My St. Bernard, Charlie!

Charlie is 1 year old now. When he was neutered last month, he tipped the scales at 150 lbs. He is a sweetheart, however, his food dish is bit of an obsession. And his ball. And his traffic cone!

We have to feed the 3 big dogs separately. Charlie goes into the kennel, the female hound (Dani) is put into her crate, and the male hound (Blue) is left loose. Everyone one eats up in 15 minutes, the bowls are picked up, and the dogs are let loose.

Today, my DH forgot to lock the kennel…so when Charlie was done with his chow, he came up to the house with his bowl. He walked around for 15 minutes with it…long enough for me to remember to grab a camera!

I thought it was cute enough to share with you! I hope you like the photos! Blue, our 90 lb male hound is on the left.

Dog Lunch was extra special today! I had boned a leftover turkey I’d boiled up for ‘turkey and dumplings’ tonight. The skin and slop you don’t put into a soup goes into the dogs dishes! Oh yum. I’m generous, too…leaving lots of meaty tidbits. The empty dish prolly smells good to Charlie! Or, did
he want seconds??

These stainless steel dog bowls are huge, BTW!

This is Charlie at 7 months old, laying next to our little Shih Tzu, waiting for her to be done with a bone! Patiences pays off eventually!

This is Charlie at 12 weeks old! Isn’t he just like a big stuffed toy?

It reminds me of Oliver Twist: “Can i have some more?”:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:
They are absolutely cute!!! I wish someday i will have the means to have more than 1 dog. You’re very lucky to have that hairy bunch!

You are certainly well protected and companioned with this crowd! Charlie IS a huge fella! Sounds like us, the “pet” grocery bill is larger than the “people” one! We have lots of indoor and outdoor cats…our two dogs tow the line…Love all of them! Thanks for sharing.

awwwwww. I want to cuddle them all.

Awww, he has such a sweet looking face!

Oh my goodness! :heart: :heart: First off, he’s BEAUTIFUL and secondly, him carrying around that bowl is just too cute…and funny! I bet he’s just awesome to cuddle with! Does he ever think he’s a lap dog? Our Mastiff must think she’s a tiny little thing the way she tries to curl up on hubby’s lap! :teehee:

He is so cute and looks really cuddly! There is a family in our area that has 3 St. Bernards ! I can’t imagine how much food they go through in a week. Years ago, we had 3 Husky’s. They would eat 40 lbs a week in the winter!
You have a very cute pet family!

Oh my goodness, he’s beautiful! And adorable - they all are. I’ve always wanted a St. Bernard. I have three big dogs myself (that’s Maggie and Rhett in my avatar), and dinnertime here is hilarious. They all eat the majority of their food out of their own dishes, and then they start circling the other dishes to see if anybody missed anything good. Then they all stand in line waiting for the water dish. Nobody has ever picked up a dish before, although my 15 year-old, Pepe, will find the treat bag and carry it around in his mouth. He’ll go from person to person until someone helps him out. They’re just such a joy, and I’m sure you love your ‘kids’ as much as I love mine. They truly are my buddies, and definitely part of the family. :hug:

We’ve had a Mastiff, too! “Hogan”. And yes, Charlie thinks he is a very special lap dog, however, it is rare that he stays in with us for more than an hour. He gets too hot. We let him in to visit with us in the evening until he’s had enough.

Our first Saint was [B]Annie.[/B]
Saint #2 was [B]Honey.[/B]
Then came Hogan, the Mastiff.
Then came our 3rd Saint, [B]Harley.[/B]
Now, our 4th Saint is [B]Charlie!

[/B]One GIANT dog at a time! :roflhard: We’ve never had more than one Giant breed at a time.

We have had to get the boys (Blue and Charlie) neutered cuz of jealousy fighting. It isn’t a pretty sight when two male dogs fight, and one of them outweighs the other by 60 pounds. Very upsetting…and unpredictable. Most of the time Blue and Charlie are like blood brothers. Then in Nov and Dec some horrible fights just broke out all of a sudden. Not even a hosing down could break it up. They just had to wear themselves out. I was just sick. Of course, the hound was the loser. But I think he started it.

Charlie is fixed now, and Blue is going in on Monday.
No more fights so far, but we have to keep an eye on them when we are out with them. They jockey for first place, and that can start a fight. They NEVER fight with Dani, the female hound.

