Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


Glad to hear it arrived safely!

I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it, so here is a picture of the yarn that was leftover. :teehee:


Just got a PM from Susan, I’m next for Morning Meadows. I can’t wait to work on another snuggle!!
Hugs to all!


[B]Moring Meadow[/B] mailed out today to Janis. ETA 8/14/14




[B]College Years[/B] mailed out today to Mary Anne. ETA 8/14/14



Many thanks, Susan. I’ll be looking for it.


Thanks for the update, Susan! :thumbsup:


Morning Meadows is done and ready to go to the next person. I’ll mail it next Wednesday. Pictures soon.


I have TBD ready as well. Janis, I’ll email you for your address.


I have Morning Meadow and TBD is on the way to Janis.


Thanks for the updates! :knitting:

Also, TBD is a pretty sad name. LOL


College Years is ready to be mailed to Kari, and I have TBD here now :slight_smile:


I have Morning Meadow and a beauty it is. Lovely work. I’ll finish it up and take a photo.


A photo of Morning Meadow taken in my morning backyard. I’ll donate it this coming weekend to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Thank you all, very nice work all around!


How is everyone doing? :waving: :knitting:


College years leaves Monday to go on to the next knitter, and I’ve finally decided on colors for TBD. It should also leave my house this week. Sorry for the delay!


I have a set of needles at the ready for another Pet Snuggle, maybe a winter theme?


I think I am next so I will be looking for it!



Sure! :thumbsup:

TBD #2:

  1. Mary Ann/salmonmac


I’ll bet if it had a name, you’d have picked the colors sooner. :teehee: :roflhard:

Thanks for the update! :knitting:


I finally got [B]Muddy Paws [/B]delivered! I also made another one to take. This time I took them to the vet. I take my cats to called Companions. They were delighted to receive them!! They can use them in their kennels and after a pet a has surgery “to wake up on a soft blanket”.

Susan:heart: :knitting: