Organize your stash

Calling All Knitters!
Let’s get organized. I did and I feel so much better!!!
My good friend, horve1 organized her stash a short time ago and after I talked with her I got the bug, had to organize my stash. So, I did!
Yesterday I went to my local Big Lots and got 3 more 35qt boxes (I already had 4 that were very, very, very full of yarn) so that I could organize…it FEELS SO GOOD :cheering: I discovered that I had more oF this and that yarn, I feel like I’ve been yarn shopping after finding these yarns that I had forgotten about :cheering:

My books remain in the same place, i need to organize them a bit. My Woolease yarns remain in the same place…in the drawer of the bedroom entertainment center, but all other yarns are in their homes under the bed.

Ahhhh, stash organization, if feels so good…DO IT, you’ll see :wink:
SHOW ME YOUR STASH!!! FLASH YOUR STASH :cheering: :teehee:

WE ALL WANNA SEE [/size][/b]:cheering: :cheering:

I wish I could do that…All my yarn is all over my office, still in the bags.

Wow! Great job Rebecca! Can you come up here for a couple of weeks and help me? :wink:

WOW. That looks great! :thumbsup:


Good looking goodies, Rebecca!

I flashed my stash in my blog the other day, pre-organization.

Holy Cow!!! That’s a lot of yarn. All of mine fits into a zippered pouch that my king size comforter came it. Wish I had the means to buy some of the really nice yarn. I’m jealous.

OMG that is a lot of yarn! I’m showing this and Ingrid’s thread to DH!! He can’t possibly complain about me buying and storing yarn – cuz it could be worse!!

Whoa Ingrid! :shock:

Okay, you can’t even compare my little bitty stash to Ing a Ling and many, many others around here :wink: I would say mine’s about normal, right?! After seeing Ingrid’s I’ve decided that I need to do some shopping :cheering: :cheering:

I must say, I feel much better having organized the stash, but I’m not too pleased with the look of my bedroom now, we are smack dab in the middle of rearranging it! It will remain in it’s current state until tomorrow, when I hope I can find some new bedside tables!

HOLY CRAP INGY!!! :shock:

i know! wow… i tohught i had a lot of yarn i only have a small tote bag full and a roll-up needle case! wow… i need more yarn! yarn stor! 2morrow! :thud: :whoosh:

Gadzooks!!! Yarn for days!!! :inlove: There’s nothing better than organised yarn! *[size=1]this coming from a woman who still has her last purchase in the same box it came in![/size]

Ingrid, I just went over to your blog and almost fainted when I saw your yarn store, uh, stash!!! Amazing! I bow before your yarniness! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:



Both Rebecca and Ingrid have way more yarn than I could ever imagine having. Granted I’m new to this knitting thing, but even with my small stock pile I feel bad not having found a way to use it when I go and buy some other kind of yarn. But of course I have to buy more because what I have isn’t right for what I’m planning.

Your yarn collections are lovely but how do you cope with the guilt??

Guilt? About what? I knit every single day. It’s my sanity and my therapy. Sure I went overboard buying yarn, but guilty about it? Not really. It’s not going to go to waste, and there’s still food on the table. I can think of worse vices than soft fluffy stuff. :teehee:

It really does feel good to get organized!
Knitty, I, too, had yarn in the boxes they came in…you can see some by the TV!
LOL, I readily admit that looking at Ingy’s stash makes me want to shop, too :rofl: :roflhard:
I am very, very lucky in that a great deal of the yarn that’s in my stash was gifted to my by my Honey :muah:

What guilt would that be?! :wink:

I have only been knitting since December of last year. Here are a few pictures of my stash…

It’s not very big. I have a lot of fun fur that I bought when I first started knitting. I bought when I was knitting the cat bed out of SnB. I have only since made three, but I might get some done in time for christmas gifts.

Oooh the last picture, I know it’s not a picture of my stash, but it was on my camera and I just had to share it. It’s a picture of Jake when I went camping last weekend with my folks. Of course I bought some yarn on that trip!

He’s a wacky dog!

:cheering: Thanks for flashing your stash, Coastie!!! I see that we have similar taste, I noticed some of the same yarns that I have in your stash :cheering:
OMGoodness, that picture of Jake is priceless, I love it :muah:

Thanks Becka! I didn’t realize how much I have until I took it all out.

After I took the picture, I had to reorganize it. Since it was pretty much stuffed in different places. I actually bought this unit to store my yarn and stuff in. Plus I have some stored in the bookcase on the left. I need to work on getting some of this stuff cleared out so I can buy more!!!