Need help with snuggly baby speckle dk from sirdir

This forum has the best members!!! It probably gets annoying after repeating the same old beginner problems but I am glad I can get help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help!! I am going to get started now :stuck_out_tongue:

Good! There’s a lot in knitting that isn’t as hard as you think until you try it. When it’s unfamiliar, it’s hard to visualize in your head, you need the stitches on the needles to figure it out sometimes.

You know we all have questions about [I]something[/I] knitting. Answering your questions is not annoying in the least.

Ok so I started buuut I am wondering if im doing it wrong. When picking up the stitches will it be from the middle of the neck and upwards? Also do i pick up the stitch that was left on a safety pin? Thank you for any help

You start picking up at the left shoulder seam, so kind of the side back, and when you get to the stitch on the safety pin, knit it.

The directions in your earlier post are actually quite good.
"Join right shoulder seam. With rs facing, using 3 1/4mm needles pick up and knit 32 sts evenly along left side of neck, knit st left on a safety pin at centre of V, pick up and knit 32 sts evenly along right side of neck and 20 sts from 17 cast off sts at back of neck. 85 sts. "
Just follow step by step and remember that the left side of the neck is the left side when you [I]wear[/I] the sweater. You’re almost there!

I wouldn’t be this far without you guys so thank you very much!

Im going to have a go and show you what I’ve done and perhaps someone could tell me if its right lol

Feel like giving up!! I cannot do this! I need to go find someone who can actually show me what to do. I picked up 32 knits and then knitted the one of the safety pin… then it tells me to pick up 32 knits sts and then it becomes very confusing… 20 sts from 17 sts to cast off… and in total there should be 85. It obviously doesn’t add up to me because I am not understanding.

So I picked and knitted 32 stitches… knitted the safety pin one… then I carried on and picked up 32… however, is this all on the same needle?

Don’t give up! :knitting:

I’ve been following this thread and you’re doing great! Especially for it only being …what… you’re second project?

You do need to switch to double pointed or circular needles to do the neckline. These may seem a little daunting at first, but once you figure out how to use them, I’m sure you’ll be a pro! And there are videos here on to help you. (Double pointed and circular needles allow you to knit “in the round” instead of “flat” – i.e., back and forth).

Once you have the double pointed or circular needles, the rest should make more sense. You’ll just pick up 32 sts along the left neck, knit the center stitch (on the safety pin), pick up 32 sts along the right neck and 20 sts along the back neck. If you’re confused by the reference to “the 17 sts cast off”, don’t be. Just pick up those 17 sts and squeeze in 3 more somewhere and you’ll have it!

From there, you should be in good shape! :thumbsup: But if you still have questions – and who doesn’t! – you know where we are! :happydance:

Thank you!

I knitted and purled a scarf which was great as it helped me to understand the basics of knitting. This is my second project and I have learnt so much from this. I always thought knitting was too hard for me but now that I have made the front and back, I feel quite proud of myself :slight_smile:

My pattern doesn’t mention circular needles in the section where they tell you all the things you need. I have never used these before and you are probably right about using them. I will have a look at my craft store tomorrow!

I unfortunately have a question lol…

So I understand that you pick up 32 sts then knit the middle…then pck up another 32, that is is all fine.

Its the 20 and 17 that I do not uunderstand…

In total I would have 64 stitches… How do I get the 20 sts? And when it’s casting off 17 sts, it mentions the back of the neck. I am pretty confused as to where it is (silly I know!)

One thing though… I have a friend who is doing the same pattern and has only started, least I can help when the time arises lol:mrgreen:

You need to pick up 20 stitches total across the 17–so you add in 3 extra stitches. Usually you space these out evenly across the total length (in your case over the 17 stitches).

Here’s a video about picking up stitches:

At about the 2:16 mark, the man talks about picking up two stitches per “row” (sic)–actually it’s not per row it’s more like per “column.”

See if this helps answer your question.

It’s going to be fine. Pick up 32 on the Left side of the neck, knit the center one, then pick up 32 on the right side of the neck. That’s 65 and with the 20 along the back neck that makes 85 total. There’s only 17 sts on the back neck but you need 20, so you’ll have to add 3 more as you pick up along it. On the first st of the neck, pick up one in each ‘leg’ of the top chain where you bound off, instead of through both of them, pick up in 8 stitches, then do a double pickup in the next one, pick up in the next 8 stitches and do another double pick in the last stitch.

You will knit all these stitches ‘flat’, back and forth in rows, but because of the curve of the neck it’ll be a lot easier to do it on a circular needle.