Oddball Blanket #4 is COMPLETE!


Thank you! I’m so excited to be part of this!


i’m done and ready to mail!
I’ll post a photo tomorrow :slight_smile:


Excellent!!! :happydance:


Yeah I get the blanket next Woohoo


I just LOVE happy Oddball Knitters! cloud9


here is a photo of our blanket! REVS didi the green stripe, and then i finished my autumn stripe :slight_smile:


I gotta figure out what color I am going to use. I figure I have a week or so before it will get to me (having to cross the border. Hopefully it wont turn into a monkey or something)HMMM…



The blanket is BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart: :inlove: :heart:


Have you seen the blanket yet, MommaG? :pray:


Not yet. She said she sent it on Monday so it should be here anytime.


I got home from work today and sitting beside my knitting chair was a box from the USPS. the blanket arrived today in Canada and it made it just fine. I get paid Friday and need to go shopping this weekend so I will pick up some yarn to go with the blanket. And Jeanius thank you for the Chocolates I will have to hide them from my family and babysitter or I wont get any.


Yay!! It didn’t turn into a singing monkey! :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

I hope you enjoy your time with the blanket, my friend. :hug:


Its getting closer to me, yet still so far away LOL.


I got my yarn for the blanket yesterday. I got Phentex dynasty. It is a worsted weight made in Canada. The color is listed as Secret Garden. It is a multi colored yarn that I think matches well. It has the same color as Jeanius used and some blues as well as grey. I will post a pic when I get it knitted. And I get paid when my two weeks is up so I will be able to pass it on easily.


Yay! :happydance: Let me know if the postage is too high.
We’ll figure it out somehow. :wink:


yay! i am so glad it made it safe! Those are my favorite chocolates :wink: I have a giant bucket of them (dh does deliveries to their warehouse sometimes) YUMM-O!


How’s the blanket going MommaG?


It’s going good. Already done two inches. It’s been a busy weekend so haven’t done much, but I will be done my part when my two weeks is up but I wont be able to mail it out till Friday as that is payday.


Thanks for the update! :wink:


I am done with my section. Shandeh if you pm me the address of the next knitter I will pass it on right away.