OT - Croc questions

I’m thinking of getting some of these, but I’m wondering about a few things first.

  1. They appear to be plastic…do your feet stick or get sweaty? I would only wear them barefoot.

  2. Width…I have wide feet. Are they roomy or do they come in wide?

I’m really liking these:

I was worried about the wide foot thing when i first started looking at them too. I wear a size 10-11 depending on the shoes and also have a wide foot. i had NO trouble wearing them and have often worn them with socks. I only have the beach ones though (i am not quite gauche enough to wear those nile ones with socks! :rofling: ) and i have three pairs.

I don’t know what they are made of but the material is more spongy than plastic would be…i have never had a sweaty feet issue and i am usually throwing off furnace style heat! :wink: I love love love them and will wear them whenever i can get by with it.

oooh if i ever have had moments with them not seeming wide enough it was when i was wearing socks AND the strap was back. most of the time i wear the strap forward just cuz it is quicker to slip on.

I have a pair and I :heart: them.
They’re very wide, so don’t worry about that.
They’re a rubber-type of material, but not the make-your-feet-all-swampy kind. I wear mine barefoot without a problem. If you get the ones with holes on top, you have even more air conditioning. :wink:
They’re super comfy - you’ll want to wear them with everything.

I wear mine barefoot all day at work and my feet don’t get sticky or swampy and gross. My feet get DIRTY though! :shock: I could be wrong, but I think they run a little big. I wear a size 6.5 in most shoes and I’ve got the XS in these, which is a size 4-5. :rollseyes:

I agree with Cate, they run a little big. I wear a 6 and got the xs. Although, I don’t know if you’d have the same issue if they’re open in the front, like the Nile.

Goody! Thanks for the quick replies! Since I broke my toe AGAIN I decided that as much as I love to go barefoot I need to wear shoes all the time. There are a few places around here that sell them so once my toe is healed I’ll go check them out! :cheering: :cheering:

:rofling: 'tis true…i specifically bought a navy blue pair so that i could sometimes get by with wearing them at the office :oops:

yeah they don’t match my skirts very well but i don’t care and i just play dumb if someone notices! hehe (ooops i DID forget to change my shoes didn’t i?)

Oh my…LOVE :heart: :inlove: :heart: LOVE my crocs!!! I have 3 pair, Lonnie has 3 pair…we love them…so comfy :thumbsup: I am a Birk girl, wore nothing but Birkenstocks before I discovered Crocs…both the Crocs’ and Birks’ footbed conforms to your foot…this helps me with my hip/leg dealy…love them, highly recommend them :wink:

I’m addicted to my Danskos for my nursey feets but I’ve been eying the crocs…I’m sufficiently intrigued! I may have to go check them out!

What oh what are crocs??? :shock: :thinking: :??

About the most hideously ugly shoe you will find on the planet.

but the comfort is worth it! Click here!

Nile isn’t hideous!! :inlove: :lol:

OMG! I love those! I have to get some. Look at all the colors~

lol i suppose that is true but i almost relish their ugliness now… :rofling:

The Niles or the other ones? I like the sandal look.

I do agree that the others aren’t too cute. If I find them comfy I say who the heck cares! :lol:

I totally dig the Niles! I think I need them in multiple colors.

I want them, but I have to see if they are wide enough first. They are shaped a little differently than the other ones so they might squish my toes. :rollseyes:

I adore my Crocs. I’ve also bought the Grandchildren their own Crocs. I’ve got 4 pairs and I may have to collect some more colors since I’ve decided they are going to be my forever shoe. The only shoe I’ve put on that is better than barefoot.

Yeah. I love my crocs. I’d love more pairs! I bought boring blue ones, and sometimes wear them with sport socks, but usually go baretoes. I’ve an old pair from years ago before they marketed them as crocs! They don’t have the strap but are the same in every other way. They are my fave shoes right now and I usually use orthotics and have absolutely no troubles with wearing my crocs all day long. I’m going to get a closed toe pair for winter too. And I’d love some sandals. They are made in Canada! Cool! Don’t know if they are made anywhere else too. They are wide on my narrow foot but it doesn’t seem to matter in the least. They don’t slop around and my toes have lots of space. I love my crocs. samm

Anyone else with the closed toed ones have problems tripping? Another tech at work tonight was talking about how she trips over hers and so do I - at least twice a day. The toe seems to get caught on the floor or something.