Northeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


Please help us welcome [U][B]knead2knit[/B][/U] to our Northeast knitting family! :grphug:

She is jumping right in as the last knitter [I]and[/I] border patrol on [B]Little Boy Blue[/B].



I did the same thing at Disney World about 25 years ago! :slight_smile:


What a great picture! Thanks for sharing, Shandeh.


Thanks Spikey!
I always laugh when I look at photos of the “skinny me”. I look like I’m all TEETH! Since I’ve put on weight, I’ve finally grown into my teeth. :teehee:


I received the completed worsted weight blanket [B]New Year’s Parade [/B]in the mail today from mdc550. Thanks for the lovely note and notepad.

This makes blanket #11 that will be part of my delivery to the Pediatrics Unit at Bridgeport Hospital.

Thanks, everyone, for your great work!

:muah: :muah: :muah:


Yesterday I received Neon Fun from Angela. What a fun little blanket!
Thank you Angela. :happydance:


Here’s a peek!! Banana Split, Neon Fun and The Big Apple


thanks for sharing the band picture :smiley:


bobi1218, [B]Dogwood[/B] is ready for you. I just sent you a PM that kidpal51 (knittinginhudson on Rav) is ready to ship [B]Dogwood[/B] to you.

Please let us know if you are ready.



I’m finally back - and semi-conscious :slight_smile: We came in on the red-eye yesterday, and I worked last night but have finally caught up a little on sleep and can get back to the business at hand, before heading to work tonight.

The completed [B]Over the Moon[/B] arrived from kidpal51. A lovely blanket, ladies. Thanks to all who participated. Thank you, kidpal51, for the lovely notecards. We are big animal fans over here at Chez Spikey (especially kitties) so they were a bit hit!

Thanks to everyone for all of the great blanket progress! I made a little of my own.

I’ve started a new DK weight blanket, called [B]Dots[/B], with the yarn from our MIA original Confetti blanket. It will be fun, dotted yarns. Who’s interested?

Also, here are [B]Over The Rainbow[/B] (going to skein 123 today) and [B]Under the Sea[/B] (ready for Missyjoon).


[B]Marshmallow[/B] and [B]April Showers[/B], two new worsted weight baby blankets, will be traveling this week to Missyjoon. Sorry about the delay in getting these going: we are approaching year-end at school and things are really busy!


Spots are open on two new worsted weight baby blankets:

[B]Marshmallow[/B] has two openings and
[B]April Showers[/B] has one opening

Please send me a PM if you are interested.

Thanks! :muah:


Hello everyone,

I updated our worsted weight Blog yesterday for all interested parties. We have eleven completed worsted weight blankets with two more completed, but not yet received, and another five that are close to completion. If my math is right, that means eighteen more worsted weight blankets for the folks at Bridgeport Hospital’s Pediatrics Center. This is truly amazing, as our last delivery was as recent as February, a short nine weeks ago!

We currently have another ten blankets in circulation, three of which need additional knitters. Please check our Blog and note our progress.

Many thanks to all who have helped make our Northeast Regional Group such an overwhelming success!

You folks rock!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:


Spikey, Not familiar with this type of communication, have hunted for half an hour to find a way to send a message. I knit and crochet. Need more help? norepeats
norepeats at ravelry as well but not active in this type of networking yet,

saw somewhere your birthday is 3/16, another Pisces here, 3/14 Jo


To send a private message, just click on the name of the person you want to contact, then click “send a private message…”


norepeats, we have worsted weight and preemie blankets in circulation here. Are you in the Northeast? Please send one of us a PM and we will be in touch!



Hi norepeats, and welcome. We are always looking for new knitters and crocheters to join our group!

The DK (preemie) blanket blog has just been updated, so let me know where you might like to jump in (link in my signature).


I hope everybody is well! I haven’t been checking in here very much lately. But I just wanted to let you know that I did receive “It’s A Boy” a few days back. I’ll be starting the last section & border on it this weekend.


Hi all, i’m kinda new to the forums but i just wanted to say hi. i already pm’ed spikey about joining the NE knitters group (i’m in MA). I also wanted to say my mom works from a non-profit group that provides childcare for low income families. they’re always looking for donations of mittens, hats, anything for school age children. i don’t know if there’s anything we can do about it, but if anyone has any idead please let me know. thanks :hug:


Thanks, and welcome to the Northeast Regional Knitting Groups. We are quite an active group of knitters. Our worsted weight baby blankets have been going to Bridgeport Hospital’s Pediatrics Center and our preemie baby blankets have been going to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). I coordinate the worsted weight blankets and Spikey coordinates the preemies.

We will be knitting throughout the summer months, so if you want to participate, let us know.