New users: How to register.

Welcome to the new Forum!

Creating an Account: It’s quick and easy and it’s free. Just click the “sign up” button in the upper right corner, choose a username, enter an email and choose a password. You will receive a confirmation email. Click the link in the email and you are all set to join to ask questions, join the conversation and share photos. Here’s a video to walk you through it. You can view in full-screen by clicking the square in the bottom right of the video player:

existing member: If you haven’t logged into the new forum, you will need to reset your password. Click the “Log in” button in the top right, and then selecting “I forgot my password”. Enter your username or email address and you should receive instructions on resetting your password.

Thank you, Sheldon! That’s exactly what I did… clicked on LOG IN and then FORGOT PASSWORD. It’s going to take some exploring to figure it all out, but it’s nice to finally have a new place. :slight_smile:

Yay!!! Thank you @sheldon for all of your hard work to set this up, and transfer old data over. It’s beeeeautiful!!

Thanks very much for all the new features, Amy and Sheldon. Many new things to learn!

Wow. What a change! I’ve been away for a while and coming back, it’s all so new and different. Thanks for everything Amy and Sheldon.

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Welcome back @Artchic528!

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Hello everyone,

I just log back in since January. I’ve been away too long! Since I logged in I’ve been looking around the Forum. I can’t see the pictures from others being posted. What am I doing wrong when I’m reading the posts. I love seeing what everyone else is working on and they inspire me to work on my projects. I don’t have many knitting and crocheting friends to hang out with so this is a great way to keep learning new skills.

~ Quik

Today is the first day of the new forum. We had to import in nearly 1M threads from our old forum. In that process, we may have lost some images here and there. Some may get fixed as things continue to update.

As a test, here is a discussion that has images which did import in and should display correctly:

This one here also has some images in it about 1/2 down the page:

Welcome back Artchic!
Good to see you again, Quik.

Sheldon,Thank you for your help. I visited these threads and images displayed just fine.

My username is NorthernIrelandKnitter but it’s showing up as NorthernIrelandKntt. What can I do to make it correct. Thanks, Gillian

All fixed. The forum had a username length limit of 15 or 20 characters so it may have shortened it when we imported in your account.

Sheldon, The images are Wonderful in the “Carding Issue?” thread.

Looking forward to exploring the new forum.

HELP-can’t find the log-in place or the area where one can ask questions ( when not just replying to someone). Just joined a few days ago & have looked everywhere…thanks from hanna

Login is up top on the right. If you login and then click the menu icon, the 3 horizontal lines, you can then choose “categories” from the drop down menu. That’ll show you the different areas in which to post.

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Thanks so much.

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