New KnitPicks Options "Try it Needle Set"

Knitpicks has fixed circulars in the 16" sizes, they have had them for some time. The tips are shorter of course.

Then it is possible they will do the interchangeable thing too…smiles

I have some of each already. I like the harmonies, love the nickel-plated, can’t stand the zephyr.

I am wanting to buy the Zephyr set. What is it that you do not like about them?

I knit tight & fast. I’m so used to the nickel plated, that the zephyrs feel almost sticky.

So for someone who is looking for cheaper prices, are the Zephyrs still good quality?

Yes, they are very nice needles!
I worked with Z’s for hours when I first got them, as a try out! They didn’t get sticky for me.

I find them to be [B]very nice on the hands.[/B] They warm up to you!

Perhaps the ‘sticky’ issue is personal. Not across the board.

Here might be the answer: purchase a set of TIPS ONLY in your most frequently used size.
And 1 set of 24" cables, too, of course. This will only cost you a few bucks.

Work with the Z’s for a few days, or whatever time it takes.

If they perform wonderfully for you…then double back and get the full set. It’s always nice to have an extra set of tips and cords in your set. I have extras of lots of my tips.

This is what I did when KP came out with Harmony 10" straights, too. I bought the US8, and worked with them. Finally, I found that I missed not having all the sizes. So about a year later, I purchased the full set of 10" Harmony straights when KP had a sale.

I use straights for binding off a lot, and for other odd jobs. It’s nice to just grab one. No screwing on a tip to a cord. Just grab and go.

Artlady, thanks for your advice.

I’m pretty good at following my instincts. From watching the video on the Z’s on KP, to reading reviews and all that, my instincts say to buy the Z set.

So, the flexibility that I’ve seen the Z’s have and the way they work, I’m pretty sure this is the set I will buy. No doubt. I was just curious as to why some may not like them.

Question. As a newbie I don’t know much of the lingo yet. What does “stickiness” mean?

Stickiness is how the yarn feels on the needles. With the Z’s, I understand the “stickiness” issue when using inexpensive acrylic yarn. If you are using a good wool, the yarn glides over the needles, but I find it sticky (grabby, squeeky…) when using something like RHSS (Red Heart Super Saver).

So, I wouldn’t recommend the Z’s unless you are using a smooth, non grabby type of yarn. But they are nice otherwise. I use my Options more, but they Z’s are nice for a spare set of interchangable needles at a very reasonable cost.

I see what you’re saying now.

I use RHSS and I enjoy it. Although I use knickle plated and bamboo needles at the moment. And if it’s squeaky, I’m partially deaf so I wouldn’t hear it. LOL!

Thanks for the information.

KP really screwed up (IMHO) when they used the word ‘sticky’ in their video.
I thought to myself “Didn’t anyone QC this video, AT ALL?” :doh:

Anyway, I watched it over and over again, trying to ‘get over’ the word ‘sticky’.

I think the best word is ‘clingy’. For example, she could have said “I love these needles. They’re very clingy. The yarn doesn’t slip around at lot. The yarn adheres to the needles very nicely”

I’m sure KP lost lots of sales off the back of that awful video. Oy! :wall:

On another note: Margaret makes a good point, about acrylic yarn VS natural fiber yarn.
My experience with acrylic: I’ve heard my Red Heart Super Saver Yarn squeak even with
KP nickel plated needles. Ewww. So it’s sorta more the fault of the yarn than the needles IMO.

See, told you I’m partially deaf, I didn’t really get a good chance to read her lips when I watched that video, so I didn’t even catch “sticky”.

Well, I think they’d be best for me anyways, the more I use my nickel plated needles, my hand hurts.

I totally agree with you! Clingy would be a much better word. Some people prefer the clingy feel when knitting and find that nickel plated needles can be too slippery. It’s really a matter of preference!

As for RSHH, it is tres clingy IMO, and the squeekiness is also a feeling, not just a sound! Not knocking it - it definitely has it’s uses, but having graduated to natural fiber yarns (as much as I can afford) I tend to shy away from it. I also have found other, inexpensive acrylic yarns that are more palatable for me to use!

With the Z’s, I understand the “stickiness” issue when using inexpensive acrylic yarn.

I have other acrylic needles and generally like them, but when I do work with older acrylic yarn that’s been used and reused a lot for sample knitting, the sts don’t slide so well. Not as much a problem when using fresh yarn.

Most people do use the word ‘sticky’ when referring to less slick needles. They’re good for slippery yarns.