New lace scarf.. out of this amazing Italian mohair yarn *Photos added

It’s actually finished and blocked now and of course looks much better now that it is blocked. My camera battery is dead right now and I’ll post another photo of the finished product later.

Here’s the yarn… it’s a nicer color than this- the photo was taken at night and the light wasn’t very good.

Yarn: Italian mohair Filatura Di crosa
I used one 40 gram skein and a small amout of another skein.
The lace stitch is from one of the Barbara Walker’s stitch pattern books.

I’m mailing it as a gift for a friend’s mother tomorrow.

Oh wow! That is beautiful! I’m going to have to get that pattern book and some of that loverly yarn!

Thank you. I do think that another lace stitch pattern could be made w/ only 1 skein? The yarn went really far… even at only 40 grams per skein. My color of the yarn is: 273

This particular pattern had a cast on of 32 stitches… I used a size 5mm size of needles.

That is beautiful. Love the colors. You find such lovely yarns in that market. I love to look and drool over all your new purchases on your blog.

Thanks Sue!

I recognized this yarn brand from when I used to live in Italy. So, I knew it was a great buy when I saw it and asked the price. It is sooooo soft.

This yarn is so pretty, that I absolutely would rather just let it sit in a pretty bowl and just be decoration. I have this yarn in 4 or 5 different colors. Every time we went back, we’d buy some more of the yarn.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out my blog in the past few days… there are some funny things on it. :roflhard:

That is beautiful, so soft and warm looking!

Looks beautiful :heart:

Beautiful…amazing job as always!

I haven’t tried that brand of yarn yet…tempting…slap ordering hand until I finish these other projects… :teehee:

Thanks for directing us to your blog! I have been watching the video on Vincent van Gogh, and it makes me cry. I’ve always loved him and had no idea that song was written about him. What a wonderful experience to see all his paintings!

Beautiful :slight_smile:

Wow! That sure is pretty! She’s going to love it!

Thanks again everybody… I’ll post a photo of the ‘finished and blocked scarf’ when I get off work… battery is all charged now- but, no time before I go to work. :smiley:

Pam, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the Vincent song… I think it is a beautiful song… and I was so [B]happy that I found it[/B] after I wrote about the museum visit. It took awhile to figure out how to attach a song/video to my blog… but, I kept at it until I figured it out… because it was the perfect touch to the blog entry.:wink:

Beautiful scarf! Nice work…

Thanks… I added some more photos in the first post.

Wow that’s pretty! Such adorable colours.

That looks just beautiful!

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the colors and stitch pattern! What a lucky friend!!

Very pretty!! I love the colors in the yarn…:yay:

How beautiful!!!

How lovely! I’ve used their yarns for scarves and shawls, and find it exquisite. Everybody should get to knit a least one thing with something that soft.