Organize your stash

Rebecca, you could totally have a new career here. A personal yarn organizer! You could fly around the world, visiting everyone from KH and organizing their yarn. The next thing you know, you’ll be the Martha Stewart of the yarn organizing world. Mayb you’ll even get your own show on HGTV!

That pic of Jake is too funny! The way he has his paw on the table totally makes him look like a human, just chillin’.

I will also join in the organized stash flash! I organized my stash fairly recently - originally my yarns were all in 1 huge blue bin. I wanted to display them in a matter that was more aesthetically-pleasing and more motivating to me to use my stash! So I bought a 3-shelf unit with doors (to keep my kitty out!) from the Container Store, and put about 97% of my stash in it. There’s something about yarns being stacked neatly on shelves that makes you go :drool: !

And also since I love pet pics, I’m posting a pic of Nermal sleeping in front of me as I type. Note the biscuit tin “pillow” and cardboard “sheet” under his head! :rofl:

Need more yarn!! I am beginning to think a drug habit would be cheaper than my yarn habit!!!

My stash isn’t nearly as impressive as Rebecca’s or Ingrids, but it’s definitely growing.

I tend to organize by color. So all my neutrals are together, my blues are together (with the exception of the planet-sized mohair that I forgot to move into the blue bin), etc. My sock yarn is organized by “handpainted” and “everything else.” My roving, well, that’s just dumped into a bin right now.

:drool: love your stash Ingrid!!!

I really need to organize mine cause I forget what I have… but to organize it would mean cutting into my knitting time :roflhard: so dh will just have to continue to duck and open the closet slowly and carefully so he can catch it :teehee:

actually my knitting stuff is the only thing in the house not organzied by some manenr… I think its cause I can’t find a way to do it that helps… I’d really like to be able to see it and not have to dig through things… I like the shelf idea with baskets of yarn on it… :thinking:

OMG Ingrid!!! What a stash!!! I so love it.

Is that when you starting going through it, Nikki? :rofl:

Finding any good stuff…stuff we can share…:shifty:

I was just thinking I really need a shelf like that! It would be much more efficient and attractive than my current methods!

I am totally in :inlove: love :heart: :heart: with your stash Ingrid!!! Will you adopt me :pray: ?

You have all inspired me to organize my stash as meager as it is!

[size=2]edited due to typing with a cat helping!![/size]

I’ll have to take pictures later…but I had to comment on the animal pictures…
The doggy looks so much like a person, it’s so cute! :heart:

And Cindy, your cat is just adorable :inlove:

:cheering: :cheering: I’m getting so excited seeing everyone’s stash…organized stashes, to boot :cheering: :cheering: Doesn’t it just make you feel good to have it organized?! Like Cindy said, when you look at it, you :drool:
OMGosh, Carmen, that’s too funny! Martha Stewart of stashes! LOL, I could never do that because I would be far too tempted by other’s yarns and I’m afraid I would go to jail because I would love yarns so much that I would accidently put some in my pocket :rofl: :roflhard:

I have to add a pet pic, too! I got this pic of Moshi right before I started the S.O. (Stash Organization). OH, forgot to mention…this is a test shot, at night, inside, with Mo moving! Love that camera!

That is a fantastic photo!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

As soon as my camera comes home I will take a picture of my dirty closet! LOL It is slightly cleaner since I read this thread. I have a bag of old needles and small balls of yarn to give to friends who want to learn. I have also taken out stuff I need to sell or trade.

I agree that dog is so human like. LOL and Ingrid <sigh> I just wanna roll in your stash. :flirt:

Actually Jake is always chillin’. When I was taking pictures of my stash last night my Cookie cat was patiently waiting to be fed. I took her favorte spot (the table) to display my wears.

This thread is totally making me inspired to organize my stash (we’ll see if that actually happens), not to mention making me want to go shopping at Ingy’s house! :teehee:

That’s exactly what I said when I looked at your pics, Ingrid!!

I have a meager amount since I am relatively new to knitting. So I just went to Big Lots this weekend and got a Sterilite small tub to store it in for the time being. I love the look of the 3 shelf organizer with the attached doors on it. Of course I’ll have to make room in my closet that’s a total mess and rearrange my scrapbooking stuff in order to make room for the yarn.

Love that doggie pic–he looks just like a little person sitting there!

Coastie, Mo’s favorite place is the table, too! I guess it’s a cat thing!
want2knit, Big Lots is where I went to get my boxes, too!

I’m happy to hear this thread is inspiring others to organize and flash that stash, earthchick :cheering: :cheering:

This is fun :cheering:

:shock: :thud: GOOD LORD REBECCA AND INGRID!!! THAT’S A LOT OF YARN!!! I just showed my DH your stashes and he admitted I do not have too much yarn. Hmm… I guess I should thank you for posting this. :muah:

Nadja xxx

Everybody’s yarn stash looks so pretty, I’m starting to chicken out of taking a before picture.

And by the way Becka, after thinking about this thread too much this morning and looking at all Ingy’s yarn in her living room, I not only once but TWICE referred to the laundry as yarn today! As my laundry is also spread all over my living room. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

My kids were cracking up. Dh finally said “We can call it yarn if you really want us too.”

LOL, Pixy, I think you really need to yarn shopping, then perhaps you might stop calling everything yarn :roflhard: :rofl: Sounds like a good reason to go, right?!

nadja, maybe you should go shopping, too, since your hubby says you don’t have too much yarn, that’s a great reason!!!

Lonnie and I have already decided to continue our Christmas vacations (we’ve gone the last 2 years) where we give one another a small gift for unwrapping time and $ to buy what we want on vacation. Well, I’m currently trying to decided exactly what special yarns I will be getting. You just can’t have enough or too much, right?!

I’ve also been known to say knit instead of print. LOL