Oddball Pet Snuggles - Cotton or Acrylic Yarn


I just finished it over the weekend and it’s ready to be photographed, packed up, and sent out. :thumbsup:


Horsing Around came in the mail! It looks great and thanks for the cute coasters!


If you still need another knitter on Horsing Around, my daughter said she would be happy to knit a section.


That would be great! :thumbsup: Thanks!



I used Vanna’s Choice in Eggplant and Purple Print.

It’s ready to move on! Just waiting on address confirmation. :slight_smile:

How is everyone else doing? :waving:


It looks great!!!


…Dragonfly looks awesome…it’s all the colors I imagined when I started it…Yep, it comes back too me!!!


Received Dragonfly today…it is more than I imagined, very beautiful and the workmanship is so wonderful, Sak, thanks for the notes and emery boards, so thoughtful…I am working on my laptop today (PC caught a maaaajor virus:waah: :waah: ) so I will have my new “baby” Gizmo model the blanket and post pics when I can…Thanks too all :heart:


I just mailed out Dragonfly on Saturday, about 20 minutes before the post office closed! I even used the little machine with the drop box instead of standing in line at the counter. I knew it would get to you quickly, but I didn’t expect it to be practically next day! Wow! :yay:

(It was not my usual post office, but a bigger, busier one that is open late on Saturday. I’ll have to remember that for next time. :happydance: )

I hope you get your PC back to normal soon – I can’t wait to see what the blanket is going to look like! :thumbsup:


I have the needles from Spring Break/Fever. Would you like me to start a new blanket?


Yes, please do. :yay:

Also, do you have a photo of the finished blanket to share? :thumbsup:



I don’t have one downloaded from camera yet. I’ll post one in the next couple of days.

I’ll start [B]Puppy Purplepalooza[/B] in lilac and white together. I was thinking any shade of purple/purpleish colors.


Sounds great! I’ll start a list. :knitting:

[B]Puppy Purplepalooza[/B] (shades of purple)

  1. Moonbunny


I would like to be added to Puppy Purplepalooza please. Purple is my favorite color!



So I updated the blog with all of the finished photos that I could find throughout the thread since the “reboot” last August. Let me know if you think I’ve missed something!

The next thing I need to do is go through and tally the ones that are being worked on now and update my list. (I’ve let that slip.)

On the sidebar is a list of knitters that have worked on these Oddball Pet Snuggles. If you would like to have your blog/website linked up, let me know and I’ll add those links when I update that list.


Looks great!! Thank you!


If you are ready, the blanket should be ready to mail out by Wednesday.


I’ll join on Puppy Purplepalooza. Cute name. :rofl:


Two more knitters needed! :knitting:

[B]Puppy Purplepalooza[/B] (shades of purple)

  1. Moonbunny
  2. Susan/susauehl
  3. ZoseyPosey


Great I will pm you my address.