Northeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


Hi Everyone!!

I received [B]Sleeping Beauty [/B]on monday afternoon.

Thank you!!


Pictures will be on my website tomorrow morning. I’ll hang on to it and mail it back when I finish Seaside Park to save on postage.



Hues of Blue is ready to mail. Could someone PM me the addy. Thanks.

I had a very scarey experience this weekend. I took HOB with me on a trip last week and packed it in my suitcase for the return flight. MY BAG WAS LOST!!! I held my breath for 3 days hoping I didn’t have to come back here and report that I had LOST A BLANKET. But THANK GOODNESS, my bag was delivered to me last night with HOB safely inside!!


Good morning everyone.

I’ll take a spot on [B]Blissful Blues [/B]if there is still one available.

Thanks =)


I received a very colorful blanket in the mail yesterday from Spikey. [B]Crayons[/B], an all-garter blanket, was knit in brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black. I will be doing the border as soon as I figure out what color to use!

Thanks, Spikey, for the purple yarn. I love purple, and can’t wait to use it.
:knitting: :knitting:


I just wanted everyone to know that we have another five completed worsted weight blankets ready for delivery to Bridgeport Hospital’s Pediatrics Center. They are:

[B]Northeast Rainbow II[/B], [B]Candy Cane[/B], [B]Vanilla Creme[/B], [B]Butterfly Kisses[/B] and [B]Crayons[/B].

I anticipate the completion of yet another four very soon, including:

[B]New Year’s Parade[/B], [B]Circus Circus[/B], [B]Seaside Park[/B] and [B]It’s a Girl[/B].

And, there is the possibility, that these blankets might be part of my next delivery:

[B]Creamsicle[/B] and [B]The Big Apple[/B].

Look for updates on our Blogs sometime next week.

Thanks, everyone, for your support!

You folks rock!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


So sorry for the delay everyone…

Here is the link for the updated worsted weight baby blanket Blog


Both will be posted to GM’s home today…confirmation number is
0103 8555 7497 8291 9788

Pictures are on my website:
Circus Circus is HERE
Seaside Park is HERE



I received Leprachaun yesterday. Will work on it over the weekend and have it ready to go early next week.


Attention Northeast Oddball Knitters: I have some DK/sport weight acrylic yarn ideal for preemie baby blankets that I’d like to donate to anyone in our group who can use it. I’ve pretty much been focused on the larger blankets for the last few months as well as my wool blankets that I knit for afghans4Afghans, so I feel the need to send my DK/sport weight yarn to someone in our group who can really put it to good use.

If interested, please send me a PM and I will mail the box out to you early next week.

Many thanks!



I received two blankets in the mail…[B]Spring Fling[/B] is ready for a border and [B]Hues of Blues[/B] needs some finishing touches as well.

Many thanks to GinnyG and missyjoon for the yarn and special sentiments.

:muah: :muah: :muah:


Morning all,
I received [B]Banana Split [/B]on Saturday. What a fun little blanket it is!
[B]Big Apple [/B]is ready to move ahead to the next knitter, just pm me with the addy and I’ll send it along.


It’s me, on both counts!

I just sent you a PM. Thanks so much for the post colbysmimi!


I received the finished [B]Seaside Park[/B] and [B]Circus Circus[/B] in the mail from MGM. Thanks for the lovely gift, MGM.

The blankets are really awesome. I know the folks at Bridgeport Hospital will get a real ‘kick’ out of the Bridgeport-themed blankets.

Thanks, everyone for your help in creating the above.


Good morning everyone.

Here are pictures of [B]Dogwood[/B] and [B]Starlight[/B] which will be sent out today to the next knitters.


Thanks for the photos, robkat317.


I mailed out [B]Tropical Plantation[/B] and [B]Blissful Blues[/B] to missyjoon yesterday.

Delivery Confirmation #: 0308 2040 0000 9222 6235.


hey everyone!
I just got back from our band trip to disney world, where we marched in a parade through magic kingdom, and I was thinking of some ideas for new blankets.
I don’t really have time to start any new blankets, but if anyone wanted to, I came up with some ideas.
for example, what about one called [B]A Whole New World[/B] and making it colors of a flying carpet (blues, yellows, reds, purples white)
or, [B]Under The Sea[/B] with marine colors (bright pinks, yellows, blues greens)
or, [B]Hakuna Matata[/B] (it means no worries. . . the lion king) with the colors of the sunset ( oranges, reds, yellows)
anyways, disney is amazing and it just made me think, what do kids love? disney.

happy knitting!


Great ideas, sarahbean!

I would be happy to start two new worsted weight weight blankets using two of your themes, A Whole New World and Under the Sea.

So, knitting friends, we will create two more worsted weight blankets for our Northeast Oddball Project as follows:

[B]A Whole New World[/B]: blues, yellows, reds, purples, whites, etc.

[B]Under the Sea[/B]: bright blues, bright greens, bright pinks, bright yellows…bright, bright, bright!

If you are interested, please send me a PM and I will add you to the list.

Thanks, sarahbean, and I’m glad DisneyWorld was fun!

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:


Hi everyone,

Spikey has made a good point about [B]Under the Sea[/B], which is currently circulating as a preemie baby blanket. Therefore, I won’t start [B]Under the Sea[/B] as a worsted weight blanket until the preemie blanket is completed and out of circulation.