One Of Two Currant Projects

Love that stitch pattern. You will have a work of art when you are finished.

Thanks everyone for all the lovely compliments on the afghan. I hope to have some pics up soon of one of the smaller panels that I have started for this afghan.

That is just so cool!

I am looking forward to when it is done. I have already fallen alseep under it as I have been knitting it, so now I want to sleep under it when it is finished.

It’s beautiful…what is the pattern called?

For those of you looking for the pattern. I found the stitch in a book called Knitting Counterpanes at my local library. Although Iam not sure how to go about joining those strips together, or if it would be easier to knit it as one big afghan.

WOW!!! That is beautiful…

It is called Shells and Scallops and it is by Red heart

You would just sew the panels together. It would be a lot heavier if you did it all in one piece, besides the are two panels that are smaller that go in between and they are done in the cable stitch.

Now that would make more sense. I was trying to picture what it would look like, I will have to play around with it and see about the cable strips. I want to use up some red heart that I have here, so it will work out well. Iam going to keep an eye for the booklet too.

The cable panel looks good with the other panel and I am looking forward to when it is done and I am able to put it all together. Well I purchased it at Zellers in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada, but you should be able to pick it up anywhere i am guessing