One Of Two Currant Projects

I am working on two afghans but this one I started this afghan on Easter weekend cause I leave my other one at work and had nothing to do when I was travling that weekend, the one panel is just about done and I have four left to do.

:smiley: All I can say is…STUNNING!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS :thumbsup:

[color=blue]Wow–beautiful :cheering:

soon to be living in Sebago yay! [/color]

beautiful :thumbsup:

Beautiful job!!

Wow! That’s really cool looking!

That is amazing! Can’t wait to it finished!

I will post more pics as I go along and definitely when it is done, especially draped over my sofa.

[size=6][color=indigo]WOW !!![/color][/size]

[size=3][/size]Good Job :thumbsup: You are very talented !! Your couch will be happy when its done :lol:

Thank you, well I know if my couch isn’t happy, that I will be on those cold winter nights.

Beautiful!! :thumbsup:

I’ve never seen anything quite like it! Beautiful!

What texture!! Beautiful work!!

That really is so pretty!! Where did you find the pattern? I’ve never seen it before. Looks wonderful! :XX:

:shock: Unbelievable! :shock:

That is REALLY amazing!


Wow it look so complicated! It’s going to be gorgeous when you’re done!


It really is not as complicated as it looks. My daughter has already requested one in blue and a friend of mine asked for one in orange, I guess I will be making a few more of them before the end of the year.

That is AWESOME!!! Where did you find the pattern??

I found it in Zellers up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

:inlove: WOW! :heart: great job!!! :cheering: