OT~ hes here

but hes not home. hes a premiee. hopefully i can bring him home soon! his name is Aidan Xavier. he WAS 5lbs 3oz but now hes under 5. he wasn’t doing so well today and neither have i.

Mama Bear… got that pattern for the booties up yet?

OH he is so sweet congrats!!!My Aidan was a premie too he was 8 weeks early only 3 pounds 5 ounces but today he is 2 years old and giving me quite a run for my money!!!

Oh, my thoughts are with you! He’s so beautiful! All babies lose a little weight after they’re born, preemie or not, so hopefully he’ll gain it all back and then some!

Congratulations! And Aiden (spelling var) is my brother’s name, and one of my favorites! :thumbsup:

Aidan is adorable! :heart:

Congratulations Carmell!! He’s a big preemie, so I have every faith that he’ll be fine. Rest up and take care. :heart:

He is a big preemie! My daughters both lost a little after birth, too. He’s a cutie and I love the name! Hope you both starting doing well soon!

Carmell, he is beautiful! Many babies lose weight after birth, it just seems like it is more because he started off so small. I will think of you and send you my best wishes that he can be home with you and the rest of the family soon. Take care and congratulations!!

He’s beautiful. Congratulations. I hope you can bring him home soon. :heart:

:heart: :heart:
Welcome to the world little man.

He’s adorable. I’m sending you all my best wishes!

What a sweetie…congratulations Carmell! :heart:

Welcome Aidan Xavier, may you be Blessed with all the Good Things in life.
Feel better soon. :heart:

:heart: :heart: Carmell and Aidan!!

Hugs to both of you!

He’s beautiful!

He is adorable. Hope he starts gaining weight soon. Our little Ben is only 12 lbs 5oz now and he is almost six months old but he is improving weekly. Take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can.

Ohhh, what a doll baby! He’s precious! Congratulations to you, DH, and the rest of the family! :heart:

He’s gorgeous! Rest up sweetie! I’ll say a prayer for you and your little one that it doesn’t take long!


He’s adorable!!!

What a handsome little fella!

I bet he’ll get a lot of attention once he gets home too! :wink:

He’s precious! Congratulations on your baby boy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time too. :heart:

He’s adorable and I love the name! :wink: