Oddball Blanket #4 is COMPLETE!


Excellent! Let me check with the next knitter, and I’ll let you know if they are ready.


MommaG, I just heard from ElenTikvah, and she is ready for the blanket! :slight_smile:

I just sent you a private message with the details.


Sorry things have been crazy around here and I didn’t have a chance to mail it out yet. Please forgive me. I will mail it out on Tuesday it is all packed up and ready to go just need to get to the mail box. I have been so busy that I haven’t even been on here all week. first my car breaks down so Iahve to bus it everywhere then my kids get sick, I get sick. Uhhh it’s been one of those years for me never mind weeks.i will be glad when this year is over and hopefully next year will be a better one for me. But I will get it out this week I absolutly promise that.


I can certainly understand weeks like that…so no worries, on my account…I look forward to seeing it when it gets here!


You are forgiven.


Guess what? I finally got it in the mail. It went out today and the lady at the post office was kinda rude and very unhelpful. she wouldn’t tell me how long it would take and she did tell me that we can not track it because of it going accross the border. But it is on it’s way.


Thanks, Momma G! :hug:


ElenTikvah, have you seen the blanket yet?


Not yet…but with the holiday, it may take an extra day or two…I’ll update the thread as soon as I see it! :slight_smile:


It took just over a week to get to me so it may take around that to get there.


I still haven’t seen the blanket…but we are in the middle of the Midwest area of winter storms…so maybe that has delayed it getting here… shrugs


All of our Oddball Project packages from Canada have taken FOREVER to get here. We’ll just keep waiting and hoping. :pray:


And yet to have stuff come up here it only took a little over a week to get here both for the blanket and a swap I was in. Things that make you go hmmmmm…:think: :hmm:




It’s finally here! It arrived yesterday…the box was smaller than I expected…and the needles were COLD! shivers …but it’s here safe and sound! :cheering:


PS. Thanks MommaG for the chocolate! :happydance:


:woot: :woot: I am so glad it got there. That was the only box I could find in my house I was impressed I managed to get it crammed in there. I was concerned the box might pop open in shipping I had it crammed so full. But so glad it got there.:woot: :woot:
:cheering: :cheering: :woohoo: :woohoo: :cheering: :cheering:


Yay! :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:


this sounds like a great idea.
I’d love to be on the list. Does it cost much to mail it out,after you finish your strip?


Hi photolady! :waving:

I think the postage ranges from 5 to 10 dollars, depending on how much the package weighs, and where it’s going. Some people add lots of extra goodies to their package, so it ends up weighing more. :wink:

Also, we always add delivery confirmation when sending the packages now, because we have had a couple of our projects get lost in the mail. Since we’ve started doing delivery confirmation, we’ve never lost a package. :thumbsup:


How are things going with the blanket?