Northeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


[B]Lollipop[/B], a worsted weight baby blanket, was finished up by MGM and is now back in CT. I will wash it and prepare it for delivery for the Pediatrics Unit at Bridgeport Hospital.

Thanks, everyone, for the great work on this colorful blanket!


Pics of Lollipop can be seen HERE if you’re interested!

Nice job everyone!



[B]Falling Leaves:[/B]
hamham (done)
gmmarton (ready)
sugarmagknowya (will also do the border)

[B]Pretty Purples: [/B]
bobi1218 - done
justbeath - ready
sugarmagknowya (will also do the border)

[B]Sunny Days: [/B]
bobi1218 - done
Vertigo1414 - done
missyjoon - working
sugarmagknowya (will also do the border)

There are a few openings on the above if anyone wants to step in. Just let me know and I will add you to the list!

Thanks, all!!!

:yay: :yay: :yay:


Well, this has been an interesting evening so far. I left school in the rain, ran a few errands, and wound up coming home in the snow! Oh my gosh! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it snow this early in southern Connecticut!

With that in mind, and the thought that we just might have an extra-long winter this year, I will casting on two new worsted weight baby blankets. I’ve borrowed the names from the West Coast Oddball Baby Blanket Knitters, so don’t thank me, thank them!

[B]Tranquility[/B] is the first of the two blankets I’m starting this weekend. This blanket will be done in various shades of white (that includes off-white). This is probably the third monochromatic blanket we’ll have done, and I must admit, the one-color theme blankets really make a statement.

The second blanket I’m starting is [B]Jack Frost[/B], in honor of [I]You-Know-Who[/I]! I think this will be shades of soft whites and grays to create an icy, cool feel.

So, with that said, if you are interested in working on either of these, please let me know. There is no rush! We’ve still got a number of blankets out there in circulation, and I’m looking to make another delivery in the next four weeks.

Thanks again everyone for your help!

You folks rock!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


I’d love to know more about making these blankets! I’ve read the sticky posts but have a couple more questions. How long does it usually take each person to complete their section? How long does it usually take to complete one whole blanket?

I want to join you all but may need to wait until after Christmas. I must say, though, I’d really like to be a part of the Jack Frost blanket! :smiley: If I could take the next to last spot, about when would the blanket get to me?


Good morning,

We would welcome your help on our Oddball Baby Blankets for the northeast region. We actually have two different kinds of blankets that we work on: worsted weight, which usually run about 5" per section of 6 knitters and our preemie blankets, which usually run about 4" per section of 5 knitters. The preemies are done in DK or sport weight acrylic while our worsted weight blankets are done in just that - worsted weight!

Each person has the blanket for approximately two weeks. We are, however, quite flexible with time and understand that sometimes life just gets in the way! On the flip side, some of our knitters really crank out the blankets, and might only hold the blanket for a few days, speeding up the process.

At this time I couldn’t really tell you how soon [B]Jack Frost[/B] might find its way to you. I haven’t even cast on, nor do I have a full complement of knitters for this blanket. I try and have as many knitters lined up as soon as possible because I don’t want our blankets getting stuck somewhere because we don’t have enough volunteers. All of our Oddball blankets have been well received by Bridgeport Hospital and CHOP.

Thanks again.


I would [I]love[/I] to join you for the [B]Jack Frost[/B] blanket! If you could put me toward the end of the list that would be great. If not, that’s fine, too. I’ll just set my other projects aside and work on them after I work on the blanket. :smiley:


Welcome, farmwife’n’mama :muah:

We are always thrilled to have new members! :grphug:


Thanks so much for your offer to help us on [B]Jack Frost[/B]. I will definitely add you to our list.

Spikey is the Moderator for the Northeast Regional Oddball Knitters. Please send her your full name, address and telephone number(s) via PM so that you can be added to our spreadsheet.
:cheering: :cheering:


The Northeast Knitters have been busy cranking out those DK blankets! :knitting::guyknitting:

The DK weight blog has been updated, and completed blankets have been moved to the Completed Blankets Blog.

Lots of blankets newly started, and several making the rounds. Several still have openings for knitters, so please check it out and let me know where you’d like to jump in.


[B]Snow White[/B] (all white or white with dots)
Needs three more knitters & border patrol

[B]Snuggle[/B] (pastels - blue, green, pink, yellow, white)
Needs four more knitters & border patrol

And here are updated progress photos on:
[B]Weekend Warrior[/B] [stevedallas you are next, are you ready?]

[B]Moonlight Sonata[/B] (section is white/cream, not sure why it looks so yellow)

[B]Baby Bird[/B]


I sent Spikey a PM. :slight_smile:


Hi Gang!

Please help me welcome [SIZE=4]angie19103[/SIZE], another new member of our group. :grphug:

She’ll be the second knitter on [B]Tranquil Waters[/B] and [B]Snuggles[/B], and the fourth knitter on [B]Seaside Sky[/B]. :knitting::knitting::knitting:


Welcome, angie 19103! :slight_smile:

I’m new here, too, and looking forward to getting to know everyone while working on these special blankets together. :knitting:


Welcome to Angie and Leah! Be careful ladies…these blankets can be addicting!



And I second that…or third it? Hmn. :aww:

Anyway, we welcome our newest knitters to the Northeast Regional Group of Oddball Knitters. This is a very active group with a great focus on creating beautiful hand-knit baby blankets in two different sizes, our larger worsted weight and smaller preemie blankets.

We appreciate your support.
:yay: :yay: :yay:


A big, warm welcome to Angie and Leah! And don’t forget to look us up on Ravelry if you’re out there browsing!
We’d love to see you!
(I’m sugarmagknowya on Ravelry)


A warm welcome to you, Angie! We so appreciate your support and help. We have lots of blankets in circulation right now and I bet you’ll enjoy working on the ones that make their way to you!


Angie here… Thanks for the welcome! I’m excited to have my hands knitting again and great projects to knit. I’ve signed up for a couple of premie blankets and can’t wait to get started.


Wonderful! I really hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


Here’s a look at the first completed section of [B]Tranquility[/B], one of the newest worsted weight baby blankets.

This blanket will be mailed out tomorrow to our newest volunteer, and upstate volunteer, [I]Beepr[/I].

[B]Delivery Confirmation No.:[/B] 0308 2040 0000 9223 6920.