Oddball Blanket #4 is COMPLETE!


Any news on when the blanket might head my way?


I know that my two weeks are up but it might be a couple of more days i am unable to get to the post office due to weather as soon as i can go hopefully tomorrow maybe thurs I will let everyone know I am sorry that I cant get it there any sooner but the weather is sure crazy where i am


Thanks for letting us know, my friend! :hug:

I hope the weather clears for you soon. In the meantime, you can bundle up and knit for a while! :slight_smile:


Its in the mail. Hope it gets to you safely!!!


I got it in the mail yesterday! I even started knitting on it last night lol. I just couldn’t wait to start I guess.


Yay! I hope you enjoy your time with the blanket. :muah:


Monzogary, I haven’t heard from kitkat. Did you mail the blanket to her?

By the way everyone, I have just added a new knitter to our blanket.
Say welcome to [B]kellee0302[/B]! :slight_smile:


Maybe it will be at my desk on Monday!!!


We’ll just have to keep our hopes up, my friend. I did hear from monzogary, and the blanket will be on its way to you this week!


Sorry for the delay all! There was a little mix-up about when I was to send it, but it went out today Priority Mail, so should be in Ohio in a couple days. In the meantime, here are some pics I shot of it!

The whole blanket

All the sections closer up, from bottom to top

And the two sections I added

I had a good time knitting on the blanket, it really made me feel good. Many thanks to Shandeh for all her work with the Oddball projects!


Our blanket looks great! :woohoo:


What yarns have you all used? It is coming my way next…


Its here its here! I haven’t opened yet but package is in good shape (not mutiliated or destroyed or anything :slight_smile:

Now - I have to be honest - I probably won’t touch this until after the 15th (I am a CPA so things are crazed here). I will try to make my deadline though!
I am so glad that Mary posted pictures because I am dying to rip into it!


Just make sure you open the package before then! LOL You have much more self-control than I, that’s for sure. I had to open the box within minutes of getting it!
I’m so glad it got there fast and in one piece.


I broke down and opened it and paraded it around the office. All of my pre-April 15th-stressed out coworkers thought I was nuts.


You’re not nuts. You’re just “knitty”. :teehee:


How’s the blanket coming? :knitting:


I was just going to ask the same thing! Can’t wait to see the progress!!


Kitkat has completed her section, and I am busy trying to get the next knitter ready. The first person I tried to reach did not respond, so she must not be participating in the forum anymore.

So, I’m moving on to the next person. Wish me luck! :thumbsup:

Most of our knitters signed up over a year ago, so this happens sometimes. :wink: I’m giving them 4 days to respond. After that, I move onto the next person.


It is on its way - sorry I did not get a picture taken - we have acquired a new family member who needs alot of love - she is a senior who lived with a gentleman who was blind - so she was with him 24/7. We are all adjusting. My co-worker did not feel able to keep her - and was uncomfortable with her going to strangers. Her ideal situation would be someone who is home during the day so hopefully she can adapt because I work - but I do have Cooper to be here with her.

Anyway - hopefully we will have good news on blanket soon!