Of course, Dani and Katie were spayed last year. They never got to enter even one “heat” cycle. We caught them before their first season. :eyes:

The girls are best friends. They treat the boys like inferiors!
They do have the upper hand in the pack, except at dinner time. Then everyone goes to their own space. :eyebrow:

Oh boy… my first thought was the dog food bill! :zombie: They are gorgeous though! My daughter and I were at a pet store today and saw a 2 mos old Saint Bernard and were amazed at the size. The clerk was telling us it would probably weight as much as we do…so 125 lbs or so…but yours is 150!!! That’s so cute that he’s playing with his bowl…and I had to laugh at the traffic cone! :roflhard:

My brother’s name is Charlie… but he’s not nearly as cute!:rofl: What a wonderful puppy he is…! Such great colouring and those eyes! :muah:
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Dollyce, they’re beautiful! You’re so fortunate to have the space for them, and the food $$. My old Maddiedog eats about $10.00 worth a week, I can just imagine what you and your loving husband go through.

I make the food for both Mads and her ‘sister’ that lives with our son and his family. They get kibble and some stewed chicken with vegetables and doggie vits. Much better smelling then canned stuff.

I bet they were really appreciative of the turkey dinner you made for them.

Oh my, I just thought of the ‘end’ product of four dogs. Wow!

OMG your pack is gorgeous !! :inlove: I want another dog sooo bad. Unfortunately my girl has a jealous streak in her so we are going to have to carefully select our next dog and make sure it grows up to be bigger than her.

If you like the giant breads have you ever seen a Leonburger. Don’t think they are part of the AKC at this time, but they are gorgeous giant dogs and the best part (IMHO) is that they don’t have the shoe string drowl like some of the giants.

Yes, a traffic cone! Can you believe it!?? He carries it around, too!

Charlie’s mother, Lily, was the biggest Saint we’ve ever seen. Even with 12 puppies that were 10 weeks old, she still had a lot of mass. She wasn’t skinny at all from nursing them.
She was also very tall. Sweet lady she was!

No, we’ve never had a Leonburger. Just the Mastiff, and 4 Saints. I’ll have to look the Leonburger up on
Google! Thanks for sharing!

Be sure to get a male. Girls can be terribly cranky with one another depending on the breed. But there aren’t usually any huge problems if you introduce the opposite sex into the pack.

Your dogs are beautiful! I have two - a chocolate lab and a beagle/dachsund mix. I don’t think I’ll have two together again - well maybe. My two don’t get along - Jesse the little one gets upset w/Cappuccino the big lug I mean lab. :slight_smile:

Oh my, they are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :heart:

What a cutie Charlie is and all the other guys as well.I love dogs but we’ve always been a cat family but dogs are so much more social than cats…though that can be a good thing especially when there’s 4 big dogs wanting fed and attention

Security for sure! This reminds me…I purchased two diamond shaped signs at the Fair a few years ago. Tacked them up on our 6 ft wooden fence, which fences in the backyard only.

Anyhoo…the signs say:

[B]This property is protected by Saint Bernard Security Company.[/B]

(…just in case a would be backyard intruder was wondering what type of dog is on the other side of the fence raisin’ h___, we wanted to remove all doubt!)

Last summer, Charlie jumped into my husbands boat that is parked inbetween the side of the house and the 6 ft. fence. In the middle of the night, I heard some howling. I went out to investigate…and I didn’t see Charlie anywhere. He had jumped into the boat, and from there he launched himself over the 6 ft fence…right into a briar patch of blackberries! He couldn’t move. He was stuck. Long story short, in the black of night, my husband had to remove 3 vertical boards from the fence to get Charlie back. And then, of course, nail them back up again…and then booby-trap the boat so Charlie couldn’t go over again.

This all happened just hours before my DH was leaving on an out-of-town trip. What would I have done if DH wasn’t home?
The fire department won’t come rescue dogs and cats anymore.

We don’t know what Charlie was thinking when he jumped the 4 feet between the boat and the fence. Possums and racoons sometimes walk the fenceline at night. There seemed to be a possum or racoon trail right at the spot where Charlie was stuck. And the briars had him by his big plume of a tail, too!
He had quite a hard time getting loose of them once we got the boards off the fence. Oh was he ever feeling poorly!

What a dork.