OT-Any wine drinkers out there?

I have not really been a fan of wine, especially red wine. But my husband would love it if I was able to sit down at the end of the day and enjoy a glass with him. So, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent “gate-way” (:teehee: ) wine for me? I think I would like something light and maybe a little fruity… I just don’t know enough about wines to buy one I like.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :notworthy:

Ok, these definitely are not high-end and probably not even approaching mid-range wines, but I LOVE the Raspberry Cabernet


It’s not heavy and but very nice and smooth and fruity too.

Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you? They carry my favorite table wine: Renee Barbier Mediterranean White. I think it’s a great starter wine :mrgreen:

Here in Maryland we have a local winery called Linganore…If you like light and fruity they have WONDERFUL fruit wines, my favorite being raspberry.

Other than that, when reading a wine list at a resturant, the wines are usually listed from sweetest to driest. I am not a fan of dry wines, but I really love a good Shiraz. It has good body without being overwhelming as I tend to find Merlot.

Still, to start, its probably best to aim for aa zinfindel or a blush, as they are generally milder.

I drink I fair bit of good wine, so hopefully I can help you out a little. I would recommend starting with wines that are sweeter and lighter.

Whites to try: Gewürztraminer, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling. I would avoid Chardonnay initially.

Reds to try: Syrah/Shiraz (same grape variety, different name in different countries), Pinot Noir, Zinfandel. I would avoid Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, as they then to be heavier and can be an aquired taste.

Another variable to consider is whether you will be sipping the wine by itself, or with dinner. Lighter, fruiter wines work well for sipping by themselves or with light food, but get lost when accompanied by more flavorful dishes. You may find that you enjoy heavier wines with food than for straight sipping.

Hopefully this has informed more than confused you. :shrug: The last bit of advice I will give you on picking out your first few bottles is: get help. Many grocery stores (especially nice ones with good size wine sections) have a wine department manager who should be happy to point you to some possibilities. Be ready to tell him/her whether you want a white or red, what you will be eating with it (if anything), whether you prefer domestic or imported (both are equally good in my opinion - I tend towards the domestic) and a price range. $8-15 should get you a nice bottle to start with.

Good luck finding something you like!

I like red wines better than white but I love pinks the best. I find whites too dry and reds are sometimes too “winey”. Also, nothing beats a sparkling pink (like sparkling white zinfandel) with hot and spicy food.

:muah: :hug: Thank you all so much, I would like to surprise with having a glass of wine with him. Its also weird, I kinda feel like a kid in a way, everyone at the table with us is drinking wine and there I am with a glass of coca-cola! (I am a HUGE coca-cola addict!) Maybe now that I am thirty-cough, cough, nine, I will be able to join the adults at the Big table :rofl: .

I personally like Gewurtztraminer, and Riesling for that matter, because it’s light and a touch fruity. My personal uneducated opinion is that Gewurtz goes with everything I like to eat…
Not sure if I missed this tip, but if you didn’t know, it’s pronounced Guh verts truh meener… I got a good lesson at a casual “wine party” the first time I had this as my girlfriend got a good laugh the first time she tried asking for it in a store…

Even though I have been dry for the last 3 weeks, my favorite wines are those where I can really taste the flavor of the grape. I prefer sweet to dry, but I like semi-sweet reds as much as the whites. My favorite whites are made with niagra and/or muscat grapes. I also like concord grapes.

I think fruit wines are the easiest to get into, especially apple wines (just don’t buy the boone’s farm, okay?)

A good way to really get the flavor of the grapes in the wine is to “slurp”… it’s hard to describe without actually DOING it, but we’ll see how well I do. Take a medium size sip–a few tablespoons worth–, and “chew” it around in your mouth, coating all parts of your tongue, but don’t swallow. Lean your head slightly forward, and make a “kiss” face (not the band, the affectionate greeting), and suck air in over the wine, but don’t suck the wine into your lungs. As you draw the air in, you are releasing the alcohol from the wine. then, swallow your sip. You can take another small sip immediately afterwards, too, and you’ll notice that the wine tastes different than it did before your “slurp”.

Think too about how the wine feels in your mouth… compare to whole, 2% or skim milk, for a feeling of full, medium, or light-bodied wine. White wines tend to be lighter bodied, so and they won’t leave a puckering/drying sensation in your mouth (like if you drink really dark tea) as red wines do, so that’s another reason they are good to start with.

If you ever go to a wine tasting, make sure you taste the driest wines first and work you way to sweet; I don’t know why that’s a rule, but it is!

How sweet!!! And how fun, too–you two can have some tasty hors d’oeuvres and snacks and spend some quality time together!!! :cheering: I’m not a huge wine fan per se, but when I do have some, I love the really sweet wines. Riesling is a great light and sweet white wine, and I like Mavrodaphne…it is a red Greek dessert wine…VERY YUMMY!!! But be careful with the sweeter wines…they can sneak up on you! :teehee:

Well, I was going to throw out my opinion, but I think it’s been covered! :slight_smile: Little known fact - Costco wines are usually very similar but not exactly the same blend of a particular wine when it’s sold elsewhere. I’ve worked for a few wineries and we had our regular blend and then we had our ‘Costco’ blend. Not that it’s bad, but it enables Costco to charge less than other stores. Now that I’m out of the wine industry, I do in fact buy wines from Costco - even the $5-8 ones are fine.

Sorry, I drink dry reds! Shiraz (Yellowtail is $7 a bottle! :)) and cabernet sauvignon are my favorites, though I do love a good merlot. Occasionally chianti (Forza Italia, and all that jazz :)) I think I’ve got a cabernet merlot waiting for me to try.

And I’m so jealous of people who have Trader Joe’s with alcohol! The one I went to in Boston had a liquor license, and had fantastic beers (though I never tried their wines). None of the ones in my area have liquor licenses though. :frowning:

I have to second the Trader Joe’s recommendation. They often put up signs that describe the wine and recommend food pairings. The staff is very helpful and you really can’t beat their prices. There is a range there for most everyone and i don’t feel so bad if I take a chance on something that doesn’t work for me

Thirding Trader Joe’s…

They ARE really cheap. So if you don’t like it, you spent $4 on a bottle of wine. But it’s Trader Joe’s, who are usually fantastic, so you can usually trust them.

AND for their food, not sure about wines, but I’m sure it’s the same, if you buy something, try it, and don’t like you, YOU CAN RETURN IT. Swear to God.

:muah: :hug: :notworthy:

WOW! Thank you all so much for all of your suggestions! I am getting out my little index card and writing all this down. I knew I could count on the great people here at KnittingHelp.com!

I’m a HUGE wine fan, and I love all dry reds and most dry whites. I’m not into sweet reds or whites, so I won’t be of any help…

But… I just have to add my thumbs up to TJ’s! I’m so jealous of all you people who can buy wine at TJs or even at the grocery store! I now live in CO, and while I love it here, I absolute hate how back a$$wards they with liquor laws. You have to go to liquor store and no liquor or car selling on Sundays. Bah!

We also like red wines and always keep some nice Italian table wine on hand. My favorite is Bolla Valpolicella. Not too strong, light and dry. I also like the French Beaujolais - similar to Valpolicella.

Have you tired Menage-a-tois (?sp)? It is a pink wine that was recommened to me by my daughter who worked in a wine shop. It’s yummy.

Sadly for me, my husband has been diagnosed with hepatitis C and cannot drink alcohol anymore. So, I lost my drinking buddy :waah:, and it just didn’t seem right to nestle in with a glass of drinkie in front of him.
I have been on the wagon hence the diagnosis. :!!!:

Of course, the real tradegy is my husband’s liver and all that entails… :tap:

Well we have cocktail hour in my house. Even my son gets into it. It isn’t what you think. It is a 1950s throwback thing. You don’t have to have a cocktail per se, although my son’s favorite “cocktail” is a 7-up with cranberry juice. The idea is that everyone gets a beverage and then we sit around and talk about the day, sipping our drinks and feeling very sophisticated. :teehee:

That sounds very hip! We could do that, but we spend most of the day together!