Oddball Blanket #4 is COMPLETE!


It must have been some disappearing ink… :wink:


Nope, wasn’t the blanket. I didn’t have a chance to get the package until today. It was, unfortunately, a birthday gift that I mailed to a friend last month that got returned to sender.:???: So now she must think I forgot her birthday. Will have to call tomorrow.


:verysad:I was really hoping it had finally made it there! I guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it will show up or that someone who really needed it got it.

Pandaca, I’m sure your friend will understand if you call and explain. That could happened to anyone!


well, phooey. :frowning:


OK, my friends.

As you know, I started ANOTHER Oddball Blanket #4, and gave it to Lissalue for her to add her part.

I got it back from her yesterday, and will be mailing it to Pandaca on Monday morning!


yay! i was so sad that the first on dissapeared! i really wanted to see the pretty purple and green…sigh


Woohoo! I can’t wait to get the blanket!


One of our knitters has had to back out of our blanket, because of other commitments.

So, we are bringing in one of our “pinch knitters”.

I’m checking with one of them now, and will let you know who it is soon!


Yes, I can do it! Perfect timing too. :happydance:


That’s our new Oddball Knitter! :wink:

Everyone, say “welcome” to Samsam!


:waving:Welcome to the oddballls Samsam!!!:yay: Thanks for filling in!!:woohoo:


Update on our new blanket.

I mailed it to Pandaca this morning!

Delivery Confirmation# 0307 0020 0005 0950 9213


Welcome to blanket #4, Samsam!


The blanket is here! I don’t have time to work on it until Monday because I have out of town guests, but I’ll get it done as quickly as I can. Who gets it next?


Yay! :cheering:

The next knitter on the list is REVS, but I’m not sure if she is ready for it right now. I usually wait for the person who is knitting to let me know when they complete their portion, then I check to see if the next knitter is available.

Sometimes they have personal issues that prohibit them from taking the blanket at that time, so I have to go to the knitter after them.

So, I don’t really have an answer for you right now.


:waving: Welcome to the West Coast, new blanket #4!

I’m ready, I’m ready! :cheering::cheering: I just finished my exams this week so I’m free! - Perfect timing!
I’ll be on vacation in late September - but this should give pandaca and myself enough time to get it all done.

I’m so happy to still be part of this, even after the mail fiascos…

Thanks for restarting us, Shandeh! :muah:


Thanks for being ready, REVS! :hug:

(and you’re VERY WELCOME for re-starting the blanket)


I’m hoping to finish the blanket over the holiday weekend and mail it out Tuesday. I’m thinking of using a teal color, but haven’t decided yet.


I’m sure it will be lovely! :hug:


Pandaca, you’re a VERY FAST knitter then! It’ll only take you a week to get it all done? Wow! :thumbsup:
I’ll love it whenever it gets here, though. So don’t stress out about it.
Have fun knitting! :muah: