My three year old wants to learn how to knit...too young?

I am also in the same boat. My dd just turned 5 and she wants to do this everytime I bring mine out. So one day I said fine. Got some yarn uses my needles that came with my learning kit and we tried. It’s not that she can’t it’s that when it doesn’t look perfect right away she gets mad and throughs it down. I try to explain you have to practice that mine isn’t perfect etc. So the other day we were at wal-mart and on a clearance shelf they had a Sew Easy Knitter. Which is a cylinder that you load with yarn and turn the handle and knit. She is very happy. We haven’t made anything yet she thinks it’s cool that the “knitting” comes out the bottom in a tube. This way it’s hers and she can do it and it looks pretty good. I think she wants to make the leg warmers on the cover for her dance class.

So far she is impressed with the knitting thing…I have to do it with her on my lap right now but I bet by the summer she will be knitting with little help. she won’t be actually knitting anything in particular but somehow, I don’t think she will care :happydance: