New KnitPicks Options "Try it Needle Set"

This is a very cool idea!

I have the nickel and zephyrs and am dying to try out the harmonies (one can never have too many needles!) This is a great, and affordable way to try out KP’s different interchangeable needles!

this has definately been moved to the wish list:happydance:

That is an excellent idea! So many people were buying one set to test anyway!

I love the idea, but find it a bit steep price wise. For $20, you have half paid for the Zepher set, and 1/3 paid for the nickle ones.

I think I would be more inclined, even at $15.

I’d go for it, but these are all sizes I don’t use, though I have a 7 in Harmony. Now if they had larger ones that included 10, 10½, 11 or the 7mm, I’d jump on it. Or if you could do a 'make your own set. So I’ll be buying a couple tips separately.

I added up the cost to buy each item separately and it was 20.46 vs 19.99—I’d be more inclined if there was a bigger bonus in savings.

I think I’m going to go for it so I can try all the different materials. Plus, extra cables are always good. A friend and are are going to place an order together to save on shipping. It will only be a bit more to get the free shipping and that will be easy for us to do!

Now that’s what I call a dern GOOD IDEA! Knitpicks rocks!

Thanks for posting this news!!!

So has anyone tried all 3 types yet? How were they?

I’ve tried all 3. They are all great, different, but great.

When I start a new knitter out, I recommend that they purchase the full set of Zephyr’s. The Z’s are slippery enough, and grabby enough, for any project…plus, the price-point is the best! They don’t break the bank.

[QUOTE=ArtLady1981;1292124]I’ve tried all 3. They are all great, different, but great.

When I start a new knitter out, I recommend that they purchase the full set of Zephyr’s. The Z’s are slippery enough, and grabby enough, for any project…plus, the price-point is the best! They don’t break the bank.[/QUOTE

Are the Zephyrs a good idea for those already have the metal Options (and Addiclicks?)

Well, I have the OPTIONS NP, Harmony’s, and Addi Clicks.
When Z’s were launched, I was curious how they would work, you know, the surface…slick or not, grabby or not.

I found that they perform pretty much like Harmony’s. They are not as ssssslick as Options NP’s and Addi Clicks. [B]They have about the same “grab” as Harmony’s.[/B] And many times, the Options NP’s are too slick for some work…so I use Harmony’s.

Between the two, [B]performance wise, they are so similar [/B]that I didn’t purchase beyond the 3 Z’s I have. I bought 6-7-8’s, tips only. And left it at that.

If you don’t have the Harmony’s, you could put the Z’s to good use (for a better price than Harmony’s come in at!)

However THAT SAID, if money is not a decider…I prefer working with Harmony’s.
I like wood much better than acrylic. BTW: I love the Harmony’s.

You can’t beat the price of the full set Z’s. And they are pretty. A good purchase if you think you may only need them once in a while. It’s hard to resist the full set, it’s such a good buy.

Hope this helps!

[B]BTW, did you see? [/B] Addi will soon be launching their [B]Addi-Lace (interchangeable) Clicks! [/B]Blue cords, not red. And the set includes 5 cords, not 3. The tips are shorter to accommodate the 16" and 20" cords. Hmmm.

WEBS is taking pre-orders.And their website tells all about them, and gives a link to Knitter’s Review on them.

I dunno. KnitPicks OPTIONS kinda “fill the bill” when it comes to sharp points for cable work, lace work, and other tight places.

I’ve heard that Addi Lace needles stink. That they begin to smell like copper pennies.

I was at our South Sound Knitting Guild monthly meetup last Sunday, and a knitter sitting next to me was working with Addi-Lace set circs with the red cords. I took her needles and gave them a sniff. Yup, they smelled funny, like metal, or copper pennies.

I’ve read that it might depend on the chemistry of your hands. But I’ve also read the copper penny comment frequently enough to SHY AWAY from the brass finish of the Addi Lace. Nothin’ worse than smelly needles. A real turnoff. And I’ve heard (read) that the finish of the Addi-Lace can discolor some knitting. Ack. I’ll never know if my chemistry is a killer.

Nuff said.

Betcha KP won’t be too far behind with something similar!

Well, if KP came out with shorter cords…they ‘regulation length’ tips wouldn’t work well.

The new Addi Lace tips are 4", whereas the regulation tip size is 5.25".

Here is Clara’s full review, and it includes the issue of the tips and cords.
Knitter’s Review on Addi Lace Clicks Interchangeables.

The shorter tips for circular knitting is really awesome. That’s why I bought all of the Harmony “set circs” in 16". The tips are *[I]very short, [/I]and it really helps make the ‘circle’ for small diameter knitting, when you don’t want to fuss with MagicLoop or Two-Circs in-the-round.

Not as short as Hiya Hiyas, which are so stubby as to be aggravating. I have some of those, too. Couldn’t resist.

The right tool for the right job makes life sooo fine. :thumbsup:

That’s the deal killer for me. I absolutely hate that coppery, metal smell. It makes my stomach sick and will make any headaches I have worse. I actually buy sketchbooks with plastic bindings (or plastic covered) so it doesn’t smell like metal, because my first sketchbooks were the metal bindings and I found that it really bothered me.

I’m like you…I’m very susceptible to bad odors and fragrances. There is nothing that makes my day BETTER than a great fragrance, whether natural (like flowers or watermelon or lemon) or man-made (like Victoria’s Secret “Pear” or “Love Spell”)!!

But I could just collapse from something foul, or too strong. And if I were knitting for hours with copper penny metallic odor, I’m sure I’d get sick. And it seems like the ‘finish’ or ‘feel’ of the needles would get clammy or sticky. Eww.

That’s weird that the Addi lace needles stink. I’ve not noticed any stench from my regular AddiClicks…I think if I was going to get a set of interchangeable lace needles I’d go with KP. My regular Addiclicks cost nearly $200.00CAD (there’s taxes, too.) $200!!! I only paid half, I had a gift certificate from the LYS for my birthday for $100, I immediately knew what to do with the $ lol.

I’m also sensitive to bad odours, I hate the smell of metal on my hands - yuck! I can’t stand the smell of oven cleaner…BO…fish sauce and a bunch of other stuff.

BTW, the cords for my regular Addiclicks are blue as well, not red…

I love my regular Addi needles…both the Addi ‘set circs’ (the Turbos) and the Addi Clicks. Matter of fact, I’ve noted that the finish on the new Addi Clicks is even smoother, even more buttery soft, than the original Addi Turbos. You wouldn’t think it possible, would you? The finish is just superb!

I think the problem with Addi Lace is the “brass” (yellow-gold) finish. There has to be “something about it” that reacts to the chemistry of ‘some’ people’s hands. Not all, but some.

Anyone want to gamble with the $170 cost of Addi Lace to find out if ‘their chemistry’ is gonna react adversely? It’s a shame. Addi should have ‘taken notes’ and scrapped the brass finish. They should have stuck with what works. The ‘copper pennies’ thing has been talked about for quite a while now.

They may come out with shorter needles for lace, just to compete. It looks like they have been “keeping up with the jones’” for a while. They may just go shorter for the sake of showing up Addi. Really they are the only people who close to what Addi does.

I think the Knit Pros, the european version of Knit picks needles, do come in shorter interchangeable circs with shorter needle tips.