My three year old wants to learn how to knit...too young?

She will be four in a month and she is pretty dexterous but I’m not sure how to go about teaching her. I’m so new at it myself that I worry I’ll teach her wrong or not have the patience to do it right. Are there special kids sized needles I could use? I don’t think I’ll get her to do any particualr project, obviously (she can’t even read yet lol) but maybe a small scarf or dishcloth?

Anyone else teach their little ones to knit?

An Irish waitress once told me that she learned to knit when she was three. I think if YOU cast on for her, she could learn the knit stitch, although it really depends on her attention span more than anything…

Lion makes very cute kids’ needles with little bears on the end :thumbsup:

I started teaching my DD when she was 4…we started with finger knitting to work on her manual dexterity. After she knit 458736923 little scarves we moved on to needles…she can cast on but sort of lost interest on the way to the knit stitch. :wink: (She’s fiercely independent and gets mad when she can’t master things right away – we’re working on that and will continue to work on that for years to come, I’m guessing.) I do believe it can be done if they really, really want to learn. :smiley:

If she wants to learn, I say, go for it!! Maybe she could sit in your lap and you could hold her hands while she holds the needles, and go through the motions with her. Chances are she just wants to see what is so cool about mom’s new hobby!! Have fun!!

That’s really cute that she wants to learn. My son will be 4 next week and he wants to learn too. He watches me do it while he is playing and wants to “join in”. I give him my big plastic size 13 needles and a ball of cheap yarn and he “knits”. It’s very cute untill he unrolls half the ball on the floor and mommy has to roll it back up later when he gets bored.

You should do your best to teach her. I learned when I was almost five. Twenty five years later I am still knitting. Always remember to have fun and save everything she knits.

Good question b/c I’m in the same boat…my dd is 3 and a half and everytime I take out my knitting, she wants to do it too. I have kept her complacent by giving her small balls of yarn and she typically gets carried away with running with them through the house and forgets about the needle part…I keep thinking about finger knitting…

I personally think it would take a very attentive 3 or 4 year old but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. My dd amazes me at how she can pick things up but I don’t think she could get knitting just yet…

If any of you other moms try and it works–let me know what you did…:slight_smile:

My Granddaughter just turned 6. For about a year, she has been doing the “around the back” part of knitting for me while I knit. ( in through the front door, around the back, through the window, off jumps jack) She tried a few times on her own but didn’t really succeed till last weekend !!! Now she is knitting on her own. She would only knit for a row, two at the most then off to something else and back again. Even my 3rd - 5th grade Kids Knitters take “lots of breaks”.

Great picture, Debbie!

I cast on a few stitches to a pair of seldom used needles with leftover yarn. My 6yo sits on my lap and wraps the yarn while we knit together. :heart:

myyoungest is knitting on Circ needles
if it takes her a decade to get all 6"of the tube to make a hat, she will have done it herself
and by then she will be able to learn how to Decrease on DPNs
until then she has something to do when she wants to knit


Ive done the same with my 2.5 YO niece and my bro’s gf’s 5 yo dtr…I let them wrap the yarn for me. The 5 yo will do that for a half hour! My niece just wants to put my point protectors back on my needles after 2 minutes, and then tells me to “do it” with a devillish look. She thinks its funny that she has prevented me from knitting.

What about spool knitting? Even my DH remembers doing this as a child and it’s fairly safe and simple. Granted, you make tons and tons of i-cord but it is knitting. :thinking: I’m also wondering if this knitted belt that I saw wasn’t actually made from braided i-cords? Anyway, Lionbrand makes a really cute spool that kids find very appealing.

Good luck with the teaching!

I was thinking of he spool knitter, too. I’d be afraid of handing kids pointy needles, especially if they’re hyperactive. Pointed objects were always a no-no. I do think it would be good to teach patience. I taught my 21 yo DD, but she’s still too antsy to sit long enough to do it. Obviously, I started way-y-y too late.

I have pictures of my nearly 4 yo holding a crochet hook and yarn when he was about 9 months old! Both him and his baby sister pretend to knit and crochet whenever they can get their hands on one of my projects. If Alex really wanted to learn how, I would get some scrap acrylic yarn, and a metal hook or metal needles. For the hook I’d show him how to chain, and for the needles I’d knit the first few rows, and then show him. Even if he doesn’t “do it”, it’s a start for helping his dexterity progress so that he can eventually.

I think knitting is like language - the earlier learned the better.
Get her a ball of something soft in texture but firm in twist and chunky. Also consider wood needles - the yarn wont slip off. Pick a specific project like a scarf - preferably have a picture handy. That way she will have a goal to work towards and the picture will help keep her motivated.
You might even consider doing the same one yourself. You can knit on it when she is working on hers. Thats just more motivation of course :smiley:

I don’t think she is to young at all… My 2yr old has been asking me “can me help you” she holds the yarn as I knit it but does get bored easily and moves on after a minute or two but thats ok she is somewhat getting the feel for it… I had ordered this kit for a purse and it came with wooden needles that are icky so I blunted the ends gave her some scrap yarn… I just sat it on the table and she tried to mimick what I was doing of course it ended with a tangled mess and her running and playing again after a few minutes… but I figure its never to early to start introducing her to it… :smiley:

Thanks everyone. :happydance:

I think I will attempt to teach her the knit stitch and maybe cast on for her. She is showing an interest so I will encourage it. I’m going to buy some cheap wooden needles for her and blunt the ends and I know I have some cheap yarn here somewhere from a previous project I was considering.

I’ve got some great ideas to try out to get her started. :thumbsup:

A knitting teacher who learned at 4 told me that her aunt presented her with a ball of yarn that had tiny toys hidden in it all the way along. That way there’s an incentive to keep knitting.

VERY COOL IDEA! I am thinking that would be a very fun end of the year gift for my Kids Knit kids !!!