Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


I received Muddy Paws today! Thank you for the mints (they are my favorite!!! I love those mints!!)

I hope my color choice for muddy paws ends up being ok :slight_smile: I was going to go with dark brown and light tan but that would have been two dark browns together so I went with the light tan and an avocado green (there is a little green in the first 5 inches so I figure I would pull that in :slight_smile: It might end up looking a little weird but I never figure that out until it is too late to undo it all. I guess the dogs won’t care :slight_smile:


By the way… Future Blanket theme ideas…
School colors or favorite team. Could be school colors AND favorite team (2 different blankets). School colors could be your old high school or college colors, your kids school colors, etc. Favorite team could be your favorite sports team or any team for that matter (could be your significant other’s favorite sports team, the one he watches while you knit :). Since most schools and sports teams have two colors, it would be perfect for us :slight_smile:



I have pm you for your address Sunrise snuggle is ready to go!!



[B]Sunrise Snuggle[/B] was sent to Felicity36 ETA 6/17/14

Welcome and enjoy working on the blanket!

Susan:heart: :knitting:


How is everyone doing? Are we ready to start a round of signups for a new blanket? :knitting:


Sure I am ready anytime!



Yes please :woohoo:


Count me in!


I’m ready too (for a new blanket).

And Muddy Paws is on the way to Susan.


Yay! I’ll start! :knitting:

I’ve lost my donation tracking spreadsheet; I think I have it on one of my cloud storage sites, but I can’t access them from work anymore and can’t check to see who has donated recently. The order might change when I track that down, but tentatively:


  1. Katie/sakurapanda [I]<- Currently knitting[/I]
  2. Susan/susauehl
  3. Janis/Woofens
  4. Mary Ann/salmonmac
  5. Kari/kdodge8


Muddy Paws arrived today. Now to decide what color to use. I will try and post a picture when it is done. But it won’t be for a couple of weeks!

Happy early 4th of July!



I’ve started a new snuggle, but for the most part, it’s just sitting there. I look at it now and then and think I should finish it – it has about two inches completed. :blush: I took it with me to the fireworks on the 4th and haven’t picked it up since.

I’ve been working on decluttering instead of hobbying. I’ll get back to it this week! It won’t take long to finish, if I can just keep working on it.


Was wondering how all the blankets are coming along. I finished Muddy Paws and making another one to take to a shelter. My computer isn’t working very well so I don’t know if I will be able to post a photo! :frowning:

Did you want another blanket started yet or do you want me to wait?



Susan - feel free to text me a picture of Muddy Paws (I’ll send my cell phone # in a PM) and I can try to post it.

I saw that I might be last on the next snuggle that goes around so I am also working on one to take to a shelter along with the group snuggle. I figure if I start now I would have it ready for when the group blanket gets to me :slight_smile:

I’m ready for a group snuggle whenever everyone else is.


Okay, I found my list and it turns out to be complete. I thought that since the last snuggle recorded was from May 2013 that it was an old list, but a quick review of the thread show me there hasn’t been a completed, donated blanket since then. (There was one completed, Blue Skies, but I couldn’t find a note that it had been donated, so I hadn’t moved it to my “donated” list.)

I’m going to leave the TBD list in the original order:

  1. Katie/sakurapanda <- Currently knitting
  2. Susan/susauehl
  3. Janis/Woofens
  4. Mary Ann/salmonmac
  5. Kari/kdodge8

I’m also going to call it “Morning Meadow”; it is light grey/silver and olive/grass green. (That is, it is light grey and olive green but I prefer to think of it as silver and grass green – like dew on grass. LOL) I am only a couple of rows from the end; I’ve been putting it off because I hadn’t decided where it was going next. I should be able to wrap it up either tonight or tomorrow.

Susan – I added Muddy Paws to the “donated” list; thanks! Feel free to start another one and I can put up a sign up list for it.


Thanks for the update. Please add me in anywhere on the new list. I’m ready to knit!


I finished my section of the new blanket! :knitting:

Susan – do you still want it? Are you ready for it? :thumbsup:


I am ready! And I will let you know when I start the next one!

Thank you!


You can add me anywhere on the new list too.

I’m excited to be last on Morning Meadow. My dog Tally came from Austin Pets Alive and that’s where I plan on donating. :woohoo: