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I’m so glad to have found this forum. I have a question that I really should know the answer to, but I forgot. If I am doing K 1 row purl 1 row Is it to increase on a purl row? Thank you!

Welcome @robinsg! I moved your post into it’s own thread. It will get seen more here.

We need to know what you are making and if you have a link it would be great if you’d post it. There are just too many patterns to know what each one wants you to do. Different designers use different terms and write differently, too.

Do you mean you are knitting a row turning then purling a row…so you are doing stockinette? Or are you k1p1 ribbing? As for the increases… no way of knowing without more info.

Yes. I am doing a stockinet. MY question is about increasing on the sleeve of a sweater for a newborn. Thank you!

Yes. I am doing stockinet the. My increasing question is about the sleeve on a sweater for a newborn. Thank you!

Well, I still don’t know what the pattern says, but generally you increase on the knit side. At least with all sweaters I’ve made (both baby and adult). Your pattern should tell you what they want you to do though.

I really appreciate your answering my question! (Although I had a pattern, I had an oral explanation and became confused) Thank you for being a knitting life saver!

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Pattern says * work 9 rows of stocking stitch, starting with a purl row, inc 1 st at each end of last row

You can increase on a purl row but as Jan mentioned, usually the increases are on knit rows. Even if you end so that the increases go on the purl row, you can make the increases a row earlier or a row later so that they fall on the knit row. This won’t make a noticeable difference in the shape and to me, it makes it easier to work.

Sorry, not sure whether inc 1 st at each end of last row means at the end of the 9th row?

Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?
It means at the ends of the row you are about to start working. Somewhere, the pattern designated a row 1, so when you finish row 8, the next row is an increase row.

Ok thanks that makes sense, yeah it says starting with a purl row, being 1 of 9, so then I inc at beginning and end of row 9.
Thanks for your help