Oddball Blanket #4 is COMPLETE!


Thank you, Suzie! Good luck with your new responsibilities!

Our next knitter is losnana in Virginia! :slight_smile:


Oddball Blanket # 4 arrived in Virginia today.


Wonderful! :slight_smile:
Enjoy your time with the blanket. :hug:

Just to let you know, we have a really cool pinch knitter for our blanket after you.

Amy will be working on it! :woohoo:


I finally got a picture of Blanket # 4 that is not all glare!!:yay: :yay: :yay:
Suzie also sent a ball of Sockotta yarn and some yummy dusting powder. Thanks, Suzie.

OOPS!! I forgot to rotate the pix. Sorry.


Oh great I am so glad it got there!!!
If you are not a sock knitter - then you will have to learn!!! :woot:


Oddball Blanket # 4 left Virginia today. It is on an exciting trip to out fearless leader AMY!!! What a lucky blanket!!

I have the confirmation number if needed.


I received the Oddball blanket #4 on Saturday. Not sure what I’m doing with it yet, but wanted you all to know that it made it safe and sound.


Yay! :cheering:
I’m so glad the blanket made it to your house! :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy knitting on our blanket.

Is there a way that you could post a photo of the blanket for us?


I am posting this for Kellee she is having computer issues


Yay! Thank you onb4050. :hug:

Is Kelly finished knitting her section? If so, I’ll get to work on the next knitter.


Haven’t done my section yet. I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m ready to pass it on.


Thanks Kelly. You still have a week and a half left.

The next knitter is ready whenever you finish! (DeAnzaJig)


I am finished now and will be sending this out on Saturday.


Great! I think I already gave you DeAnzaJig’s address. Let me know if I didn’t.


:cheering: I’m looking forward to receiving it!


Will be shipping this out tomorrow morning. I post the confirmation once I have it.


Here’s the confirmation # 0306 0320 0000 2714 3904.


The blanket arrived today!!!:cheering:

Kelly, thank you SO MUCH for the cute stitch markers and the note! I :heart: them! My other stitch markers are just those boring plastic circles. I’m so impressed you made them yourself.

I just wanted to check in and let everyone know it arrived safely. I can’t believe how big it is. It’s going to take a little ride with me to my knitting group tomorrow night.

I’ll post pictures soon!


Yay! Another safe journey! :cheering:



I’m finished with my part and have attached a picture of the blanket. I added the 1/3 Adidas stripe at the top. :lol:

Sandy, could you please send me the next knitter’s info, as I’m ready to ship!