New to patterns, help with cardigan collar plse


I’m new to the site…and knitting, well following patterns specifically as I learnt the basics as a child and have been good at knitting scarves but not much else. I’m now finally trying to follow a simple baby cardigan pattern and have made good progress (with a lot of help from YouTube!) but I’m now at the point of knitting the collar along the top edges, starting with the right front but the instructions outlined have me completely mystified as they don’t seem to explain what to do. I’m sure it’ll be perfectly obvious when it’s pointed out to me but at the moment I’m stuck. Really wish I’d shown an interest when Mum and grandmother (both avid knitters) were alive but hopefully someone here can help. Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere else (am still learning my way around the site too). Many thanks

I’m posting the photos again in smaller resolution so hopefully this time they’ll appear in full!

Welcome to the forum!
These directions can seem complicated the first couple of times through but they’ll get easier the more patterns you work.

First seam the raglan seams (yellow line in photo) to join the fronts to the sleeves and the sleeves to the back. Your knitting looks lovely.
Start picking up sts at the red arrow on the buttonhole band and continue around the front, the top of the sleeve, the back, the top of the 2nd sleeve and finally the left front up to the halfway point of the button band (similar to the point where you began picking up sts on the buttonhole band).

Here’s a video for picking up sts that may help if you need it.

And here’s a video for picking up around a neckline. It’s a pullover so it’s not exactly your situation but the idea of picking up sts as you go around the curve at the front is similar.

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Thanks…it’s surprising it doesn’t look too bad, given how many times it’s been unravelled! Many thanks also for the helpful info and video. I now understand the basics of picking up stitches for the collar but am still puzzled by the actual pattern instructions the “12 stitches from 12 etc, (what does this mean please?) cast off stitches at the top of the right sleeve etc” (ie how can you cast off stitches when you are just picking them up). I do feel silly asking this as I’m sure in reality it’s blindingly obvious but I think it’s because I’m just not used to following patterns.

I think it would be best if I followed the instructions rather than winging it given I’m not confident in this, also I suspect it allows you to knit the collar without a circular needle (well, this wasn’t a requirement in “materials required” anyway!). Thanks again for your continuing help.

When you get to the sleeve, pick up 12sts across the stitches that were cast off when you finished the sleeve cap. So the sleeve cap ended with 12 cast off sts. Now you are going to pick up 12sts in those sts for the collar. As you suspected, there’s no cast off here, just the pick up of sts. The same will go for the back of the neck. You probably won’t work a cast off until you get to the last step of the collar.
Follow the numbers for picking up sts as best as you can. It’ll make the following instructions easer to work. If you should have an extra stitch or two or be missing a stitch, you can always adjust the stitch number on the next row.
Picking up sts in the cast off sts makes a seam which is a firmer join than just placing sts on hold without binding off. That’s the reason for picking up sts in the cast off.
KnittingHelp never thinks there are silly questions. If it doesn’t make sense to you just come back and ask.

Ahhh! now I see, the cast off stitches already there! I think I can get on now and hopefully finish the cardigan without further problem, can’t believe this is an “easy knit” though. Many thanks again, you’ve been SO helpful.

Delighted to be able to help. Please post a photo when you finish. We love to see finished projects!

Cardigan is finished, got there in the end, thanks to your help. I plan to do the same again in the smaller size but with the hood option this time to see how I get on with that. It looks a bit complicated but will be a good learning exercise…think I’m now hooked!


I love it! Beautifully knit and finished. Looking forward to the next version!

Next version attached! I thought I’d have difficulties with the hood but I managed to work it out. However, I’m now stuck again. I’m doing some bootees to go with it from a beginners pattern but the circled bit has me stumped. Sorry to trouble you again but can you explain please…many thanks DSCN8738|1200x899

Good for you for working out the hood. That’s often a stumper.
The row you circled is going to create a pleat around the edge of the bootie. This video shows putting the cast on edge sts on a smaller needle and that’s a good tip. It ensures that you have picked up the correct number of sts. That way you don’t get to the end of this pleat with a stitch left over either at the cast on or the live sts.

Ok, great, thanks,I can now see what I’m supposed to be doing. The problem I have now is that unfortunately the next row up from the actual cast on stitches (where I presume I should pick up from) is ribbing (k1, p1) as opposed to stocking stitch so there’s no discernible bar in between the stitches (as in the video) for me to pick up. I’ve tried improvising but it’s then very difficult to knit the two stitches together so I suspect I’m going wrong somewhere!

I can see where that would be a problem. Is there a bar at the cast on itself, a wrap or some other part of the cast on? Which cast on did you use?

Nothing obvious I’m afraid. I apparently cast on by the “knitting on English method”, I’ve just had to research it as it was one of the few things I automatically knew how to do. I suppose my grandmother must have shown me years ago (I’m in the UK).

Yes, the knit cast on which is very nice and uses something you already know. I tried it just to see what you might be able to use as a picked up stitch.
You should be able to pick up a loop here:

It’s preferable to picking up the very edge which seems less sturdy but is an alternative:

I realize you are in rib and I knit in stockinette but the cast on should be similar.
ETA: The rib does look a bit different but it looks like picking up a combination of loops and bumps with a smaller size needle will work (blue dots below).

Thank you so much…incredibly helpful. I did eventually manage to pick up 35 stitches in the row above but it didn’t work when I tried to knit the two stitches together as the pick up stitches were too tight and kept coming off the needle when I tried to knit them. I’ll do as you suggest tomorrow (think I’ve had enough for one day now!) and let you know how I get on.

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It worked! These stitches were looser so I could knit the two together, so now I have the hem done (photo attached). It wouldn’t have occurred to me to do this as I’ve only picked up stitches below the cast on stitches before. I’ve carried on with the next few instructions which seem to include some random holes but have ground to a halt again! I knitted 24 stitches but have not come across “turn” before. It seems the only option is to turn the work over and knit back the other way, which I did. The problem is that the next K13 doesn’t bring me to end of the row and it then says work in garter st for 16 rows. Do I carry on to the end of the row in knit stitch regardless and then do another 16 rows of it? Sorry to keep asking things but I don’t want to give up on a supposedly simple pair of bootees!!

You did the right thing in turning and knitting back over the sts you’d just knit.
The next part of the pattern is for the instep or top of the foot and there is an important direction missing from the pattern. It should read, “k13, turn and work in garter st for 16 rows”.
This is knitting the instep for the bootie over the middle 13sts. There will be 11sts on each end of the row which are unworked for now. You’ll get back to them later.
What is the name or source of your pattern?

Well yes…that was a vital bit of info! Fortunately I only have a little bit of unravelling to do as I knew something wasn’t right, thanks again. I guess in time I’ll learn what part of the process the instructions relate to which will make things easier. I got the cardigan and this (freebie) pattern from Hobbycraft as I bought the wool from them but I’ll be looking here for my next project :slight_smile:

You’re good to recognize when something is not quite right (NQR). The next patterns look very sweet. Sometimes you can also find them on Ravelry along with comments and sometimes corrections. That can be invaluable.
Enjoy finishing up the booties. Keep good notes for the second one and have fun with the other patterns. And of course, don’t hesitate to come back with any questions or photos.

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