Need help with snuggly baby speckle dk from sirdir

Hi everyone,

My name is Nina and I have recently entered the world of knitting and boy do I love it!!!

I had just finished a scarf and I now am on two projects, a sock with 4 needles and a baby tank top jumper from sirdir!

In regards to the tank top I have just finished the back of it as it tells me to cast off the remaining 17 sts. After that it says FRONT and says to cast on 58.

Now this might sound silly so forgive me but do I cut off the yarn after I have casted off the back or do I carry on and cast on the 58 for the front side?

Do most patterns tell you to do the parts separately and then have them join it altogether?

Any help would be so gravely appreciated!

Thank you in advance xXx

Hi and welcome to knitting and to Knitting Help!
Yes, you should cut the yarn after you cast off for the back. Leave about a 6 inch tail so that you can weave it in later when the pieces are put together. It’s very common for patterns to be written in several pieces. But because we like to knit and not so much to sew things together, there are also patterns that are knit in one piece or just a few pieces. Good luck with the sweater and come back if you have more questions.


Yes, cut the yarn, the back is done. Leave a tail to weave in later so nothing unravels.

Most patterns have some amount of seaming involved, though there are many that are knit in one piece, and some can be adapted to leave fewer seams.


I was expecting a reply in hours lol that was super fast!

Thank you so much Ingrid and Salmonmac!!!

Now I can get on to the front yeeey!

I don’t know if anyone has this pattern???.. If so, I don’t see where it says how to put it together or perhaps it does I have just probably missed it or misunderstood…?

It may have a heading called “Finishing” that will tell you to do something like seam the shoulders together and seam the front and back at the sides. Maybe you’ll pick up sts around the neck and armholes. Usually there are some directions for this at the end.

The putting together instructions will be at or near the end, usually under Finishing, where it will say how to sew the pieces.

There is something that says ‘To make up’… I wonder if that is the finishing? It mentions joining and also covering with damp cloths, lol this will be interesting.

Yes, that would be the finishing. The damp cloth thing is to flatten out the pieces. It may not be absolutely necessary, depending on the yarn you’re using.

I’m stuck again :frowning:

The subtitle says ‘Divide for neck’ it then says for the next row:
K19, turn, leave rem 20 sts on a stitch holder.

What does turn mean?

Again any help or advice would be so appreciated! XXx

Turn is just what you always do when you get to the end of a row. Take the needle with the stitches from your right hand to your left hand and knit or purl the sts. This time you’re only working 19stitches and then turning to work back on those same 19sts. Don’t worry about the other 20sts (putting them on a stitch holder or some scrap yarn will keep them out of your way). You’ll get to them later. Right now you’re working on one side of the shoulder and neck.
You really are making progress!

Thank you so much, that has helped me a lot!

Lol I have been at this tank top day and some of the night! I’m very slow at knitting!

As long as you’re enjoying knitting, slow is just fine. I’m a slow knitter myself.

Speed comes with practice, but I’m often slower than some people or in some situations. It doesn’t matter. It’s not a race. If something has a time frame you just start earlier. :thumbsup:

Thank you everyone! It is so encouraging to read those words. I am very slow and I hope I get faster, I looked online on youtube video but only ended up with the yarn twisted around my fingers :slight_smile:

I am actually stuck on my pattern. If anyone could advise me as to what to do, it would be so brilliant!

I have on shaping the shoulder (only the right side) The other side has a stitch holder which I think I will be working on soon.

It says:

Cast of rem 6 sts in patt. (this is what I am currently working on)
With rs facing, working on rem 20 sts, slip 1 st onto a safety pin, rejoin yarn to rem 19 sts and knit to end.

What is right-side and how do I know this? When I slip 1 onto a safety pin, is this the first one next to the neck or the one nearest to the shoulders?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

The right side is the outside of the sweater, the side that everyone sees.

The stitch you put on the needle is the center stitch, so near the neck.

Thank you very much!!! X

Can I please have some more help?

I feel very guilty as all I am ever doing is asking about such and such…

I am stuck on the neckband.

It says:

Join right shoulder seam. With rs facing, using 3 1/4mm needles pick up and knit 32 sts evenly along left side of neck, knit st left on a safety pin at centre of V, pick up and knit 32 sts evenly along right side of neck and 20 sts from 17 cast off sts at back of neck. 85 sts.

So I understand the rs facing but what do they mean by pick up and then to knit 32 sts? Do I pick up the last stitch on the seam? Also it says left side of the neck… does this mean that when I pick up the stitch I have to turn it around which then means I am knitting on the left of the neck.

So sorry about this, it just all seems so confusing to me. Perhaps I have picked something too tricky? It did say easy knit on the paper though lol

Don’t feel guilty. The site is called Knitting Help!

Here is a video of picking up stitches.

The left side of the neck is the left side as you would wear it. Just have the rs facing you and start picking up stitches at the right-hand edge.

Yes, we’re here to help people and if you don’t understand something, you need it explained.

To pick up and knit sounds like it should be 2 steps and at one time it was done that way. But it’s much easier and faster if you do it in one step. The left neck is as you wear the sweater, not as you look at it. Hold the edge and pretend it’s your left needle. Insert the right needle into a stitch on the edge (pick up) then wrap the yarn around it and draw through (knit). Continue around the neckline then turn and do the next row.

That video is so helpful! Thank you very much! The good thing about this is that if I make a mistake… I won’t have to start again lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much! Picking up stitches is not as hard as I thought!