help, or they are in the doghouse, I can say, grab the kitchen list, start at the top and work till you have 3 things done…
5)it’s typed in a fun font, but also impersonal so that it isn’t ME saying I need to do this, but someone else rather…
6)they are in page protectors, so I don’t need to be wasteful, but I can add or delete a page at will.
7)if I am sick and need help, I can say grab the book and that’s what needs to be done

Oooh, I LOVE Flylady! I’m definitely still a Flybaby, but she’s definitely helped get me out of CHAOS mode (with the exception of my office - that’s another story!).

Definitely start small - even if it seemed ridiculously simple, I put it on my list. For example, at night, I knew I was going to brush my teeth and wash my face, but just being able to check those things off was kind of a little push-me-along.

I went out and bought a funky binder, some vinyl sheet covers, and dry-erase markers, and I just keep everything in there. It makes it real easy to update the list with a new item or sheet of paper, check things off and start fresh the next day.

I just never seem to get caught up on laundry - NEVER! No matter what I do…and we don’t even have children.


DOH!!! You mean that I’m supposed to feed them?

I used to do this too Kemp, but I stopped! Here’s how:

Julie Morgenstern, author of Organizing from the Inside Out, suggests keeping a container of some sort in the room you’re cleaning - whatever works…a small laundry basket or other basket…a cleaning caddy…whatever - and make it a “other room” basket. Whatever’s in a room you’re cleaning the belongs in another room altogether, put it in the basket and continue cleaning the room you’re in. When you’re done, take the basket and the items in it to where they belong. Do that in every room you clean, and you’re much more likely to get the whole room done.

Sounded really simple when I read it. So simple it could NEVER be real.

It is. I clean WHOLE ROOMS now. That feat has elluded me for ALL of my years. :thumbsup:

ARGGGGGGGg…totally forgot what I was going to say…dh deleted the cookies, which meant I needed to re-log in, then I forgot…sigh…(my life with ADD)…

Ok…remember now…I have the Julie Morgenstern book…if anyone would like it it’s yours for the cost of shipping…which I think is like 3.95??? MOney is sucky right now, so I"ll need the $$ before I can ship…

If you want, PM me and I’ll get it off to you in Monday’s mail. (I have paypal)

I love this site!! I seriously think I have ADD…I can never stay focused at home. I used to always work from a list, but got out of the habit.

I am just getting started, and shined my sink for the first time today…I purposely left one unshined so the kiddos could see the difference it makes. (Stephen and Doug are old enough to help out and do a great job!!)

Heather, thanks for the journal it makes so much more sense now!!!

I am VERY excited about this project!

WOW i really live in CHAOS>>>didn’t know they had a web site to get me out… i guess i should sign up then huh? DH would be so proud! ya’ll sould see my sink!!! :shock:


I’m glad my journal helped!!!
Now…MAKE IT YOURS!!! lol some things you won’t need, some things you’ll have to add…

and remember…it isn’t about being perfect, but about loving yourself. :slight_smile: :heart: :heart:
routines and baby steps.

Heather –

Not to change the subject, but I love the birdies in your picture …

… and now back to FLYLady!

I did not follow my routine this morning. Ugh. But, last week’s Crisis Cleaning has paid off. The family room & kitchen are still in workable order, and I feel like I can concentrate on some other stuff now.

I think the kids and I are going to head off to the library for “school” today … we need a change of scenery!

BTW … if anyone else is homeschooling, the FLYLady has a page of suggestions/tips for us here

THANKS…farting around on here…remember’d I had that pic…from the Baltimore Zoo…and thought’d it fit my screen name here PERFECTLY!!! lol…AND it’s a picture I actually LIKE of myself…lol my dd Rachel took that…:slight_smile: (she was 6 at the time)

today is my “day off”, computer wasn’t working at work, so I came home, harumph…it is THE most fickle thing I have EVER seen…

I want that job…I can hear it now…Martin, my computer is down again, can I go home? Next, he laughs at me…

Although, I have to admit, we do have it REALLY good. We leave early nearly every Friday, the guys are extrelemy flexible when it comes to needing time for personal appointments as well, they pay us when we are sick, and we are bonused often.

ack…that sounded odd!! lol…lemme clarify…hehehe…

I am the volunteer head librarian at my kiddo’s little school. I basically make my own hours to get the work done which I create. So…bad day…don’t go in…good day, I could be there for as many hours as I get lost in the books.
Hopefully some day it will turn into a paying position…but for now…i’m happy to help out!!!

I just signed up on the list and I plan on doing my initial sink cleaning tomorrow after class. I need this in my life! I’m a working student and share an apartment with the darling boyfriend and DUDE is it a mess. I actually found a bag of stuff from last Christmas in the bedroom today. Both of our families want to have Thanksgiving at our apartment this year due to bad health of the elders on both sides. Basically, I’m losing my mind. 11 people?! I don’t even have 11 dishes. Anyway, I’m hoping this will help me establish a routine and keep me a little bit saner this holiday season. :pray:

I signed up last night. Sink has been clean for 2 days and I dressed up to go out (which I had to do anyway). I’m not much of a clutterbug, but I got fed up earlier in the week and blurted out to dh, “why are those empty pop cans on the counter and not in recycling? Why are those dirty dishes in the sink and not in the dishwasher? Why are those dirty clothes on the floor and not in the laundry basket?..” I was fed up with both of us, so we’re doing this together.

Funny thing is that when I told dh about it, he said, “oh yeah, I’ve heard of that site.” :??

Beldie, maybe he’s a FlyLady at heart!

I don’t know if I’m really “with the program” yet, even though I’m signed up now. However…my sinks are clean (they were most of the time anyway) and I tackled 2 major hot spots the last couple of days I think one thing it really helps with is changing one’s frame of mind…I always feel “behind” …if I don’t put in a couple of 12 hour days and get everything perfect then it’s not worth it at all. So not true! It really makes me happy just to see my spots of progress, even if everything else isn’t “up to par” :thumbsup:

YEAHHH to all the new flybabies!!! :slight_smile:

First thing…you are not behind, just jump in where you are
second thing, it didn’t get this way in a day, it isn’t going to get “fixed” in a day.

And I used to think that it meant it didn’t PHYSICALLY get this way in a day, but I have reframed that thinking a bit…it didn’t emotionally get this way in a day, it won’t emotionally get “fixed” in a day. I have been doing this for now near six years…is it done??? NOPE…I still have to climb in bed from the end of it, cuz the side is filled…(ala Kelly if you went to the Baltimore flyfest!!!)

I have the thanksgiving timeline on this computer…if anybody wants it, PM me and I’ll send it to you. :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to point that out to him Deni :wink: