Original Phentex yarn...anyone remember?

I am searching for the slipper pattern that ‘everyone’ was knitting / crocheting the slippers at least 20years ago.
The old Phentex yarn.

:shrug: anyone?

Maybe one of these?


I’ve heard of phentex, but have never seen it.

thank you for the links…not quite it…the Phentex yarn…if you had dry hands it would ‘catch’ on your skin…it was totally like a nylon which lasted forever. When crocheting or knitting it didn’t feel like yarn at all. Wonder if the Phentex company would have anything? Thank you will look and see the links again.

Okay, so you want the yarn not the pattern? I misunderstood. :shrug: You might try eBay.

I may still have it. I will take a look and will get back if I find it. They still sell the yarn in Zellers.

the pattern is what [I]I was looking for…thank you for helping, hoping to find the yarn also.[/I]

I googled Phentex slippers and got the following


Hope that helps. We still have a supply of the old Phentex yarn at our store here.

did you find it?
If so, would you send it to me please?

Ottawa Canada

Hi everyone; I am an avid knitter and crocheter. I do volunteer teaching to ladies of all ages and any men who wants to join us. The men here are too shy to participate. For those of you who wish to have the original slipper pattern for the phentex slippers, I have it. The price on my copy is .20 so it is really old lol. Have a great day. Helen

I know this post is old, but I wanted to let you know that when ever I’m home to Hamilton, ON I pick up some of the yarn from the Walmart craft department. They have a pretty big selection.

I also have an old pattern for a pair of slippers that my great-grandmother used to make if you still need one (though from the pictures on one of the links it looks similar).

I believe Zellers carries Phentex yarn…I coulda sworn I saw it there…

The original Phentex yarn is now called Phentex Slipper and Craft yarn and is available at Zellers. I’ve just bought a bunch for Christmas slippers. The following site has a good pattern and picture. http://www.knittin4britain.com/2009/11/phentex-slippers.html?showComment=1272496043692#c5116325826505813681

Believe it or not, i have the original pattern, don’t know how it got saved, it was so unusual though. do you want me to scan it and send it to you. Denise

I just bought about 20 skeins of phentex for slippers and sent them to my daughter, She wants to knit slippers for her kids. I got it at Zellers,but the skeins are not as large as they were when I was knitting these slippers 30 years ago.

I believe these patterns are the ones you’re looking for.


I have in front of me one of the original patterns… it is style No#6843 and the price of it back then was 20 cents. Is this the one you are looking for?

I have the 20 cent Phentex pattern 6843 and a couple of balls of the original yarn if you can call it that.

Did you find the slipper pattern? I have it somewhere. If you still need it I will scan it for you.

I was not the person looking for the pattern, that was a picture of the pattern I have, I scanned the pic and put it on here. Thanks anyway.

Here’s the original Phentex pattern. I knew I’d seen something about this before. Next time, input what you’re looking for in the search box at the top of this site. That’s where I got my info, from an old thread.