Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


It looks awesome! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing!

Where did it go? (For the blog)


How is everyone doing? It looks like Susan should be getting a couple of blankets soon. :thumbsup:

Should we get another set of needles and start sending another one around? Are some of you getting antsy? (I am! :teehee: )


Put me down for the next blanket!!! I’ve been itching to use up scraps in a project like that.


I’m all for starting another one. I have an extra set of needles… just need inspiration for colors and/ or a name!!


Anyone else interested in signing up for a new blanket? Also, how are the other blankets coming along? :waving:


I’d love to work on another one! Even if we’re not able to adopt the animal the blanket goes to, at least we’re doing something to keep them warm and loved.


That’s how I think about it too, Mary. I actually started a new snuggle because I needed something mindless to knit but my daughter claimed it to put in her dogs kennel. I can start another one no problem. I have actually considered knitting up a couple myself to to take to the local shelter myself. Anyone else interested??


I apologize for not paying attention; I now see that none of our blankets have moved an inch since before Thanksgiving! :pout: It’s no wonder you are thinking you would be farther ahead working on your own. (To be honest, I’ve considered working on my own too, except that I enjoy getting the blankets in the mail.)

So, what do you all want to do? How much interest is there in keeping this going? :think:

It doesn’t work if everyone is not committed to sending the blankets on within a week or two; it’s hard to sign up for a project, no matter how small, if you can’t at least estimate when it may show up on your doorstep.

I have been slacking at poking people that are holding onto the blankets for too long and I am sorry for that.

If there is enough interest (and commitment), we can discuss what we want to do from here. :knitting:


I like being part of the group projects, too.There are undoubtedly more efficient ways to make pet blankets but this is fun and it ends up with more blankets than we would have without the group effort. Extra ones that you make on your own are all to the good so that works as well.
So, I’m firnly in favor of continuing. A time limit is a good idea. Two weeks would be fine with me but I’m interested in what everyone else has to say.
(btw: You can add me on to both projects if we decide to go forward.)


I’m doing snuggles on my own, but would love to keep doing the group projects too. It’s neat to get them in the mail and add your own touch to everyone else’s.


I, too, think the group projects are fun. It’s cool to see what everyone else has done when the blankets come in. But I agree that they should keep moving. I’ve been holding onto Blue Skies because I’ll have another snuggle coming in to donate as well, but am considering taking it in anyway. I will certainly let everyone know where it ends up.

I have Scrappy Snuggle ready to move on, and will be mailing it to Janis this weekend.


Please don’t send it on yet. I don’t that think that Janis the next knitter; I’ve been waiting for the signups to finish before I put out the list. She hasn’t had a chance to donate / start a blanket yet, and I’d like to make her last on that one, if she doesn’t mind. I don’t know yet who gets it after you.

(If you’ve already sent it, never mind. I should have said something earlier about not mailing out until signups are complete.)



Thanks for the replies! Keep them coming! :thumbsup:


I also do like doing these blankets as a group! It is for a good cause and hope this small group can continue. When I first join it was that you had 3 weeks to get the blanket done. Which I think is a good amount of time. As we all know things come up in our lives that we can’t help. If you are the next knitter and unable to take it let that person know or sakura-panda so it can be given to some who is free to do it. We can make this work!


I’ve also got a snuggle ready to go if there is enough interest. Just need to know where to send it!


I will wait to send it. I thought that she was next on the list, but you are right that the sign-ups are not complete. Thanks.


Still haven’t heard back from Kari or Kristin about the status of their blankets. :shrug: :sad:

In the meantime, I’ll close out signups for the blanket that Lizars1735 has started and she can send it to maryknitwit and Janis can donate it. Sound good? :thumbsup:


Today (Feb 21, 2014) is the 7th Anniversary for Oddball Charity Projects! :cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

I am celebrating by having a give-away on my Facebook page.

I’m giving away lots of knit/crochet books.

7th Anniversary Give-Away by Shandeh, on Flickr

If you want to enter the contest for free books, just go to my Facebook page, look for the post about the 7th Anniversary celebration, and “Like” it.
[B]Deadline to enter: Feb 22 at midnight[/B] (end of day)

Congratulations on 7 wonderful years, Oddball Knitters and Crocheters! :heart: :muah: :heart:


Shandeh, so nice of you to do this. Happy Aniversary Pet Snuggles!

Katie, sounds good to me. Many thanks for keeping us all on track.


Today, the full story of the Oddball Blankets is being shared on the Yarnspirations website! :slight_smile: