Oddball Blanket #4 is COMPLETE!


Thanks for finishing up before you left the country!


i’m ready! have a great trip! that would have been great to meet up… jhelanee and i did that with #1…looking forward to the blanket :woot:


Oh, I’m glad you’re ready, jeanius! :yay:
Have fun with the blanket and maybe we can meet after I’m back. We’re not that far apart!

I’ll send it today or ask DH to mail it tomorrow.


the blanket came today! it’s so pretty! I was going to use some country blue caron simply soft… but i think instead i am going to dig and find my skein of it in autumn to match the beautiful colors already in the blanket! If not, i always have my skein of red heart in a deep red :slight_smile:
Thank you REVS for the chocolate and soap! (those are some of my favorite chocolates too :biting: )


Woo Hoo! Another safe journey! :cheering:


Oh, I’m glad it made it okay! :cheering:

And I’m glad you’re liking the chocolates, jeanius! I’m in the land of plenty for that now, too much temptation! And we’re off for a couple of days in Switzerland - now Germany has good chocolate but Switzerland may outdo Germany. I may have to roll on board of that plane back to the US next week… :teehee:

Those colors you are talking about sound lovely with the blanket. Either of them would be so pretty. :inlove:
Can’t wait to see more pictures. Sorry I spaced that on my end!

Have fun and knit on! :yay:


Oh Ruth, you’re so lucky with all your travels!


I really am! :inlove:

Plus I already got to visit a yarn store and pick up some inexpensive German sock yarn. Amongst it Regia 4 ply silk wool - yum, so soft! :heart: :cheering: :heart:

I’ll have to post pics when I’m back home…


Please do! :cheering:


wasn’t this supposed to be 280 sts? i counted 300… plus a lady at knit night last night volunteered and also counted 300… just wanted to give you the heads up Sandy!


OMG! Our blanket has GROWN! :teehee:

If you don’t mind, count the stitches again, and see if it’s 300. But, I can’t for the life of me figure out why it would have grown! :??

Or…maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I INTENDED to do 280 stitches, but cast on the usual 300. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made a mistake in my life. :wink:


lol, no biggie, i just wanted to let you know. I was trying to knit a 14 stitch pattern (goes great into 280 sts, not so much into 300 :wink: ), and i had to tink the whole row and recount 2x. so i’m going to adjust the stitch pattern to a 15 stitch repeat.


I’m so glad you’re flexible, my friend. :hug:

Let me know if that pattern works for you.


it should… i am just doing some large triangles :slight_smile:

see my simple chart :shifty:


I just realized I get the blanket next. I am so excited. :slight_smile:




So, how’s our blanket Jeanie?


it’s going great! i am hoping to get it mailed friday… i take and share a pic when i’m done :slight_smile:


Perfect! That will be a day early for your two weeks! :thumbsup:


One of our knitters had to back out of the project, so I’ve asked suziehomemaker to join us! :slight_smile:

Welcome, suziehomemaker!

Go to our blog to see the new order of knitters on the right side of the page. http://4thoddballblanket.blogspot.com/