MY TWO FRONT TEETH (anybody have crowns there)

I am such a coward. I have had a black (well not quite but dark) front tooth for um, six years all because I don’t want my dentist to grind it down and put a crown on it. Crown? Cap? Now my dh is going crazy and wants me to stop this nonsense and I sort of agree with him. And, the dentist says if I don’t get both done they will not match.

I have insurance and we can afford the 2nd front tooth.
I just hate to do it. What the heck is the matter with me!?

I’m with you there. :hug: Eventfully I’ll have to have my two front teeth capped or crowned.I have this weird thing where my tongue pushes against the back of my two front teeth and causes a “divit”–sort of a hole but not a cavitity per se. The dentist fills it with white filling since my teeth are thin and metal would show through the front. Eventually he’ll not be able to fill it anymore. I dread it. I’ve had a crown in a molar and I hate it–its still painful after three years-something called pulpitis (I think) Gotta have a root canal on that one. :cry:

I have been in the same boat as you with one of my molars. As someone who nursed that tooth along for 50 yrs including a crown and root canal I finally had it pulled since the pain never really went away. I also have “black” front tooth which the dentist eventually covered with a white veneer. It’s still a little grey but not as noticeable as before. Good luck ladies Ellie:star:

I chipped about 1/4 of a front tooth as a kid. I never wanted it capped because I didn’t like the way you could see that a tooth was capped. Finally, twenty years ago I had it bonded. I don’t think bonding always lasts this long, but you can’t tell it’s not a normal tooth. There are probably even better methods of fixing a tooth these days. I’d say, go for it. A nice smile is worth it.:thumbsup:

boo hoo, a root canal. Well, my DH always says he feels no pain, except for the needle going in… (the whadayacallit) painkiller stuff

I guess you have to keep remembering that. But I have a bridge on each side, lower, and one dentist did a super job where you can’t feel any ridge, the other dentist didn’t and I can feel a bit where it joins. No pain but I don’t want that with my 2 front teeth. Sorry you still have some pain in yours.

I must have half my teeth crowned or capped. As your DH said the only thing that hurts is the Novocaine. They do whatever needs doing, put on a temporary and in a week or so you have the new cap/crown.
The newer crowns/caps don’t have that margin like the old ones did and you can’t really tell they are not your own. If done properly you shouldn’t have any pain either.

I think once you do it you are going to kick yourself for waiting so long. :wink:

Have them put a porcelain crown on them, not a porcelain fused to metal or porcelain fused to gold. The results will be super looking and very, very natural looking. Today’s full porcelain crowns are very durable too.
If the tooth is darkened due to root canal or nerve damage you really need to do it. Nerve damage to a tooth removes it’s source of life and makes the tooth brittle, meaning one day you’ll break it. If it’s a darkness caused by age or by childhood tetracycline you won’t have the brittleness though.
Here’s the scoop: you’ll go in, they take an impression for your temporary, get numb, they’ll shape your tooth for the crown, take an impression for the lab, make your temporary, glue it in, send you home. In about two weeks you’ll come in, the temp will be removed and the crown will be permanently cemented in after bite is adjusted and proof that you are happy with the esthetics.

I fell face first into a pole when I was a kid and broke all my front teeth - I’ve had crowns on them (and had it redone 2x) since I was about 12. It spans across eight teeth - upper front. Having the work done isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon - but it isn’t really bad. As others have said, once the novacaine is in it is just a matter of keeping your mouth open lol. The important thing is, it is very natural looking - I get a lot of compliments on my smile and when (if) people find out they are caps they are always surprised. Just do it - you will be very happy you did, and the experience won’t be nearly as bad as you have built it up to be - promise!

By all means get it fixed. It’s a lot better than ignoring it and having something worse to deal with. I went through several years of tooth aches because I was afraid to go. Now I have no teeth (except the removeable kind) If it makes you feel any better, getting one tooth done is probably a bunch easier than getting 28 (all I had left) pulled. :wink: Sixteen one day and 12, 2 months later.

I have a cap on one top front tooth that was broken in a fight years ago (went right through my bottom lip).

It’s not so bad having it done, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the way it looks.


THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! You may not understand that, but I actually needed this so bad to pick the phone up and make the appointment. EVery single day my husband asks me to call, he just did now, and I’ve been really good at ignoring him.

I wanted just some veneer over it, but my dentist just laughed at me. He has this smarmy superior attitude but he actually is an incredible dentist (he does some of the NY football guys teeth) (whoever they are).

I think I must have just hit my tooth, maybe with a beer bottle or something ??? :shock: I don’t remember anything in particular. Ouch, some of these stories!! Mason! your tooth went right through the lip yuck

Well, ok, you promised it won’t be too bad…


Just DO IT!! Call NOW!!

Just bite the bullet and do it! Not only will you look nicer, you will feel tremendously better about yourself. People feel better when they can SMILE!

youse guys! OH my god, I just called. Now I wonder how to get out of it!!!:roflhard:

October 29. And I’m reading about it on the internet… I wish I could just have a porcelain veneer but as someone here said, the darkness can show through. Plus my tooth hurts. !

OH GEEZ this maintaining of our bodies!!!

IT WOULD BE NICE TO SMILE FREELY AGAIN, you are so right… I actually don’t alway smile much esp around new people…:roll:

You may need a root canal if the tooth is hurting and has turned dark. If it suffered trauma of some sorts the nerve may be dying. No big deal really, just more time and $$. Sounds like the doc is a reputable guy, you’ll be fine.

Wow. Just stay focused on how great you are going to look afterwards!! It will change your life, I bet!! :muah:

Way to Go! :cheering:Now keep that appointment!! :thumbsup:I always dread the dentist but I always so glad afterwards. The best part-I still have my teeth–never lost one or anything and I plan to keep it that way. :teehee:

Yeah!!! I’m glad you called! NO TRYING TO GET OUT OF IT! Nope… not allowed!!

I hate to be the bummer here, but I had a root canal last year and if you told me I would have to do another one I would rather eat glass. I had my front tooth capped about 15 years ago from a sledding accident, and finally last year the cap fell off (they do that) and the root got infected. REALLY INFECTED. We started the root canal process, which is about a month’s worth of appts, and after a week or so the root was so infected the novocaine wouldn’t take. :pout: I had to have them slice open the front part of my gums just below my nose with no novocaine so they could drain it. It was literally the most painful thing I have ever been through in my life. :zombie:
My point is get it taken care of BEFORE this happens. I am sure your visit will be fine. I don’t mean to be :grrr:, I would just hate for someone to go through what I did.:hug:

You have lots going for you!! You have a dentist, you have insurance and you can get your tooth fixed. I’ve had a few crowns and never had problems with them at all. One is 30 yrs. old!! It still looks great.

I use to work in a nursing home. While I always took good care of my teeth…seeing so many people WITHOUT their teeth just reenforced in me to keep on going to my dentist like I always have. Count your blessings. You’ll be thrilled when that tooth is light colored again.