New! ~how to post a photo~


I’ve successfully used Imageshack to upload pics here. The link from Imageshack that I used was the clickable thumbnail… just copy from there then paste in the message. I didn’t even use the website link button or anything. If anyone uses Imageshack, their code works just fine in here!


I have a Flickr account, but cannot find how I would link it to this website?


You mean post a photo? Go to the first post and follow the instructions I posted. There are a few photos to help.

Just tried it again to make sure it was still working and it is.



Did it work?


Try again.

YEAH! I like too the little arrow on the right that link you back to the site where I got it from.

Now to try the next larger size to see if this site will allow it.

Yes, I’m smoking now. Thanks!


I’m still having problems. I cut my file size down to 24K and less than 400 pixels and I just get an upload failed message. I followed the instructions to the letter.


Where is the photo you are using? If you post a link I can try.


I have attached photos before and had no problem.
I don’t know why there’s problem this time. I tried all opinion available but it’s not working.
The photo is in my computer and how do I post a link so you can try?


I can’t help with attached photos only ones that are some place like Flickr. Flickr has a free account so you could try that. Instructions are in this thread as well.


Hi Thank you for the info

I managed quite easily to post pictures , to this forum yesterday:cheering:


I’m new here so am learning my way around. Can you use photobucket or does it have to be Flickr?



Thanks to[B] xToXicBeAutYx[/B], here’s another way to resize a picture.

Try uploading your photo to

  1. Browse your photos and choose

  2. File Type: Image

  3. Resize: Message Board

  4. Upload Now

  5. Next page - click the link under “IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards”

  6. Paste link onto this web site.


No problem!


I think I’ve figured this out. This knit in lace. You hold lace behind the row and knit through it as a normal knit stitch. The lace folds and it looks great. I couldn’t find this any where in North America. I got it on line from Ireland. This pattern calls for it. U tube has video of how to knit it in.


Thank you so much for your support.


I’m trying to post a photo.
I click on reply.
then, I click on the photo icon at the top of the message area.
this takes me to something that says:
post URL link here.

how do I find my URL link without leaving the page/board and hunting around?
or do I need to have that before I even get started?


ok, seems I have to go to advanced reply.

now to figure out how to shrink my pics, they’re all too big!



well, hot damn!

thanks to the poster above. that was SIMPLE! (like me…)


Haha. I was going to answer you, but then I saw you figured it out! Yay! :smiley:


I was experimenting with resize2mail and shrinkpictures, but the photo I had wanted to resize came out looking weird - like something you’d see in the magic mirrors you used to see at amusement parks of old. I think I’ll abandon that idea and try using Flickr instead, but not tonight as I spent rather a long time experimenting and now it’s almost midnight here.

I did try looking up how to resize images on an iPad Mini but any results I got were annoyingly vague. I take most of my photos with my iPad Mini as they are very good quality and are right there on the device as soon as they have been taken and there’s no hassle with putting them on a computer. Down side is, they’re too big for this forum.