OK, so maybe the 97th cat wasn't such a good idea

I am so blown away by this. People actually lived in this house with 97 cats. :ick: Warning pretty gross. http://snap.tbo.com/pages/gallery.php?gallery=320952

ew- you gotta wonder about the thinking processes there… I’ve heard the phrase that “cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one” but this is a little excessive

Poor kitties! Raised in that environment, I bet they are pretty feral. Which means that most, if not all, will be put down.

That’s just awful!

Oh those poor, poor kitties! That is not healthy for any living thing even animals. Again I say “WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!”

poor kittahs. :cry:

I feel so bad for the cats. They had it on the news last night and I couldn’t watch. They said the people living in the house had mental problems. Well duh! Poor little things, my heart just breaks for them.

Don’t need a degree to figure that out. :rofl:

:ick: I love my cats, but :ick: That house will have to be burned down.

We had a similar case a couple of years ago–a hundred or so cats in a house. Only one of the kittens didn’t need to be put down due to severe illness. Such a shame.:pout:

I love cats too, and have 7. Um, maybe I’d better stop NOW. Every so often a needy thing arrives on our doorstep needing a home, and I have problems turning them down. However, I do get them fixed immediately.

I watch quite a bit of Animal Planet, and cases of ‘animal hoarding’ are always terribly sad. The peole really are mentally ill, thinking that they are doing the very best thing for the animal–I have to wonder if it’s a form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

It’s not at all unusual for every cat taken from a hoarder to have to be put down due to Feline Leukemia, parasites, you name it.

Poor things.

That is just so sad. Those poor cats, it’s just so unfair to them. Some of those pictures are a little eerie even, with all those eyes looking at you. I love cats, but that is just sad. I don’t even want to think about them all being put down.

My sister-in-law and her first husband thought they were doing a good deed by “rescuing” strays. They ended up with 17 cats and three dogs. Some of the cats were definitely feral and only were seen at feeding time. They owned this huge, beautiful house which was basically a cattery. In order to move from the the west coast to the east when her husband changed jobs, they had to rent a humongous RV that they filled with cages for the various animals. They could never take a vacation together or for that matter come back to this area together for funerals or family situations. If the authorities ever found out they would have been violating a zillion zoning codes and been ticketed.

Then one day she found out he was having an affair while she was cleaning cat litter and vacuuming pet hair. She divorced him, moved back to Michigan with the one cat she really loved. I think the rest went to a local shelter. Silly, but really stupid and sad.

Don’t get me wrong, I have 3 cats of my own that we love. But these are well-educated people who we thought were sane. Ya never know who’s on your family tree.

BTW, I didn’t watch the video; those things upset me too much. But, I can certainly imagine.

Oh. My.

I feel for the kitties. We have 8, and I can’t imagine them living in such squalid conditions. I had a friend who rescued who kept about 40-45 in her one-bedroom apartment, but she took great pains to keep everything clean. Yeah, you might sit on some cat hair (or a cat) when you were over, but you never stepped in crap or food, and her place didn’t smell horribly. (Some smell was to be expected-it’s not like they all poop at the same time.) I can’t imagine living in that house. If the rescuers had to go in in haz-mat suits…my eyes are watering thinking about it. I wonder how it was able to get to this level, and what prompted someone to finally do something about it.

This is why i’m the “mean” one around the house on everyone about cleaning up after the cats and finding a home for the one that stays in our basement (he’s male, the 5 upstairs are female, females aren’t fixed nor do i have the funds to get them fixed… and i’m not paying 100 bucks to fix a cat that i have no intention of keeping either). dh says i’m “mean” and that he “has no say” yet who cleans up after them? sure isn’t him!

Ummm, didn’t these people have family/friends, anyone who could have noticed something was wrong before things got to this point??? Mailman, UPS, anyone?? Poor kitties…

Stories like these always make me cry. Those poor cats didn’t choose that life. No one human or animal deserve to live in those kind of conditions. I really hope they can save some of the cats, it would be horrible if they couldn’t.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the story, but situations like this often occur when people start rescuing unwanted cats. Probably they couldn’t afford to fix the ones they had, and the problem cannonballed from there. As horrific as the pictures were, I believe that the initial culprits are the people who abandon their cats.

I didn’t look closely at the pictures, but it did strike me that the cats looked reasonably well fed, and so curious. Poor things, and I pity the people in the situation as well.

I looked up an actual article on the case, and from what I read, the three adults that lived in the house had a history of mental illness, so I would bet that the answer to your question is: a lot.

OK, my housecleanliness just went up about 1,000 nothces!! I have three cats and I have enough litterboxes, food dishes and dust buffalos to trip over. I can’t imagine having 94 more!! That just is weird. When your ability to keep up with the cleanliness of your home is beyond you because of how you have allowed your living conditions to become you NEED HELP! They aren’t joking about the Crazy part of Crazy Cat Woman!

Check around. Many vets offer low cost neutering services. I know it only costs around $35 to neuter a male cat. (I’ve done it twice in recent years) $35 is much cheaper than the $65 for the female neutering (one of the reason we love our little male kitties!) Call your local humane society or vet to ask about discounted neutering services.