New lace scarf.. out of this amazing Italian mohair yarn *Photos added

I agree, it is sooooo soft.

I talked my friend that I’m teaching how to knit into buying some… she has a few skeins of it too. I’m trying to help her be a ‘fearless’ knitter… and she’s really enjoying learning all sorts of things. I have her learning a lot of stitches… because, I know that many people when they first learn to knit… stick with either just knit or knit and purl.

I’ve already had her making a lace scarf… (we used yarn slightly thicker than the yarn that I made this scarf out of)… and she did really well. Sent it off to her sister for her birthday. I just explain how ‘easy it all really is’… or make something up in a stitch that I want her to try… and then she wants to try it too- because she sees what I’ve made. Works everytime. She’s working on a cable scarf right now.

Beautiful yarn, perfect scarf to show it off.

oh that yarn is so pretty!! i love the pattern as well. you did a great job.

Oh, your scarf is sooooo beautiful!! Great job! I love the yarn and color!

It is beautiful!:inlove:

:aww: Thanks for all the nice compliments!

The scarf has been mailed to my friend to deliver to his mother in the future.

How funny is that – here is a scarf I made last year, still waiting to be blocked. Looks almost exactly like yours, I even used the same kind of yarn!!

That is so pretty! I love it… ‘a twin scarf!’ Fraternal twins though… :cheering:

What is the stitch pattern that you used? I have another skein of the yarn to make myself a scarf with the same yarn… I loved the color so well- that I went back to buy some more yarn.

It is called Overlapping Waves, from the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. I thought about just doing a couple repeats of the pattern inside stockinette, but ended up doing 4 repeats of just the stitch pattern. Then my intention was to knit or crochet a border around it, but I liked it as just the plain pattern so much I just left it that way. Isn’t that yarn fabulous? I have a couple more balls in my stash I am waiting for the perfect pattern for.

Yes, the yarn is wonderful and can only be described as YUMMY! Yummy for the eyes, and yummy to the touch, and yummy while knitting it… :smiley:

I think that I have that book. My scarf came about… because I decided to ‘practice’ a few stitch patterns in the yarn to see which one that I liked to make a scarf out of… liked the ‘first practice’ stitch so much… I didn’t take it out and used it as my ‘scarf pattern’… :wink:

If you don’t mind me asking… how much did your yarn cost? Just wanted to know if I got a bargin? Paid too much? Or just about right.

Oh wow, let me see… it has been a while since I bought it, and I didn’t keep the receipt… I would say it was in the $6 to $8 range. How much did you pay, if I may also ask?

I paid $6.00 USA… however, when I did a search… on the Internet… I found the same yarn… but, in one solid color and it was $9.00 and I know that the ‘multi-shaded’ types cost even more. So, I figured it would cost about $12.00 for the type of yarn that I did use.

I loved the way that the yarn knitted up so much- that I went back and bought 3 more colorways that I liked… just so, I’d have it. Problem is… the yarn is so special… that I feel that I need to ‘find’ just the perfect stitch or pattern to use with it.

I know what you mean. There are patterns I’ve seen and thought maybe I would use this yarn… but I’m still hanging on to it! Someday I’ll find “the one”!

Lovely scarf!

Aha ! Another lace addict? I am just beginning, but adore your work. Nice yarn choice and a fine lace. This week I am trying to master bobbles, as I saw a fine scarf walking by in Paris with clusters of bobbles on the ends of the scarf. It was great looking. They rather looked like grapes and were most attractive.

Simply stunning! Your work is always so lovely and such good quality. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Thanks all!! :muah:

I want to start another lace scarf… but, right now… I’m in the middle of another project that has got me hooked and I’m working on it all the time. I was even knitting and walking home from a medical appointment the other day.

Yes, on the streets of Seoul, South Korea and YES… people were staring at me. I just figure I’m entertainment… :roflhard:

I kept a little girl quiet and absorbed in my knitting, while we were both in the same waiting room. She squatted down so she was eye level with the yarn/knitting in my lap. It was so cute. I put a photo of her on my blog holding my newest knitting project. She kept talking to me in Korean… I had no clue as to what she was saying… but, I’m sure she was saying… “WOW, that is so neat!”