New! ~how to post a photo~

There are two options when posting photos. You can attach a photo directly from your computer or you can keep your photos in a photo hosting site like Flickr. I’ll help you do both here, but first some basic information.

[COLOR=Red][U]Please make your photos 800 pixels wide or less on the longest side[/U].[/COLOR] Resizing them not only makes them better for forum viewing, but it also reduces the file size so slower connections can load them faster. If you have your own photo software by all means use that, but if you don’t there are a couple online sites that can do it for you.

Once your photos are resized here’s how to share them -

[B]ATTACHING A PHOTO[/B] from your computer.

  1. Click on the paper clip on the message tool bar
  2. Click browse to find the folder you have the photo in
  3. Click upload when you find it
  4. That’s it. The photo will show up when you click ‘submit new thread’.
    [I][B]NOTE[/B] Photo will not show when clicking preview when attaching a photo. [/I]


[/B]1. Set up a Flikr account (free) and upload your photos
2. Click on the photo you want to share
3. Click the drop down arrow on the “Actions” box and select “view all sizes”.

4. Select the size you want to post (the smaller medium is perfect most of the time)
5. Right click with your mouse and select “Copy Image Location” (not copy image). (This is in Firefox, it may say something different in Internet Explorer)

  1. Now go back to KH and start a new thread. Click on the ‘insert image’ icon and paste the url in the box.
  2. That’s it! The photo will appear automatically in this method.

A few sites that I know allow posting of photos are Photobucket and Picasa. If you choose to use another photo hosting site check that they allow you to post photos like this. Not all of them do. If they do allow it then the same basic method applies of clicking the ‘insert image’ icon and pasting the url.

Hope this helps you share you photos! :yay:

Thanks so much for this. I keep messing up somehhow with option two (I get lazy and don’t want to resize my big images, although I reset my camera to make the initial image smaller) I’ll keep trying:muah:

Thank you for posting this information.

I just wanted to mention that I REALLY appreciate it when people take the time to resize a photo and put it “in” their post. For those of us with very slow computers and/or dial up internet connections it is VERY frustrating when people post links to blogs (that take a long time to load) or other places to look at photos.

I love looking at pics of peoples work but hate having to go to “other” places to see it. I generally don’t have time to click on links and wait while another site loads.

So when possible PLEASE take pity on those of us with ancient computers and include your photo in your post.


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Thank you for posting this . It will really help us all when we need a refresher course once in a while.

Hmmm. I keep getting a message that says I don’t have permission to upload photos from my computer. I checked the size (both KB and dimensions) Don’t know what I’m doing wrong… Maybe it’s just murphy’s law in action…

Are you trying to add a photo to a post you already made? That doesn’t work for some reason so if that’s the case just add a new reply if it’s the same topic or a new post if it’s a new topic.

Frankly, I can’t remember! :oops: I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Dang it…I accidentally deleted a few photos. I’ll fix them as soon as I can!!

O.K. Why when I look on the forum “not logged in” I can see pics? When I loggin in under my “password” I only see “links”… Today I checked out “something purple” under Whatcha Knitting on another comp (not using my password) I saw each pic step by step…then when I logged in to leave a comment I only saw links…that “same” situation happened last week to my own thread…

That’s weird. :?? I only saw YOUR post as a link in your thread, the one that fixed it was fine. I don’t see anything weird today in the forum either. :think:

Thanks so much! :muah: I used to get stuck on this ALL the time. :slight_smile:

Oh good so it did help! :thumbsup:

Yep. I got ONE picture up. Still working on the others. :thumbsup: Thanks again! :muah:

Jan…does the same thing apply when putting a photo in your profile? Or is there another way?

I’ll send you a PM.

I don’t own a digital camera, only a cell phone and that’s how I take all my pictures but I have no idea how to know what size the pictures are. Is there anyway to tell before I post it?

never mind, I figured it out.

Thank you so much for posting this info! I did have one problem though… I figured it out & thought this might help someone else.

[COLOR=“Blue”]Problem with ATTACHMENT - Can not find or see photo! [/COLOR]
[B](Paperclip -> browse -> upload.)[/B]
[COLOR=“Blue”]Reason: #1 [/COLOR]Attachments appear at the bottom of the post.

[COLOR=“blue”]Reason: #2 [/COLOR] NO ERROR APPEARS!!! IT JUST DOES NOT POST. Maybe the KB (size in bytes) could be too large. All size limits are listed in Paperclip per file type (jpg, etc). Do not just check width/height is < 800 pixels/demensions. Photos can have a [U]resolution [/U]which could increase the KB’s of your photo’s file. Even though it is an okay width/height.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!:thumbsup: :woot:

:lol: You’re welcome. See my response to your other question in The Lounge before posting.