Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


That is so amazing!!! :heart:


Those blankets are amazing, Sandy! We’re so lucky to be a part of your vision – thanks for getting us started. :hug:


Thank YOU for keeping the dream alive, my friend!
All of you are amazing knitters and crocheters, and your continued dedication to the Oddball projects amazes me every day.


Scrappy snuggle is on its way to Mary.


And Scrappy Snuggie arrived today. I’ve already started, using a neon green and a black and white variegated. Looks very interesting.


Any word on the other blankets?



I have not had any response to PMs or emails. I don’t know what has happened to them. :pout: :sad:


Thank you for checking! They must be “resting” someplace.

You can go ahead and sign me up for the other blankets that you knitters for. I can do whatever you sign me up for.




Hi all. I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally donated Blue Skies. It went to Bridging the Worlds Animal Sanctuary (via the Critters and Me) in Santa Fe, NM


I don’t know what has happened to Sunrise Snuggie and Patriotic Pets; I have both PM’d and emailed and not gotten any responses back. It looks like Pumpkin Patch is with Patriotic Pets – although I did not inquire specifically about it – so I suppose that one is lost as well. :frowning:

Any news for Scrappy Snuggie?

What would you all like to do about TBD? Is there any interest in starting replacement blankets?


I’d be happy to get going on replacement snuggles. If Janis would like to start Scrappy, maybe we can encourage some others to join in or maybe we can double up on some sections?


I actually have 2 snuggles OTN here that I’d be happy to offer up as replacements. One is pastels and the other is earth tones.


I will take a spot on any blanket please!



Sorry, I haven’t been around much.

Let’s get our list of interested knitters. :slight_smile:

Mary Ann
Katie (me :))

Thanks for sticking with us! :thumbsup:

We have four snuggles out, three of them seeming to be MIA as I have gotten no response back from the knitters who have them. Maryknitwit has the fourth snuggle? And Janis has a fifth snuggle that I asked her to hold on to while we sorted out where we were.

(And then I sort of dropped off the face of the earth. :pout: Sorry about that!)

Janis, go ahead and send TBD to Mary Ann (salmonmac), then to me and then to Susan. If one of the four of us can do two sections (volunteer?), then Susan can go ahead and donate it and start the next one.

Since there are so few of us at the moment, we’ll go with just one blanket this time and see if that helps keep us from getting overwhelmed.

I’d also like to suggest a two week turnaround time for the blankets. If that is not possible and the blanket comes to you at a bad time, we can rearrange the order or put you on a later blanket, when it is more convenient for you. I think the long wait times between sections is what damaged our momentum.

Please let me know what you think! I’ve missed working on these projects and would love to see it get moving again! :knitting:


:heart: Thanks Katie!
I do agree with you on all what you said. Two weeks is a good turn around time. Also one at a time for a blanket seems reasonable until we see how it goes.

Thanks again for sticking with this charity!


Thanks Katie! I’ll message Salmonmac for her address and get TBD in the mail by Monday. :grphug:


That all sounds good to me. Thanks Katie for checking up on the snuggles.
I’ll be happy to do two sections on the TBD snuggle Janis is sending and then forward to Katie. (My kitchen is undergoing a facelift and so if I can’t be cooking, I’ve extra knitting time.)
Janis, I sent my address to you this morning.


Sunrise Snuggie lives!!

I am soooo sorry. I thought I had mailed it but I swapped a bedroom and my craft room before the holidays and the package got put in a box instead of the mail and I just found it (since I thought I had mailed it, I nearly died when I realized I hadn’t). I haven’t knitted much in the past few months so I wasn’t even logging in here so I was missing the posts on it being MIA. Totally flaking out isn’t like me so I apologize!!!

I’ve messaged Susan to make sure she is ready for it and this time I will get it the right box, the mail box that is!!!



By the way, I’ve picked up my knitting needles again and if you give me a second chance, I’d love to help on the blankets! I promise, I’ll check in more often for now on (and make sure the blanket gets in the mailbox on time! :slight_smile:

I like the idea of a 2 week turnaround too. For me, it gives me a deadline and that’s what I need :slight_smile:


Terrific news! Thanks, kdodge.