Night cramps in feet and legs

I tend to be kind of private and don’t talk about things like this, but this is driving me batty. I get cramps in my feet and lower legs frequently at night. I have to actually get out of bed and stand till the cramp releases. :doh:

Does anyone else? Any ideas?

I do as well…drives me crazy…I tend to have them for spells then they go away for a bit…I’ve been told to eat more bananas (potassium)…have a glass of OJ on the night stand and drink that to ease it… but I forget about the OJ cause I’m to busy trying to walk it out…also been told to stretch the leg muscles before I go to sleep…for some reason at my mom’s house I will have them every night there :shrug:…I’ve been told it can mean you are dehydrated as well and drink more water…the dr has never seemed concerned over mine… When I was pregnant I would have them even more…I try to get out of bed quietly to walk it out, cause dh wants to massage it out… and that hurts even more :teehee:

Jan… I get them tooo!!! They also happen in the daytime… I have to stretch out my calf muscle til they go away… it really hurts… I think they have increased since … menopause… I think I read that menopause may make them more frequent. does that sound crazy?? .sometimes I worry they will never go away cause they last soo long…think I may mention it to my dr. next time…do guys get them? My hubby has never complained…said he doesn’t get them…maybe it is hormonal, but that just sounds crazy…

Yeah, the massage doesn’t really work for some reason. I need to at least stand to have it release. I need to drink more OJ at night I guess to at least give it a try.

ETA: you were posting the same time I was, Pat. I don’t think that’s crazy at all. I think mine have increases since menopause, too. Huh.

I’ve read that lack of calcium can cause leg cramps.

I agree about the calcium. There could be something to the old wives’ tale about drinking (warm or just regular) milk to get a good night’s sleep. (It helps me.)

Try drinking a glass of tonic water (such as Canada Dry brand) before bed. I have restless leg syndrome, and it helps.

Calcium used to help my DSD with menstrual cramps so I’ll have to try that for my feet cramps. I drank a glass of OJ tonite and took a calcium pill. We’ll see what happens, but it might take a bit to kick in I suppose.

Re tonic water: I tried that awhile back, but I don’t know if it worked or not. These things are somewhat random so it’s a little hard to tell sometimes. Worse lately though so that will be something to try again.

Here to Jan in fact it is 3:30 in the morning. I just got woken up with the cramps. I thought my ankle was going to break. It took a long time to get it to release.
I was using a prescription for them it was for quinine. Now they don’t use it anymore,figures it really worked. So now I keep the heating pad at the ready and that helps me too. I guess there are a lot of us with the same problem. I can’t take a lot of med because of my back. Taking had meds for that so I have to be very careful what I take over the counter. I hope you are feeling better and the leg cramps have eased.

My mother gets terrible night cramps and has been told it’s because she has low blood pressure or sugar - she occassionally has a hypoglaecemic attack (crashing blood-suger). Maybe think about getting a blood test,might be something pressure related.

I used to get leg cramps quite a bit when I was running in college and I stopped them by getting arch supports in my running shoes, drinking more water and milk and a banana a day on top of my multivitamin. I also upped my stretching routine.

You may also want to consider what shoes you are wearing. I am not an avid running anymore, but I find that some shoes I wear cause me to clench my toes and walk funny so I get foot cramps after wearing them.

Best of Luck

P.S. I always found a hot washcloth or running hot water over my legs used to help

I’ve heard it’s a potassium deficit as well. I never heard it might be a lack of calcium, but that’s good to know. Hey, if nothing else you can have a nice snack of a banana and milk before bed!

I was advised to drink a glass of Gatorade (or other sports drink) in the evening. It did seem to help.

I used to get them, then I started taking magnesium just before bed. At least 200 mg, sometimes 500. Now I don’t get them unless I forget the Mg for a couple days. Also, drink more water.

try Tums with calcium - I know someone who swears by this. My husband also does this and it seems to work for him too.

I have always had that problem but now it is getting worse. I have been taking Ascriptin and helps me. My mother use to take it now it’s my turn. Believe me I have tried everything even acupuncture. Your suppose to drink a lot of water but that didn’t exactly work.


Thanks for all the ideas. I didn’t have one last night, but my ankle was sore from the cramp the night before. :doh:

I take magnesium and calcium every day, but I can do it later in the day or add more and see how it works, too.

I usually take some mid day, then right before bed. I’ve heard it’s better to not take Ca and Mg together, one cancels out the other.

O.k. all of you reading this will probably think I am crazy:eyes: but! my local paper there is a doctor’s advice column. Every once in awhile he will include some crazy sounding remedies that his patients swear by…one is to put a bar of soap (any kind) under the bed sheet, underneath where your legs lay. Supposedly this works for a great many people. He acknowledges that here is no rhymn or reason as to how this works, but if it doesn’t, no harm done! It is suppose to work for night leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.
Good Luck!

Yeah, my mother reads Dr Gott too, and she said it works. There’s a bar of soap in her bed…