Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


Awesome! Glad to have you back. :waving:

Mary Ann offered to knit two sections on the blanket we have going around – maybe she can knit just one section and send the blanket to you for the next one. Does that sound good to both of you? So it would look like this:

(Did it ever get a name? :?? )

  1. Janis / Woofens
  2. Mary Ann / salmonmac
  3. Kari / kdodge
  4. Katie / sakura-panda
  5. Susan / susauehl

Let me know what you all think.


Sounds good to me. I’ll take that spot in the no-name blanket :slight_smile: I won’t be available until after May 26th though so if by chance it gets to my name before then, maybe I can switch places with the #4 person.

By the way, I saw Susan’s note from a couple of weeks ago that she could help on any blanket going around so I didn’t wait for her to reply saying she was ready, I just went ahead and mailed Sunrise Snuggie so it is on the way to her. She should get it next week.


TBD went out in today’s mail. I am moving tomorrow and will have limited internet access after tomorrow so I’ve asked Salmonmac to email me when she receives it. I’ll check in as I can



Well, it went out in today’s mail nameless lol. I was thinking something about earth tones or the desert for the name… It’s shades of brown with a bit of blue right now. I never thought to take a picture.


Glad to hear you are back!! I will be looking for the blanket and let you know when it arrives!



Sounds perfect!
I should finish before May 26, so I’ll send it on to Sakura. Good to have these two blankets on the move again.


Thanks, Janis. The no name snuggle arrived safely today. It’s lovely colors and I can’t wait to get to work.


How do I get involved in this? We saved both our dogs from the spca and anything I can do to help means everything to us.
Felicia Foster


I sent you a PM. Welcome! :waving:

We have one blanket going around at the moment that is nearly complete (and three that are MIA :pout:); signups for the next blanket should be starting soon (most likely after the fourth section is finished). :thumbsup:





I received the TBN (“To Be Named”) snuggle this weekend and I can’t wait to work on it! It’s so pretty! I have a couple of ideas for what color I’m going to use, and when I figure it out, I’ll go ahead and name it since I really want to call it something else! :roflhard:




  1. Janis / Woofens
  2. Mary Ann / salmonmac
  3. Katie / satura-panda [I]<-- currently knitting[/I] :knitting:
  4. Kari / kdodge8
  5. Susan / susauehl


Can’t wait!! Would love to see a pic of it now!


I received [B]Summer Snuggle[/B] over the weekend. Thanks for the gift!
Will start on it soon!

Susan:heart: :knitting:


I bought a skein of yarn yesterday and have paired it up with one out of my stash (I use these blankets as an excuse to buy yarn. :teehee: ) I only have a few rows done; my method of finding the center of a skein is to pull out a chunk of yarn and then find the end in that, so I knit just enough rows to use up that bit I took out.

I was so tired last night that I don’t even remember what I did to put it away. I vaguely remember stuffing it all into a bag that wasn’t big enough, so I’ll probably find the yarn and needles all tangled together when I dig it back out. I should have waited until tonight to start it, but I was so excited to be working on it again that I couldn’t help myself.


“Muddy Paws” is ready to go out. :slight_smile:


Love the name! Muddy Paws looks great!


“Muddy Paws” - Love the name!!!

Welcome Felicia!


Muddy Paws looks fantastic and the name is perfect. Good to see it making the rounds of Snuggle knitters. Many thanks for the photo.



I am still sitting on [B]Muddy Paws[/B] but it should be in the mail tomorrow. :blush: