OT - Croc questions

lol i must say i am about as clumsy as anybody i have met and i haven’t yet…but thanks for the jinx! :wink:


They’re supposed to be roomy… it should NOT fit snugly!!!

I wear my beach ones almost everywhere when I need a pair of slip ons…

They’re resin, not plastic. And they have those holes in them so your feet can breathe.

But yes, your feet will get dirty, but shouldn’t get ‘swampy’… :smiley:

I want a pair in hot pink!!!

:happydance: I have hot pink, lime green, and the navy ones! :happydance:

YAY I was looking for somewhere selling these in the UK! :cheering:

I like the Nile, Athens, and the professional ones!

How’d you break your toe twice Jan!? Sorry about that, ouch.

I left my shoe fetish behind a couple years ago but these look pretty neat. I have some Birks (for the first time ever) sitting here in the shoebox that I’m not sure I want. After I bought them and saw they were from China, I went to a good shoe store and saw the real ones come from Germany.

im a danskos girl, too. the sport clogs. the crocs i tried, but they dont seem to hold up for work. i think they are fine for running errands or non work stuff, and much cuter than danskos for sure!

Oh I’ve broken them more than twice. For some reason I don’t pay attention where my feet are when I’m hurrying. :rollseyes:

I left my shoe fetish behind a couple years ago but these look pretty neat.

I have no shoe fetish. I have wide, sensitive feet so I live in athletic shoes. I found some comfy sandals at LLBean a few years ago so I have a couple of those, too. I don’t own high heels and hate dressing up because that would mean I have to wear them and they HURT! I’ve tried various “comfy” brands and no dice. I gave up. :rollseyes:

You can see the tip of my pink pair here…LOVE THEM :wink:

That sounds just like me. i have broken every one of them at least once except for the big ones. back when i was in my last waitressing job i was at my mom and dad’s house taking a shower. when i came running out to throw my towel in the hamper i kicked a cookbook my mom had left laying next to her chair where she had been on the phone with a friend. the book went flying across the room and two of my toes broke…and i still worked that night…oooooooooooowwwwwwwch!

i think i need to remind her of that so i can get a nice present! :wink: :rofling:

wow that’s amazing. I’ve never ever broken a toe. In fact now that I think about it, I haven’t broken anything. oh wait, oh yeah, I had a cracked sternum from an accident my husband and I had when our old truck rolled after hitting ice.

strange I’m thinking of that, this is supposed to be about shoes!

My sister-in-law wears and Loves Crocs. I don’t think it’s the same style you linked to, but she absolutely raves about them. I’m a Berk girl but I am tempted with these. :smiley:
They sell them at the Hallmark Card stores around here. odd that.

That is odd… I’ll check my Hallmark store. :wink:

Thanks everyone!