Oddball Pet Snuggles - Cotton or Acrylic Yarn


Just wanted to let everyone know that Blueberry Chocolate has been completed and donated to the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA here in San Mateo, CA. I think it turned out beautifully. I’ve attached a photo of it here.

I’ve also started a new snuggle inspired by the area in which I grew up (near Saratoga Springs, NY where thoroughbred racing is king) and the fact that it’s Triple Crown season. I’m calling it “Horsing Around”, and I started it with 2 different browns. I think this one could be really flexible – obviously we could use browns, greys, whites, black, etc to represent horses, but also any bright colors could be used to represent the silks, green for the turf, red for the Derby roses, black & yellow for Preakness Black-eyed Susans, white for the Belmont Stakes carnations, etc, etc. I’m planning on finishing my section this weekend if anyone’s ready to sign on for the next section. I’ll post a pic before I send it on…And hopefully next Saturday we’ll be watching “I’ll Have Another” become our first Triple Crown Winner in over 30 years!!! I mean, you can’t beat that name :wink:


What a great looking blanket! Thanks so much for finishing and sharing! :inlove:

I love your idea for a new blanket too. :thumbsup:

Who else would like to work on this new blanket? :knitting:

[B]Horsing Around[/B]

  1. calimama[I] (<-- Currently knitting)[/I]

I bought my yarn for Dragonfly yesterday and hope to get started on it this week. This is the last week of school and DD’s dance recital rehearsal/performances are Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (plus swim class tonight and soccer on Saturday – that’s just her, although this week she has more going on than the boys do), so I don’t think I’ll get much done this week but I’m excited to work on one of these again.


  1. cheley
  2. ZoseyPosey
  3. Susan/susauehl
  4. Katie/sakura-panda[I] (<-- Currently knitting)[/I]
  5. cheley

[B]Spring Break[/B]

  1. Susan/susauehl
  2. ZoseyPosey
  3. calimama
  4. Elizabeth/bugsyblacklab[I] (<-- Currently knitting)[/I]
  5. Moonbunny


I would like to sign up for Horsing Around please.Love the name!



I’ll join in on Horsing Around. :thumbsup:


Awesome! :thumbsup:

[B]Horsing Around[/B]

  1. calimama[I] (<-- Currently knitting)[/I]
  2. Susan/susauehl
  3. ZoseyPosey

We could use two more knitters to round out Horsing Around. :knitting:


Sorry I have been so slow about posting a picture of [B]Spring Break[/B]. :oops: Haven’t had my act together lately, but here it is. :doh:

I used [B]RH TLC Essentials [/B]in color[I] Lt. Celery [/I]and [B]Hobby Lobby ILTY [/B]in [I]Sherbet Stripes [/I]for my section. It reminds me of wildflowers-in-the-grass which is what I think of in the spring.
[B]Spring Break [/B]as moved on to Moonbunny’s house for the next section. :hug:

Elizabeth aka bugsyblacklab :knitting:


It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:


Horsing Around came the other day. Thank you for the gift!!
It is really to trot off to the next person, so whoever it is please pm your address and I will get it off to you on Monday. I did my section in yellow and black to go with the Blackeyed Susan flowers. Will try to post a photo before I mail it off!



That’s me! I’ll pm you my address now. :slight_smile:


I wanted to put Zosey last so that she could donate, but we don’t have enough knitters to do that. :pout:

Thanks for keeping it going. :thumbsup:

Looking for a couple more volunteers! :knitting:

[B]Horsing Around[/B]

  1. calimama
  2. Susan/susauehl (<-- Currently knitting)
  3. ZoseyPosey


Ooops - sorry! I didn’t know that was the plan. On that note, I do need to check and see which local organizations are participating in the snuggles project…

I don’t mind doing another section while I have it if there ends up being a need for it. Just let me know! :slight_smile:


Oh, it’s not a big deal – I’d rather send it to you to work on now than to have you wait for more knitters to finish up in the middle.


Horsing Around sent out today to Kathleen. DC 0312 0860 0000 9432 4118. ETA Friday 6/22/12. Tried to take a photo but the color did not turn out well!


Susan :heart:


Thanks for the update! :thumbsup:


I would be happy to work on Horsing Around, it may be a bit before I can work on it, though. Put me in whatever spot works out best for you.


Horsing Around arrived safe and sound on Friday - thanks for the goodies Susan. :slight_smile: I haven’t had a chance to start on it yet…hopefully tomorrow!!


Thanks, Moonbunny! I’m happy to put you down! :yay:

[B]Horsing Around[/B]

  1. calimama
  2. Susan/susauehl
  3. ZoseyPosey[I] (<-- Currently knitting)[/I]
  4. Moonbunny

We have a spot for one more knitter. :knitting:

Thanks for the update! :thumbsup:


Horsing Around will be ready to trot along to the next knitter on Thursday. :thumbsup: I believe moonbunny is next? Can you pm me your address?


Hi all, just checking in…been on Vacation, where’s “Dragonfly”:aww:


Will do!