Oddball Pet Snuggles - Cotton or Acrylic Yarn


Dragonfly was mailed out today…It can always come back too me to finish and donate…:heart:


[B]Spring Break[/B] arrived yesterday. :woot: Thank you for the scented soap–smells wonderful! :hug: I am going to have to go stash-diving on this one–I haven’t got a clue what colors I am going to use. :shrug: I’ll have to see what catches my eye. :thumbsup:

Elizabeth :knitting:


Dragonfly arrived on Wednesday…thanks for the bookmarks. :slight_smile: I should have some time to sit with it this weekend.


How is “Dragonfly” going?..Just checkin in…


I just sent it along to susauehl today. I don’t have flicker or photobucket so no pictures but, its done in a bright aqua color paired with a purple/pink/yellow multi.


Sounds beautiful! Thanks for the update!

We are still looking for volunteers to finish off [B]Dragonfly[/B]! :knitting:


  1. cheley
  2. ZoseyPosey
  3. Susan/susauehl [I](<-- Currently knitting)[/I]


Dragonfly came today! Thank you for the gifts! Now trying to decide what color to use. Thinking of something with tan or black in it!



Yes…something tan or black in it…and plz post pics :muah:


Dragonfly is ready to move on! Who is next? Will post a picture in a couple of days.



You can send it to me, Susan. :slight_smile: Do you need my address?

Does anyone want the last spot on [B]Dragonfly[/B]?


  1. cheley
  2. ZoseyPosey
  3. Susan/susauehl[I] (<-- Currently knitting)[/I]
  4. Katie/sakura-panda


Yes please. I usually don’t keep them.

Thank you!



Dragonfly on its way to Katie. ETA 5/29/12 DC 0312 0860 0000 9432 1711.

Everyone have a great weekend! I will try to get a photo posted if I can figure it out again.:???:

Susan:heart: :knitting:


Thanks! :yay:

There are two ways to post a photo.

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Thank you! I love to photo you posted! What are you making?



I used a tan color with flecks of black and Simply Soft paints called Harlequin.



Looks great, Susan! I’m looking forward to working on it. I’d better pick out my yarn this weekend while it’s on sale somewhere! (I can’t remember if it’s J’s or M’s that has all their yarn on sale for the holiday weekend. :thumbsup: )

That picture is the start of the throw that I am making for my dad. I’m doing two strands, both Vanna’s Choice, in Taupe and in Autumn Print. I liked the way the two colors look together! Now that I’m working on it, I wish I’d stuck with the cotton colors that gave me the idea, but I was too cheap/impatient to buy the extra yarn I needed and these two were already in my stash. :think: The colors are kind of warm and make me feel warm when I’m working on it! :teehee:


OMG…my “baby” looks fabulous…great job, guys…plz give it a good home. and don’t forget, I will gladly finish and donate here if no one does…and keep me on for any other xxxxxoooo


Spring Break/Spring Fever arrived today. Thank you for the cute journal, will be very useful! As soon as I finish it up I will start a new one with the needles if that is okay. I’ll take a pic before I donate it! It’s looking great!


Please do both! When you’re ready and you have a name to suggest, I’ll post a sign-up list. Thanks! :thumbsup:

I think Dragonfly arrived yesterday; we got home late and I didn’t get a chance to open it. :blush:

Cheley – it looks like Dragonfly will be coming back to you when I’m done. :knitting:


Awesome! I will be waiting for it…