Oddball Blanket #4 is COMPLETE!



That’s so COOL!!! :teehee:


That’s just crazy! I ship stuff all the time (for work and non-work) and I have never lost a package. Maybe it’s because I tend to use the UPS store?

I’m and sending good karma to you on this one so it won’t join the fate of the others!


I agree. It IS crazy. I ship stuff for eBay and KH all the time, and only one of my packages has disappeared. (That’s among about 500 packages)

I would think that UPS will be a good option too. They are good at following through on their deliveries. :thumbsup:


I wish I had news but nothing has turned up here. I swear I think its the post office here in Midland… I have had several packages lost on the way TO me and a few that I have mailed out just never seem to get where they need to. I guess this town is more concerned with football and oil. :frowning:


I agree. Maybe from now on, the Oddball Blanketeers :teehee: should try to send the packages UPS so that there isnt much of a chance that it gets lost again. I wouldn’t send it regular mail anymore if possible, it’s probably not a good way of sending the blankets. Just a suggestion… :shrug:


Marvin and I have had trouble receiving packages lately. Two of my eBay packages and two of my KH packages were RETURNED TO SENDER!!! And I never even SAW them! :pout:

We took evidence to the post office yesterday, and spoke to the supervisor there. We let her keep it, so she could confront our postman with it.

She said that our mailman is on vacation right now, and someone else is covering for him, so that could be the problem. Time will tell.


I made our blanket a priority last night, and set aside all my other knitting projects.

Here is our new beginning!

Can you tell that I knit with lots of LOVE? :heart: :heart: :heart:

I’m going to let lissalue work on it, and then we’ll mail it to pandaca. :thumbsup:


You’re so awesome and gracious. :hug: I wanna be like you when I grow up.




Yea! I can’t wait to get the blanket and start working on it!


ohno :frowning: That’s horrible about our blanket. I’m glad to see we’ve started a new one and I’ll patiently wait a year or so so I can knit (again) on this one!

One day it will probably show up :slight_smile:



Thank you SO MUCH for your positive attitude, Danielle!

I was worried about you, since you had already knit on the one that was lost. :pout:


Well you know the saying “stuff” happens. I’ll be happy to knit again when it gets my turn. Besides it’s all going for a good cause anyway. Maybe someone will get the one we had already and work on it themselves? Or maybe they shared it with someone. You never know. It could be touching someone’s heart right now!

So bring on the new blanket. I’m doing #4 and #5 and I have plenty of yarn… and heart :slight_smile:


PS sorry life has thrown tomatoes at us lately and I’ve been soo busy! I’m still here though :slight_smile:


I have a package at the post office right now, just got a note on my door. I’ll try to pick it up tomorrow. The slip says there is $6 postage due, so I doubt it is the blanket, but thought I’d mention it just in case.


Don’t sign for it! It’s an singing Italian monkey. :shock:

just teasin’. Here’s hoping it’s the missing blanket.


Gosh, I HOPE it’s the blanket! :pray:


LOL, I wouldn’t mind getting an Italian monkey either!


Oh I hope the silly thing shows up!


was it the blanket? :pray:


Was it the blanket? or an italian singing monkey??