Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


I’m trying to upload a picture of Muddy Paws. Lets see if this works.




Hi Everyone,

So I was reading past posts for name of blankets and thought I would go with [B]College Years[/B]. I will start this one with blue and orange which is for Boise State University, the college my husband graduated from.
Hope to start it this weekend, so it will be ready to go!

Have a great weekend everyone!:hug:


That sounds like fun!


College Years - LOVE IT!

When it gets to me, I’ll add green/gold (really green/yellow) for Baylor University where my daughter is currently going to school.


College Years sounds like fun! My college colors were blue and gold, same as my high school. :teehee:

Gratuitous graduation photo :roflhard:


Blue and Gold was my first high school’s colors. Then I moved to a small town and the rival high school’s colors were blue and gold. I couldn’t wear those colors anymore :slight_smile: lol

Cute pic of your kiddos!!!


What an adorable graduate! Congrats all around. I love the photo.


Love the photo!


Thanks; my youngest graduated from Young 5s this year and he starts Kindergarten in the fall. :pout:

Let’s see if this works – presenting Muddy Paws! :yay:

Susan – you always donate to the same place, right? The Humane Society in Boise?


Hey all! Muddy paws looks awesome. I’m glad to see it done! College years is a great idea. I’ll do red and silver, Ohio state colors. I haven’t been checking the forums much, but I am still here. The best way to get in touch with me is to email me directly. I don’t always get an email about a PM or posts to the thread.



How does this look?

Morning Meadow

  1. Katie/sakurapanda
  2. Susan/susauehl
  3. Janis/Woofens
  4. Mary Ann/salmonmac
  5. Kari/kdodge8

College Years:

  1. Susan/susauehl
  2. Mary Anne/salmonmac
  3. Katie/sakurapanda
  4. Janis/Woofens
  5. Kari/kdodge8

Kari – I have down that you have never donated a snuggle – is that true? I put you on the end, but if you prefer, I’ll move you to one of the middle sections.


Looks good to me!!


I usually do, but might try a different one this time. I will let you know! Thank you for doing this!!!


Great to see Muddy Paws and the different stripes from all over the country. It looks wonderful.
The list for the next two sounds good to me. I’m looking forward to seeing them develop.


I haven’t donated a snuggle yet. :slight_smile: I’ll be excited to do so!!

I’ve also started a blanket. (I wanted to donate a set of knitting needles to replace those that are MIA and Katie and I emailed and I just went ahead and started a blanket.) So, we’ll have a 3rd one to send around as well. I’m using a dark blue and coral-ish color together. I have no idea what to name the blanket.

Anyway, if you want to put together one more list. It will probably be 2-3 weeks before I’m ready to send it off. I’m traveling a few days this week and won’t have time to work on it. If I need to hang on to it and wait for the other two to make it through a couple of people, I can do that as well.


Lists are fun! :roflhard:

Let’s see:


  1. Kari/kdodge8 [I]<-- Currently Knitting[/I]
  2. Janice/Woofens
  3. Susan/susauehl
  4. Mary Ann/salmonmac
  5. Katie/sakurapanda

I just noticed I have Kari donating both of the other blankets and one of those was supposed to be Mary Ann. :doh: I’m going to switch them on Morning Meadow; let me know if that doesn’t work.

Morning Meadow

  1. Katie/sakurapanda
  2. Susan/susauehl [I] <-- Currently Knitting[/I]
  3. Janis/Woofens
  4. Kari/kdodge8
  5. Mary Ann/salmonmac

College Years:

  1. Susan/susauehl [I]<-- Currently Knitting[/I]
  2. Mary Anne/salmonmac
  3. Katie/sakurapanda
  4. Janis/Woofens
  5. Kari/kdodge8

I am very poorly trying to keep blankets from piling up on one knitter, but I think it will get better as we go along. I imagine that three at once are good for now (especially since I’m still hoping the lost blankets turn up.)

These lists are fluid – if something comes up and you can work the part I’ve assigned you, please let me know! :thumbsup:


Those lists look good to me.

My only issue is some work travels I have in September. If Morning Meadow shows up around that time, I might be delayed it getting it to Mary Ann but I’ll post and keep everyone updated. Since I’m 4th on that list, it might not get to me until after I get back from traveling anyway.


Lists look good to me too. Thanks for managing them. I’m happy to exchange places if it helps.


Morning Meadows arrived yesterday! Have started working on it today. Then my plan is to get College years done so I can get them both sent off!